Police can’t be accused of showing a Patriot favorable treatment


In some NFL cities, the authorities are inclined to look the other way when it comes to a member of the local football team.  In North Attleboro, Massachusetts, that’s definitely not happening.

Apart from the gravity of the circumstances surrounding the arrest of tight end Aaron Hernandez, the police apparently have given Hernandez no special consideration of any kind.

He wasn’t permitted to drive to the police station and quietly turn himself in.  Instead, the police showed up at his house, cuffed him, and led him to the cruiser.  Like every episode of Cops, except in the daylight.

The video of the arrest also suggests that Hernandez was shirtless when arrested and cuffed, and that police grabbed a T-shirt and shimmied it over his arms and torso after the cuffs were applied.  (Dave Dunn is likely relieved that they didn’t reach for the Athletes First gear.)

The treatment reflects the authorities’ attitude toward Hernandez.  Either they don’t like him for allegedly obstructing justice, or they believe he was involved in the murder of Odin Lloyd — and in turn treated him like every other defendant whom police regard as being capable of killing another person.

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  1. As a Patriots fan I’m happy that they aren’t showing any favorable treatment towards Hernandez. He is involved with a murder in some way and needs to be brought to justice.

    I hope Kraft and Belichick cut him soon. I’d lose a lot of respect for the Patriots organization if Hernandez ever plays for New England again. I want to see the Patriots win but not with guys like Hernandez.

  2. GOOD. I’m a Patriots fan but he should be shown NO courtesy whatsoever. At minimum he destroyed evidence, no question about it, at worse he KILLED A MAN. I don’t care what team he is on or how much he gets paid: he needs to go through the system and face his punishment like anyone else.

  3. So much for Goodell’s attempt to make the NFL a kinder, gentler league. Ha Ha. I bet Goodell’s blood pressure is right off the scale this morning. Two, not one, TWO NFL players arrested for involvement in homicide/attempted homicide in the last 2 days. One yesterday and now one today. And we have two players that still play in the NFL that have killed people because of their negligent actions. And the cowboys have one that recently was charged with a DUI that involved the death of a man. Wow. You’re doing good Roger! Ha Ha. How does that Bounty Scandal look now Roger? Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  4. I am a Patriots fan, and clearly Hernandez was a very good player and will be difficult to replace, but I have no use for a guy who is implicated in any way in the commission of a murder.

    For Aaron Hernandez, today is the first day of the rest of his life, and he is now just another kid who took the wrong path and ruined a good career and a great life.

  5. Based on experience, this could be a message sent to the lawyer and their client that they did not have to say the things in public that they did. This may be a case where the lawyer talked their client into getting arrested in front of everyone versus arranging for a walk through with their agency or a neighboring agency. Respect (or lack of) does play a part in these things.

  6. Of course they didn’t give him preferential treatment. It’s not like he is wanted on suspicion of running a red light. The police conducted a professional investigation from all accounts, took their time investigating and gave Hernandez more than enough opportunities to come clean.

    If he didn’t pull the trigger, maybe this will be the wakeup call he needs to decide to tell everything he knows. If he did do it, he’ll have to face the law like anybody else would.

  7. Its seems to me that the Boston PD is handling this very well. They didnt rush to judgment & simply arrest the headliner with an incomplete investigation like they did in Atlanta.

  8. They violated his 76th Amendment right! Just kidding.

    This whole situation is just crazy. His attitude is one that he’s untouchable, and it appears to be that mindset may be a part of why he did whatever he is now accused of doing.

    Very sad, and I hope the family of the victim sees justice for their loss.

  9. This is because he never cooperated with the police so they probably had no intention with cooperating with him to make this a “private” arrest.

    They wanted to make it as public and as humiliating as possible, which is what they should do considering how AH has stone walled the investigation at every turn.

  10. Favorable treatment for a minor crime, maybe in some places. Special treatment for a murder, that would be really messed up!

  11. He’ll hit the book circuit if he ever gets out, trying to warn kids of the foolish decisions, when he refused to even listen to those who tried to do the same with him as a juvy.

  12. Maybe the people he’s involved with are not the type of people you go talking about. It’s not like he could both play ball and go into witness protection at the same time. Either way, if he’s involved and found guilty I hope he gets what he deserves.

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