The reigning champs get their Mt. Rushmore

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We’re down to the last two franchises, and they’re pretty good ones.

On Thursday, the Ravens get their Mt. Rushmore.  On Friday, the Steelers.

Even though the Ravens have been around only since 1996, a pair of Super Bowl wins made it hard to narrow the field of nominees down to 12 finalists.

It may not be as hard to pick two or three of the winners.

Pick up to four from the dozen names below.  And feel free to complain in the comments about any names left off the list.

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50 responses to “The reigning champs get their Mt. Rushmore

  1. I’m a lifelong Browns fan. Probably splitting hairs here, but shouldn’t this include the Browns players? Would be consistent with your inclusion of Baltimore Colts players on Indy’s list (opposed to this Ravens’ list), and Oilers players on Titans’ list (oppose to Texans).

  2. Art Modell, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ozzie Newsome. Modell belongs because, regardless of what one thinks of his performance as an owner, there would have been NO Baltimore Ravens without him. He was the one who moved the team from Cleveland to Charm City. For better or worse, that move alone qualifies him for inclusion. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis personified the great defenses that kept the team in championship contention for the better part of two decades and won two Super Bowls. And Ozzie Newsome’s drafting and other personnel moves have kept the team near the top for longer than pretty much any other franchise.

  3. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Newsome, and let’s not forget what patch they all wore last season… Art.

  4. Mine includes Ray Lewis, Ozzie Newsome, Jonathan Ogden, and Matt Stover

    Tough to exclude Art Modell and Ed Reed since they are both definitely worthy as well.

  5. Anyone who includes a kicker on any of these “Mt. Rushmores” should automatically have their fan cards revoked. I don’t care which franchise it is or which kicker.

  6. Top 5: Modell, Newsome, Ogden, Lewis, and Reeed. Who do you eliminate? Modell – NFL icon, moved the team to Bmore; Newsome – best damn GM and personnel guru in the business, establsihed the team’s identity from day 1; Ogden – Ravens 1st draft choice with HoF career; Lewis and Reed: future HoFamers, establsihed the exemplary defensive standards we adhere to. Who doesn’t make it to the mountain? Hmmmnnn?

  7. Newsom, Ogden, Lewis, Reed—and in that order.

    Considering the limited history, a very solid foursome…which leads us back to Ozzie Newsom.

  8. Reminder to the numerous people that seem to have forgotten: The Browns history also stayed in Cleveland along with the name. While that team moved to Baltimore, for NFL purposes, it was considered a new team and Cleveland kept the franchise history and it is all Browns history, just with a break of a few years.

  9. I’d love to see Reed and Ogden on the Rushmore.
    Aside fromt hem being HOF players, I’d love to see the sculptor have to craft Ed’s weird beard and Jonathan’s awesome fro.

  10. For all the years he carried the scoring load, Matt Stover. Art Modell is obvious.Of course Ray Lewis,and how could you not have the first Raven ever inducted into the HoF,Odgen. Ed sold out on Baltimore so he’s not worthy of being in a mt.rushmore. He’s more of a ring of honor guy now

  11. Ray Lewis
    Jonathon Ogden
    Ed Reed
    Matt Stover

    *I can’t believe more Ravens fans dont include Stover, he was one of the best and most reliable kickers of all time. If it weren’t for him and the defense, the 2000 superbowl wouldnt have been possible.

  12. To add to the ” shouldn’t the Cleveland Browns be on this list” comments. According to the NFL: The Ravens were “born ” in 1996, as an expansion team. The Browns logo, history, records, all remained in Cleveland. The Browns Mt Rushmore has been picked and no Ravens were on their list.

  13. Lewis, Reed, Stover, Newsome

    If you didn’t vote for Stover you probably didn’t watch the Ravens until recently. No real Ravens fan would leave him out.

  14. This list will change in the next few years, but for now, Model, Newsome, Lewis & Ogden.

  15. Just say NO to Stover. Yeah he kicked a lot of field goals, so. The DEFENSE creates a turnover, he’s in range. Jamal Lewis runs and runs and gets him in range. Sorry he kicked field goals, he didn’t read running lanes, he didn’t tackle, he didn’t pass, he didn’t intercept passes. For the last few years he didn’t even kickoff, we had to waste a roster spot for a “kickoff specialist”. No room for a kicker on this Mt. Rushmore.

  16. Joe Flacco and the three footballs he punched into the end zone on 9-11-11
    Ed Reed and the ball R-booger threw to him on 9-11-11
    Ray Lewis and the ball R-booger threw to him on 9-11-11
    Jarrett Johnson standing over a knocked out Hines Ward on … You guessed it … 9-11-11!

  17. Gee, this is harder than I thought.
    What about?
    Anquon Boldin (scored on Flacco’s first pass on 9-11-11)
    Sam Koch (scored two points on 9-11-11)
    Haloti Ngata (owned Mendenhall on 9-11-11)
    and….drum roll…..Ed Dickson, scored TD on 9-11-11 while defender Troy Polamalu ate a mouthful of endzone turf!

