Aaron Hernandez denied bail


First-degree murder defendant and former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been denied bail.

After hearing from both the prosecutor and Hernandez’s lawyer, Judge Renee Dupuis said the case against Hernandez sounds strong and that she does not think Hernandez should be free.

“I think the Commonwealth has presented a case that’s circumstantial, to be sure, but a very, very strong circumstantial case,” Dupuis said.

James Sultan, Hernandez’s lawyer, argued that until he has been proven guilty, he deserves to be able to live his life, although Sultan did say Hernandez would accept bail conditions like GPS monitoring or house arrest.

“Of course, Mr. Hernandez is charged with a very serious crime, but that shouldn’t be enough to hold him without bail,” Sultan said. “Aaron Hernandez, who’s 23 years old, has, to the best of my knowledge, no criminal record of any kind.”

Sultan noted that prosecutors have not presented any evidence of an eyewitness who can testify that Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd. But Bristol County Assistant District Attorney William McCauley said the physical evidence, including ammunition that has been found and a picture that may show Hernandez holding the murder weapon, is strong enough to suggest that Hernandez has no business getting out of jail. The judge agreed with that, and deputies led Hernandez from the courtroom back to the County Jail.

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  1. The judge made her point very directly. I agree with what she decided and her reason(s) for doing so. Judge Renee Dupuis, Bravo!

  2. If they let him out to “live his life,” you’d have to wonder how long a couple of other guys will have left to live theirs.

  3. There’s a long way to go in this case, but it really doesn’t sound like he’s ever going to see a day of freedom again.

  4. That judge owned Hernandez’s lawyer. Your not gonna get bail because the media followed “poor AH around”. The guy even said they should post bail because he plays in the NFL…Slime ball.

    I feel bad for Aaron Hernandez’s kid not because she can’t see him anymore because its probably the right thing. But remember she’s going to be known for this her whole life. RIP Odin Lloyd

  5. Lmfao at pats fans in Hernandez jerseys chanting innocent just after the judge denied him bail, calling the evidence overwhelming

  6. bucrightoff says: Jun 27, 2013 2:47 PM

    Based off the IQ of the average jury member in most slam dunk trials we’ve seen lately, I’ve got 65-35 odds Hernandez walks.


    If you’re not smart enough to get out of Jury Duty….spot on post and not far off.

  7. dsimp724 June 27, 2013, 2:49 PM EDT

    20 bucks he doesn’t know his baby’s birthday. 2 to 1 he couldn’t tell you the name
    I think this clown is dumb but since the kid’s birthday is the same as his, you would probably lose that $20

  8. Anyone look at his Twitter page? The last entry is from June 18 and says “good morning.” Kind of creepy in hindsight.

  9. And here I thought the five weeks between mini-camp and training camp were supposed to be boring!

  10. He is NEVER getting out. It would be completely irresponsible to let a man with no regard for human life ever back into society. You just cannot trust that it would not happen again no matter how many statements he makes vowing to change…

  11. I found it funny that he managed to put that smug look on his face while his attorney was talking about his nfl accomplishments. Glad it disappeared as soon as the prosecutor laid out all the evidence. This won’t be over for a long time but the case looks pretty strong against him.

  12. Aaron a piece of common sense advice cut your losses accept some form of plea deal if any, because that high priced lawyer of yours wont be getting you free. It beats paying close to $2m that you may end up paying, save that money to take care of your child and fiancee since we all know u wont be spending that ish. Good day.

  13. So sad for lloyd. How must it have felt to be riding around in that truck KNOWING your gonna get killed in a few mins. Now this dude wants to be freed?! No sit in that cell and think about what you’ve done.

  14. “What is known is that the Boston Police Department has located and impounded a silver SUV with Rhode Island registration that police have been trying to find for almost a year, that’s linked to the scene of a double homicide in 2012, the source said.

    Investigators believe that Hernandez was renting the SUV at the time of those killings, the source said.”

  15. I never thought the Patriots would be dragged down to the level of all the other cheaters in the league that have been doing it for years, the Jets, the Saints, the Cowboys, the Seahawks, the 49ers.

  16. What crazy handbook on how to murder guys did he read from? Rent a car, shoot the guy in a public place and leave the body, make sure you text people?

    Instead of watching Scar Face he should have watched Dexter…

  17. I’m surprised no ones mentioned that A.H.’s 2 “confederates” as the Prosecutor called them in the hearing, are on the lam.
    Question answered.

  18. The evidence keeps piling on. Once one of the two accomplices gives AH up and tells where the murder weapon is, this case is done. I give AH about a 3% chance of beating this.

