Ray Lewis initially was held without bail, too

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Earlier today, we pointed out a stark contrast between the way the Patriots handled tight end Aaron Hernandez and the way the Ravens handled linebacker Ray Lewis back in 2000.  The Pats summarily dumped Hernandez; the Ravens rallied around and defended Ray.

But the court system initially treated both of them the same way.

Lewis, like Hernandez, was charged with murder.  Lewis, like Hernandez, initially was held without bail after being charged with murder.  Two weeks later, Lewis was released on $1 million bond.

Hernandez’s next chance to persuade a judge to let him go home pending trial comes on July 24, when the parties reconvene for a probable cause hearing.  At that point, the prosecutors will lay even more cards on the table, which could make the presiding judge even more convinced that the strength of the case requires Hernandez to remain behind bars.

Lewis eventually pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.  In light of the facts presented by prosecutor Bill McCauley in court on Wednesday, that’s probably not an option for Hernandez.

UPDATE 8:40 a.m. ET:  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hernandez will appeal the decision to hold him without bail.  A hearing is expected this week, as soon as Thursday.

61 responses to “Ray Lewis initially was held without bail, too

  1. Kind of surprising, two questionable franchises, two different player treatment…

  2. I dont know what i feel more bad for hernandez for..
    that hes about to go to jail for life and just ruined his career..

    or eventually ray lewis will visit him and give him a full hour of just awful ‘be a man of god’ speeches with enough emotion to cause a hurricane.

  3. You can sensationalize, insinuate, twist, and spin all you want haters.

    In five years Ray will still be inducted into the HOF, and you all will be forced to watch.

    All Hail Ray the Great!

  4. The other difference seems to be that one guy got away with murder and the other one won’t.

  5. There should be no bail for Hernandez.

    Just look at what’s happened with him over the last few weeks. He’s a loose cannon right now and too much of a flight risk.

  6. I am curious as to what angle the defense is going to take in this. I mean…what exactly can his lawyers say if every piece of evidence points directly at Hernandez? I am guessing it will go something like this…”Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, the facts in this case will clearly show that my client suffers from Quick Trigger Finger syndrome. This is not the first time his disorder has caused him problems….”

  7. See? This is why it’s going to be the Rayvens that will pick up the newly available Hernandez. They love them some murderer. And sadly, Hernandez will probably face as much “justice” as Ray did. With all that money, his ass is staying out of prison.

  8. Not 100% sure, but wasnt Lewis cooperating and vocal about being innocent? Hernandez’s silence, destroying evidence, and lack of cooperation has spoken volumes about his likely active involvement.

  9. The problem with the Ray Lewis association is that noone ever had any evidence against Ray. He was charged by an over zealous prosecuter who had no case. The Ravens security team figuired it out and the team supported him. The patriots security team probably found that Aaron was a bit more involved so they cut bait.

  10. Everybody knew Ray Lewis didn’t kill anybody.
    Everybody knew the white prosecutor in Georgia was trying to lynch the innocent black man.
    There was no evidence to support a murder charge against the future-hall-of-famer.
    Sadly to say for the NFL and for New England fans, there is a lot of evidence indicating Hernandez killed a man in cold blood.

    Let the justice system work. Innocent until proven guilty.

    In the Ray Lewis case, he was proven innocent.

  11. Huge difference in all respects here.

    Ray was never accused of actually killing anyone. Georgia law allowed him to be charged w/murder b/c he was in the vicinity, not b/c he actually was a part of a crime. For all of the illiterati on here who call him a murderer, do a little bit of homework & research what actually happened that night. You make yourself look foolish calling him a murderer when the facts are clear and plain and readily available.

    Ray didn’t kill anyone. He was very vocal about that from day 1. After initially covering for his buddies, he cooperated with the police.

    The DA who was overzealous (in an election year & he was on the ballot….. hmmmmmmmmm…….. coincidence???) later came out and said he only charged him because he wanted to scare him into giving up his friends.

    And…….there’s Hernandez. Different case. different facts. Different everything. Why is there a need to connect the 2 cases??? Why not connect Hernandez (who is likely guilty) with Rae Carruth instead? That would be a more logical connection. Oh yeah, logic & reason aren’t always on display here…….

