Vonta Leach’s agent: I think it will be the Dolphins

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Fullback Vonta Leach hasn’t suffered from a lack of interest since the Ravens released him, but no one has made him an offer so compelling that he’s decided to shut down talks and sign on the dotted line.

When he does get to that point, his agent Ralph Vitolo believes he knows what team will be waiting to hand him a jersey with his name on the back. The Texans, Giants and Ravens have all been in the mix for Leach’s services, but Vitolo thinks Leach will be enjoying life in Miami during the 2013 season.

“I think so. I hope so. It’s the right place to be. We’re trying to crunch the numbers,” Vitolo said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

In a likely attempt to crunch those numbers in a way that appeals to Leach, Vitolo said that his client may still take another visit to an interested team — Jackson mentions the Giants — although one would imagine that every team has given the agent a pretty clear idea of what they’re willing and/or able to spend to bring Leach to their roster. Based on Vitolo’s other comment, the Dolphins would seem to be in the lead in that department even if their offer isn’t quite where Leach would like it to be.

10 responses to “Vonta Leach’s agent: I think it will be the Dolphins

  1. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Leach play for the Dolphins, it seems a little like his agent is using Miami to try and drive up the price with some other team.

    Sigh. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. Not sure how much he would be used with their new offense system. They are going to use more 3-4 wideouts, etc.

    However, if they don’t “overpay” this would be another nice piece of the puzzle.

  3. Hmmm, the only way the agent saying something like this makes sense is if he is trying to use the Dolphins as leverage. He won’t sign in Miami

  4. Playing teams against eachother by Leach and his agent is getting more then a little old.

  5. Big decision. Do you take the likely $500K more to play for an atrocious team like Miami or take a little less and have an actual chance to play in meaningful games with either Houston, Balt or NYG? I guess for an underpaid FB who’s already won a ring and not much more chances left to make money, every dollar counts. I’d probably sign with Miami based on that.

  6. An agent using the media to up the stakes kills the deal for Miami. The Dolphins will be more than fair with players they target, but agents working the media will kill the deal…. Hey Vonta, If you want to play in tax free tropical paradise, on a promising young team that’s the future of the AFC East, tell your agent to shut up.

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