  19. This whole mess pretty much screws Hernandez for his spot on the Patriots Mt. Rushmore…

  20. While the “no bail” finding was all but certain; the lawyers, representing him at this point, did a terrible job at the hearing. My money says he’ll change lawyers by Monday.

  21. Aaron Hernandez’s presentation on how to *properly* dispose of evidence will be given to the 2014 NFL rookie symposium.

  22. I cant get my head round the fact he went and picked this guy up from his home with a couple of other hoodlums who he had come down to help with the execution. This guy is not only dangerous but completly gone in the head. We are not talking your average space cadet here this guy had the world at his feet. Trully shocking. This is history in the making will be talked about, written about long after i leave this world.

  23. Let’s see, he “allegedly” killed 3 people and definitely shot another guy in the face. I may not work at Langley, but I’m sensing a pattern of behavior here. Looks like the “circumstantial” evidence make the point that you don’t want to be anywhere within range of this maniac’s firearm of choice under any circumstances.

  24. I think he’s most upset that he’ll be stuck in jail when this year’s version of the game he’s based his life on is released….Grand Theft Auto IV

  25. Why are you using an old photo? Today he was in a prison jumpsuit. That’s the image you should be using for this prisoner.

  26. potentially 3 murders??? No fan should ever attack the Bengals, Detroit, Seattle, Pitt, Bmore or Jacksonville again….. NE made all of our teams look like choir boys off of this 1 incident….

  27. Glocks have striker bars not firing pins, not too difficult to figure out if the casings were from a glock pistol. Circumstantial, yes but strong.

  28. Get this…he had enough proof around him for a case full of circumstantial evidence put together in 9 days to deny him bail 2 times.

    And he thought he’d get away with it.

  29. It definately confirmed what many have speculated as the Prosecuter was citing dialogue from inside the Nissan Altima – this means that at least one of his “confederates” is talking to police.
    Anyone else a bit unnerved by his complete lack of expression of any kind? Obvious that if he did commit the crime alledged, he has zero remorse.

  30. vbe2 says:
    Jun 27, 2013 3:08 PM
    Why are you using an old photo? Today he was in a prison jumpsuit. That’s the image you should be using for this prisoner.


    Doesn’t matter. Hernandez had the same smug look on his face today as he did at his arraignment.

  31. The hole is getting deeper by the day. And I doubt the prosecutor has shown even half the evidence.
    How long before he has to give what he has to the defense under the discovery rules?

  32. Gangsters killing Gangsters… I feel no pity for any of them.. The dead ones or the ones in jail.

  33. The prosecutor is also holding quite a few cards that have yet to be revealed. He is SO done! Adios Señor Hernandez!

  34. metitometin says:
    Jun 27, 2013 3:00 PM
    I never thought the Patriots would be dragged down to the level of all the other cheaters in the league that have been doing it for years, the Jets, the Saints, the Cowboys, the Seahawks, the 49ers.

    Spy Gate was worse than ANYTHING the Jets, Saints or 49ers have done. Boarderline on the Hawks and Boys.

  35. Brady and Belichick should retire RIGHT NOW! Rip off the band aid quickly and allow the fans to start the grieving process.

    Brady is going to be gone in a year or two, and Belichick certainly won’t stick with the team once Brady is gone. This team is in for a decade of doom, being lucky to win 6 games a year. This would be the perfect start to the end.

  36. Yes, innocent until proven guilty, we all know that, blah blah blah.

    But come on. All the destruction of possible evidence, and everything else they have come up with??! They didn’t only arrest him for obstruction of justice, it was for murder (and please don’t remind me about Ray Lewis and what happened to him)! This AH punk was apparently living a gangster life, and now it looks like he will pay that bill. Hopefully, something will be found other than the word of another punk that proves the facts once and for all. If AH indeed did this or had anything to do with it, he should suffer all the appropriate consequences.

  37. Columbo: “Oh, just one more thing Mr. Hernandaz. I noticed your security system was destroyed…but you forgot about the remote back up to iCloud…”

  38. NOT SO FAST “bucrightoff”.

    You have no clue as to what the prosecutor still has to tell or offer the jury. They have another guy in custody who likely will sing like a bird to save his own tail from being an accomplice in a murder case.
    The jury in Mass. will in NO WAY look like the jury in the O.J. murder trial. You really had some dummies for the O. J. case.

    And don’t forget O. J. is in jail now for trying to get his memorabilia back where a firearm was simply displayed. This was a Las Vegas jury.

  39. That’s what happens when you try and play P-T criminal P-T football player you get locked up F-T.
    Don’t drop the soap.

  40. baltimoresnativeson says:Jun 27, 2013 2:56 PM

    Our wonderful laws (sarcasm) aren’t about justice, they are about what you can prove. If they don’t find that murder weapon, he will NOT be convicted of murder.