  12. people will have a host of wise cracks about players behaviors, ie ..Lewis or Big Ben. They will say it won’t happen to their team which is bs. I can remember reading a lot of post in reference to Ray, Ben and others from NE fans. They always acted as though the Patriots players above the rest (the Patriots way). This just goes to show nobody knows which team the next jackass will come from. This Hernandez situation could turn out to be worst than Ray Carruth, who killed his girlfriend because she was having his baby!

  13. Two completely different scenarios and both respective teams are/were correct for their actions.

  14. It really bothers me that this case is constantly compared to the Ray Lewis case. Ray Lewis almost certainly did not kill anyone. He lied to police, but he didn’t kill anyone. For everyone that doesn’t believe this, study the case. Learn for yourself. We live in an amazing world where you can become informed on almost any subject while sitting in your living room.

    And in case you’re wondering, I’m not a Ravens (or Patriots) fan. I hate the Ravens only slightly less than I hate the 40Whiners. Go Hawks!

  15. The bottom line is this…any one of you who honestly believes that Ray Lewis killed someone in Atlanta is either completely uninformed, simply trying to get a rise out of Ravens fans like me, or a hopeless idiot.

  16. If a person who has everything (including a lot of money) makes a stupid decision to kill someone then if he is left out on bail, fleeing the country would be an even easier decision. Thus far is seems like the Mass. Law Enforcement and District Attorney learned how “not” to treat a celebrity just from reviewing Georgia’s handling of Ray Lewis. It will be a dark day for the NFL if Ray Lewis is ever elected to the HOF.

  17. Some of you people are just plain sick. Throw shots at the greatest MLB in history all you want. Especially when most of it comes from fans from losing teams so I get it , but the way some of you just casually joke about murder is sickening. And this coming from a guy that grew up in the inner city of Baltimore.

  18. Regardless of whether you think Ray Lewis was innocent or guilty, there was no hard evidence – like video footage – that proved that he was involved in murder. Hernandez is allegedly tied to the crime scene by:

    A) Rental cars records tying him to the car that had spent shell casings in it (no, he didn’t bother to remove the shell casings before he returned the car).

    B) His rental car, with him driving it, being caught on video at the murder scene at the industrial park.

    Regardless of what you think about Ray Lewis, there was never as much physical evidence against him as the government claims exists against Hernandez.

  19. Ray and AH are two totally different stories. Aaron knew the deceased, Ray did not. Evidence has firearms in Aaron’s possession, no such evidence existed in Ray’s case. Ray’s case had three people in Ray’s group getting into a fight after a super bowl party with another group of guys. No one knows which group was the aggressor. In Aaron’s case, the police have their guy, period. In Ray’s case it was obvious the guys were starting trouble cause they knew it was Ray

  20. Ray dont have anything to do with this mess so dont go bringing him up UNLESS you are talking about how fast he will be in the NFL HOF
    or the FACT that he is the best MLB the game has ever seen

  21. I feel like the evidence against Hernandez does not compare to the Lewis case. The bullet casing and surveillance alone should satisfy a jury (assuming they aren’t Patriots fans). The gun charges are the icing on the cake.

  22. Ask ray about his white suit..what a joke..I remember my father a retired hyper homicide detective watched the Lewis trial..he said it was the worst display of prosecution in a very long time…Lewis benefited doesn’t mean he wasn’t apart of the murders

  23. Maybe ray Lewis was not convicted of murder because there was no evidence, witness or shred of proof he killed anyone. Just a prosecutor who decided to make a career at Lewis expense

  24. Anyone trying to compare these 2 cases is doing so in order to smear Ray. Ray never had a questionable background in college. He didn’t destroy his cell phone, comiyrts, security system and have people try to scrub his house afterward. Rays case was about a fight gone bad and hernandez’s case looks to be a hot job. Finally, Hernandez hadn’t built up the kind of good will that ray had and now it appears that Hernandez was a locker room issue as well.

    The only similarities are that you have 2 pro football players caught up in a mirder investigation.

    Hernandez’s case is much more reminiscent of Rae Carruth than Ray Lewis. But that won’t stop the hater fr hating. Meanwhile, Ray Lewis spent hos entire career with one team, leaved pro football with a rehabilitated reputation in most people’s minds, is in the discussion of the greatest defensive player of all times and certainly is in any discussion regarding the goat in MLB’s. he is rich, has his health, and is a pro football icon and a Baltimore legend along with Johnny U. and Cal Ripken. And in 5 years no one will remember Aaron Hernandez just like Rae Carruth.