  18. I also concur as to why Ray Rice is missing on this list! If it was up to me as to who should be on this list…it would be way more than four. Past, present and future…As an all time,well…time will tell!!! But if I had to choose now it would be Steve, John, Ozzie and the fans of Baltimore

  19. Art Modell
    Ozzie Newsome
    Jonathan Ogden
    Ray Lewis

    Sorry Browns fans, your franchise was suspended and the Ravens are considered and expansion franchise.

  20. Line-u’m up and lets play. At Denver September 5th. Would’nt have it any other way! Although would like the AFC Championship to come through BALTIMORE.

  21. My Baltimore Ravens Mount Rushmore is the Players #1,Coaches#2,Trainers#3 and the Scouting#4…But none better than the FANS!!!!…and #1 is no better than #4.


    Browns fans need to get over it. You got to keep your name and all your records. Our name was taken and all the records as well.

  23. A few notable snubs: Mike McCrary, Brian Billick, Marvin Lewis, Shannon Sharpe, and OJ Brigance.

    McCrary was relentless and along with Boulware really established what it meant to “play like a Raven” (the guy silently gave his legs and played on bone on bone). Can’t tell you how many times I saw him crawl to the quarterback in the old AFC Central (best division in football).

    Billick created the culture, shook of the horrible, winless Brown stink and (1) carved out the first superbowl champion, (2) mobilized fans to take over our home stadium during Steelers week, and (3)is probably the primary architect for Raven’s pride. Cmon, Marchibroda had his best days with the Colts, but their was no “swagger” or “physicality” in our locker room pre-Brian. After Brian, we never “tippy toed into the lion’s den again.” Modell gave us a franchise. Billick gave us the Ravens.

    Marvin Lewis, released and then rehired was the chief architect of the Raven’s defense. Baltimore was not known for defense pre-Marvin. Vinny could throw for 300+ yards and we would still lose. Michael Jackson and Derrick Alexander led the league in receptions and we would still lose. Think about it. Ray Lewis made the Ravens and the argument can be made that Marvin made Ray Lewis. Count the head coaches who can be traced back to the tree of Marvin Lewis and that Baltimore defense.

    Shannon Sharpe more often than not was the leader of the offense and most reliable option. He taught a losing team how to win. His work ethic and performance inspired offensive and defensive players. Anyone remember during the first superbowl run, Shannon would meet with our defense pregame to confirm how many points the offense had to score to win each game 3, 6, 10? And then motivating his team to go out there and do just that.

    I remember sitting at the inner harbor amphitheater and in disbelief hearing Shannon guarantee a win against Oakland. Then watching that unbelievable 80+ yard touchdown from the shadow of out goal post to make it happen or his catch and touchdown off of the Jamal Lewis bobble in the other game. His veteran leadership on a bad offense cannot be overstated. Dare i say, while Ray was developing, Shannon Sharpe was already in the locker room.

    OJ Brigance. Beyond the first tackle in Superbowl 35, OJ’s off the field battle with ALS has done at least two things that immeasurably impact the Baltimore Raven’s culture. (1) It is a daily reminder of a lion’s heart, and what it looks like to fight. (2) It places football and life in appropriate perspectives. Truthfully, I am not sure the football team we love so much would have the character, tenacity, and integrity without OJ Brigance.

    Hey, whether you agree or disagree with anything that I have shared… it sure felt good to reminisce.

  24. Modell, Ozzie, Ray, Reed and the arguable 5th spot to Stov-diddy.

    The picture of consistency. We went the entire 5 weeks of October 2000 without scoring a touchdown and Stover provided our offense. he knew his range and he delivered. Again and again.

  25. Browns fans are funny.

    You got rid of an owner you didn’t like, a team that couldn’t win, and a franchise on the brink of bankruptcy. The NFL didn’t tell you to build a museum. Instead, they replaced it with a new team and a new stadium. You kept your heroes, your colors and your dawg pound. You got a new team quicker than it took the Ravens to win their first Superbowl. 15 years and multiple coaches later Cleveland is still floundering in the basement of the division. Gary Baxter, Jamal Lewis, and Paul Kruger can’t change who you are.

    When Baltimore embraced your cast off, stray (pun intended) franchise Modell was paying players like Andre Rison who never came to Baltimore. The team debt was so high that BGE bills went unpaid and were forgiven in Baltimore.

    Let’s be honest. Modell belongs in the Hall of Fame and Cleveland is still mad because (1) your team sucks and (2) the franchise you pushed away is doing so well.

    All of this bad blood will all go away when the Browns stop firing coaches, create a inning culture, and win a superbowl. Until then, The Ravens are the gorgeous ex-girlfriend who lost weight and is doing better since the break up.

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