    The prosecution does not need the murder weapon. It’d be nice for them and make things real easy, but they don’t need that gun.

    There is enough evidence that puts Hernandez at the scene of the crime to convict him. Unless one of the other guys who were supposedly there confess to the crime, Hernandez is toast. You can bet a dime that the accomplices are singing like birds in order to get a lesser offense. They are both pointing the finger at Hernandez.

  41. nomoreseasontix says:Jun 27, 2013 3:14 PM

    The hole is getting deeper by the day. And I doubt the prosecutor has shown even half the evidence.
    How long before he has to give what he has to the defense under the discovery rules?

    There will be a hearing for that. Time depends on how the defense handles the case. Usually fairly soon after arrest though. The state has to openly show all evidence to the defense and provide the defense with that evidence. The defense is allowed to review and test any evidence the prosecution has reviewed and tested.

  42. I know that 1995 was a long time ago, but i remember well an overwhelming evidence against another NFL player, and we all know how that ended.

  43. metitometin says:
    Jun 27, 2013 3:00 PM
    I never thought the Patriots would be dragged down to the level of all the other cheaters in the league that have been doing it for years, the Jets, the Saints, the Cowboys, the Seahawks, the 49ers.

    Umm…SpyGate….Kraft has already brought his franchise down all by himself. He would have been the mastermind behind SpyGate. Im really surprised NE cut him so quickly.
    Timmy Teblow could have helped turn Hernandez around if only he had come to NE a year earlier.

  44. Good leave him in there to rot until the trial.
    How many more things is he involved in? If the guys riding with him have any sense, they will “tell” on him to get a lesser sentence themselves, way to go all of you. Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” bunch of friends!!

  45. I guess Teblow couldnt save him while they were both at FL. What a shame. But I’m not Patroit fan, and hate everything about the them, but really is the evidence? no murder weapon, no witness….every thing is circumstantial. This is a classic case of when your famous they want to make an example out of you.

  46. Word out of MA now is that Kraft dropped the keys on Lloyd and Belichick was driving the getaway car. All the meanwhile Brady was at Hernandez’s house destroying the video tapes. And in other breaking news, Gisile was wiping down the Hernandez home….Yikes

  47. I already commented on this but I just wanted to add one more thing. It is also sickening that Odin knew this was coming hence the text about knowing who he left with. Once again RIPODIN

  48. I wonder if I can get an other sucker to trade me Gronkowski for Hernandez in my fantasy league….

  49. If his jury is in any way representative of the crowd of sycophants cheering for him when he left the courthouse, then he’s definitely going to walk.

  50. Maybe Odin was just texting his girl incase she woke up and he wasn’t there…nothing indicates the text said anything about AH’s intent or that would have been the “smoking gun” if you will.

  51. Warped mind theater:

    AH’s defense team offers a couple rebuttals:

    A) “Your Honor, please allow bail as there are still people in this world that need to be killed”

    or, after a mountain of evidence is presented to the judge…….

    B) ” Your Honor, they want you to believe an undated internet photo implicates my client……your Honor?…Maam? Oh sh!t”

  52. With him being so careless in how he went about all this, allegedly, I doubt that he even thought to wipe his fingerprints off of the ammo so those casings found at the scene are likely going to at least have his DNA on them.

    How to get caught killing someone:
    1) Call a couple of eye witnesses to ride with you. Check.
    2) Text the victim before killing them. Check
    3) Pick the victim up in a car rented in your name at their house. Check
    4) Let them hang on to their cell as you drive them to their execution so they can text family. Check
    5) Keep your cell on so your every move can be logged. Check
    6 Have your own security system record you walking around minutes after the crime with the murder weapon. Check

  53. rcotner says:
    Jun 27, 2013 2:54 PM
    Lmfao at pats fans in Hernandez jerseys chanting innocent just after the judge denied him bail, calling the evidence overwhelming
    I’m a Pats fan, and that makes me want to vomit. How embarrassing. I’m glad I don’t know any Pats fans who are that nuts. I bet a lot of them were women too. I’m a woman, and I cannot stand these women who are criminal groupies. Sickening.

  54. “Yet another example of how Hispanics get railroaded by the justice system. Due process doesn’t exist for minorities.”

    Man… I live in the SF bay area, and I can say, with authority, that a good number of Hispanics should stop being idiotic miscreants.

    Don’t be an idiot…..

  55. I live in Fall River Ma. where the latest bail hearing had people outside the courthouse cheering. While my home town has no shortage of gang bangers and a lot of other low-lives, they do not represent the majority of law abiding citizens here.

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