  25. Yea he has some nerve showing his face. he is guilty of obstruction of justice in a double murder case. Instead we celebrate him as some kind of a hero because he can tackle good and won two Super Bowls. Our society is totally messed up. Oh the case was there, he just paid the other two accomplices enough for them to keep their mouths shut and not implicate him.

  26. Two essentials for a Ravens fan: purple jersey and rose tinted glasses.

    @notherguy “He was charged by an over zealous prosecuter who had no case.”

    No…he was charged because of eye witnesses at the club and reports of him stuffing bloody clothes into a dumpster. He was convicted of lying, impeding a homicide, and destroying evidence.

    He is no murderer, but no hero either in his behavior (that should have ended with him and his party getting into their limo and driving away).

  27. Just because Lewis eventually copped a plea, doesn’t make him innocent. It only means that he had good lawyers. He eventually was sued in civil court and paid off the families. O.J. was found innocent, but that doesn’t make him innocent. He lost a civil case also. The case as it was laid out today was extremely detailed and damning. Anything that happens from here out wouldn’t surprise me based on the way the first two got off. One difference is that the Ravens supported their murderer. The Patriots did the right thing in cutting ties now, even though the action of doing this now will make it virtually impossible to recover any money or get any cap relief from Hernandez’s contract. THAT sends a message, pay attention Ravens. Of course, Hernandez will probably get away with it somewhat like Ray or O.J. Then, then Ozzie and the Ravens can sign him as their new ProBowl TE, the new face of the franchise to replace Ray the old mugshot face of the franchise.

  28. There is so much ignorance around here. Ray Lewis and his boys were attacked and dealt with it! Hernandez, Vick and that sick Panthers receiver went looking for their trouble. Completely different situaton! I’m 34 and let me tell you.. I live in a major Texas city, and I’ve lived in quite a few cities in that span where I’ve dealt with some difficult situations/people. I wasn’t looking for trouble but it found me, and I was lucky to get away without getting hurt or hurting someone else. Stuff happens in life Some of you act like it doesn’t? Or you pass up some facts.

  29. One of ray Lewis’ friends was almost killed when one of the men who was murdered fractured his skull with a champagne bottle. Another guy was taking pot shots at Lewis’ limo with a gun. I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure a lot of people would react to protect their friends, and not some guys who were just trying to literally murder them a few minutes ago. Lewis went too far, he would’ve gotten punished more severely if he was one of us, but in the end he shouldnt have to answer for it his whole life. It was a bad situation he was not responsible for, which was incredibly intense and life-threatening, and he reacted in a non-legal, but pretty understandable way. The two men who were charged with those murders were acquitted.

    Ill wait to pass judgment on aaron Hernandez until more is known.

  30. …and then he won the super bowl that year. and the refs gave him another one as a retirement present (Jerome Bettis style).

  31. @davemisher – no the case was not there. His friends were acquitted if ray had gone to trial, he would have been acquitted as well. But he and his legal team decided that it was better to plea out an obstruction charge.

    This was an over zealous white prosecutor who was going to make his “career” inputting away a rich black man. But the bottom line was that the evidence was not there to convict anyone of anything let alone murder.

    Those guys who died came looking for a fight. That does not seem to be what happened in this present case.

    And just to be clear, I am a middle aged conservative white guy who hates racial stereotyping, but there is no question that the Atlanta DA went to court carrying a pop gun rather than a 357 magnum.

  32. Longing for the days of discussing free agents, trades, draft picks, etc, etc………..soooooooo tired of debating legal sanctions and who’s guilty or not…thanks “professional” athletes! thanks for all of the good cannon fodder….giving more proof to my rule: turn the TV on, watch the game, game over, turn TV off, walk away and ignore / live your own life….

  33. Jesus people do 2 min of research. There was blood found in Lewis limo, the suit he wore, which could have had evidence on it, was never found. He admitted he lied to police, took the lesser charge of obstruction to testify against his two associates.

    Yes AH could get charged with more but its interesting when you think about the time of RL incident. The court of public opinion had a much smaller stage back then. With the RL case, there was no twitter, Profootball talk, the internet was not mainstream yet. Baltimore kept their guy. The Pats didn’t want the drama.

