Police surely know identity of other two men with Hernandez


We pointed out earlier today the mixed signals from prosecutor Bill McCauley regarding the two men allegedly with Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd in the hour or so before Lloyd’s murder.

At one point, it seemed that McCauley had information that only would have come from someone in the car to hear what Hernandez was saying, suggesting that one or both were cooperating with police.  At another point, it seemed that the other two men were still at large.

Regardless, it’s obvious that police know who one or both of them are.  They know because McCauley said that Hernandez sent one or both of them text messages directing them to come from Connecticut to Massachusetts for the planned meeting with Lloyd.  If the police have the text messages, they know the phone numbers to which the messages were sent.  Which means they know the persons to whom the phone numbers belong.

Thus, it remains entirely possible that one or both are cooperating with police — and that one or both could show up in court to testify for the probable cause hearing on July, or possibly earlier if a grand jury is convened.

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  1. This was a race to the prosecutor. AH made the strategic mistake of hiring a white-shoe law firm. His 40 time won’t help him now.

  2. Didn’t know Connecticut had a Goon Squad for hire..I Bet Hernandez had Verizon as his cell provider

  3. Well one day soon we will have floating cameras in the sky that record all audio and video of everything that happens everywhere. Then no more murder mysteries. I guess that leaves room for more sports content on TV!

  4. orrrrr they are using prepaid phones. That would make it a bit harder since you can easily have any name on those accounts.

    Judging by how brilliantly the rest of this caper has been pulled off, I think there’s .01% chance they were using prepaid phones.

  5. Know who they are? These dude(s) are gobbling up Mickey D’s at the fanciest Super 8 in the county on the taxpayers dime beaming at the thought that the cop who drove them crazy as kids is now asking if they want sweet and sour or honey mustard for the chicken nuggets

  6. If the call to Connecticut was anyway involved in criminal action resulting in the murder, its a Federal case and the FBI will also investigate. the R.I. rental car also could provoke federal statutes. He might owe state and federal time.

  7. Apparently, Hernandez texted his “boys” to come meet him at 3:00 AM. He also told Lloyd to meet him around the same time. Aaron must have thought he was Tony Soprano running a crew. I bet if he didn’t have fame and money, these guys would have told him to stuff it. With all due respect to Lloyd, these guys were sycophantic bootlickers.

  8. There’s no question that they know who these guys are. If they didn’t, there would be a massive ongoing search that, by now, would be known to the public. It’s highly likely that the police are currently negotiating with these two men on reduced charges in exchange for singing on AH.

  9. HOW do they know whose numbers those are? This is an invasion of privacy.

    If you have to break the law to try and uphold another law… then this isn’t right!

  10. They’re already in middle America farming corn in the witness protection program.

  11. Aaron’s ass is out! text messages from the victim to his sister telling her he was with NFL.. bullet casings
    everywhere.. and worse of all the Pats turned they backs on him like he was on a plane with something in his shirt. Aaron’s going to Jail and I hate to say it.

  12. Couldn’t it be one of those “burner” phones that you can buy with cash and that come with a certain amount of minutes on them?
    Pretty sure they sell those at grocery stores.

  13. If they’re cooperating with the police, then they would have told them a week ago that Hernandez killed the guy and Hernandez would have been arrested a week ago.

  14. The other two guys flipped on Hernandez, I was thinking before the arrest they were trying to get Hernandez to flip on them. It was vice-versa though.

  15. Maybe they know who they are because they were there the morning the cops first interviewed AH after the body was found. They tried to leave and were prevented from doing so. I’m sure they were asked for identification and their rap sheets pulled. The only thing the phone numbers would do is confirm they were the same ones that AH contacted to come to MA. The cops have them either holed up somewhere or under surveillance, either way, it seems they have already cut a deal for themselves.

  16. Everyone seems to be forgetting the 2 guys that were at his house that the cops grabbed when they tried to leave. That was the the day of the first search.

  17. Wow you all are really dumb. The prosecutor just has to let out enough information to convince a judge that there is enough evidence to support the charge. The judge then determines of bail is appropriate. As for violating privacy from looking up ownership of a cell phone number? I don’t think the framers/forefathers had cell phone account names in mind.

  18. If they only did.like rays friends and put themselves.on the.line maybe aaron could support them.for the rest of their lives..its all.about the gang

  19. Haven’t these guys ever watched a Mob movie in their lives? Use pay phones never cells. Jesus you really thought destroying your cell would destroy all those texts?

  20. He isn’t “going” to jail. He is IN jail. Now. Until he is either convicted or acquitted. If he is convicted, he will go to PRISON. There is a difference.

  21. For those of you questioning cell phone records, unlike the NSA, the cops get a warrant for the suspects cell phone records. Thus, protecting the 4th Amendment.

    Try watching a little of “The First 48” on A&E to get insight as to how the cops go through the process.

    You can tell AH wasn’t a fan of the show.

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