  34. I guess Rae carruth is looking forward to having company. I guess they can figure out who was the stupidest. Dang, Hernandez placed the victim down the street from his home. I bet Hernandez is sitting in his cell tonight thinking how he could of covered his tracks. Rae Carruth was right beside the car while that young lady was minding her own buisness when she was show. I hope Rae Carruth,’s face was not the last face she saw. Rae and Hernandez, stupid, plain stupid.

  35. “thier both murderers”

    I think this best sums up the deep thought and educated analysis that goes into every one of those “Ray Lewis is a murderer” posts. Carry on knuckleheads. Keep the urban legend alive so you don’t have to concede that the Ravens are Superbowl champs.

  36. @Halftermguv:
    “Two essentials for a Ravens fan: purple jersey and rose tinted glasses.”

    No rose tinted glasses here.

    Ray Lewis obstructed justice in a case involving the deaths of 2 men. That is a serious crime that should not be forgotten.

    However, Ravens fans like me like to remind people that he is not a murderer and there is no evidence to suggest that he was involved in the commission killings.

    There is nothing wrong with doing so, because some other fans like to spread misinformation and make out as he escaped a murder conviction on a technicality. That is simply untrue. It’s even been stated since that he was charged in the hope he would give up information on his friends, one of whom has since made a rap song proclaiming that he should have stabbed Ray Lewis in addition to the victims.

  37. I fail to see how you can compare these two guys other than they are both football players involved in a murder investigation. Lewis was convicted of obstruction of justice, not first degree murder. He was and always has been supported by the Ravens organization, players, and community and has throughout his career had a positive and influential presence on everyone around him. AH has been in and out of trouble for years and was even threatening to Wes Welker. Short of wild speculation of public opinion who can compare them together?

  38. The crusade against Ray continues.
    I guess it fuels Hater comments about the SB champs, so keep it up!
    Nothing’s happening in Latrobe anyway…except aging!

  39. vibesid says: Jun 26, 2013 8:45 PM

    Let the justice system work. Innocent until proven guilty.

    In the Ray Lewis case, he was proven innocent.

    vibesid: Ray Lewis was not “proven innocent.” He pled guilty to obstruction of justice – a crime to which he admitted his guilt. And just so you know, criminal defendants are never “proven innocent,” they are just acquitted – which means that there was not enough evidence to convict. Ray Lewis was guilty of covering up facts in a murder and that’s some serious $h!t.

  40. davemishsr says:
    Jun 26, 2013 10:25 PM
    Yea he has some nerve showing his face. he is guilty of obstruction of justice in a double murder case. Instead we celebrate him as some kind of a hero because he can tackle good and won two Super Bowls. Our society is totally messed up. Oh the case was there, he just paid the other two accomplices enough for them to keep their mouths shut and not implicate him.
    You mean the two accomplices that stood trial and were found not guilty by means of self defense. Nobody was ever found guilty of murder in this case, do some research before you try to spew garbage…

  41. scoobies05 says:
    Jun 27, 2013 12:21 PM
    ray and his friends were attacked by the two men that died. those are the facts

    5 0 Yup, the raven version.facts are he some how lost the suit he was wearing that night…he thought a dumpster was a dry cleaners…and the fable of his innocence will live forever in the truth seeking raven fans…think purple bleed purple and lie purple. A happy group…..sad.

  42. If you hit a person while he’s being stabbed and don’t stay and wait for the cops to tell your side of the story, you’re a murderer. If you leave with the suspects and throw away clothes, you’re a murderer.

  43. NOw they have cameras everywhere. If they had them back then, Ray would just be getting ready for parole.

  44. NOw they have cameras everywhere. If they had them back then, Ray would just be getting ready for parole.

    or if they had them back then he may never had been charged in the first place, you do know the guys that eventually went to trial was acquitted and plenty of evidence exist that their group wasn’t the actual instigators of the fight or that the prosecutor himself said that he charged Ray in order to squeeze info out of him(and it worked as Ray turned states evidence in the case).

  45. I would love for ben to rape nofool and see if he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal. Just cause it’s not murder doesn’t mean it’s not a serious crime that ruins lives of young women. Would you still cheer for him if he forced himself on your daughter Cpt. Morals?

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