Aaron Hernandez still has fans in New England


I’ve learned a lot about Aaron Hernandez in the last couple of weeks, and nothing I’ve learned has made me want to cheer for him. But some fans in New England still believe in the former Patriots tight end.

And so, as Hernandez was transported from jail to courtroom for a bail hearing today, and then as he was transported back to jail after a judge denied his bail request, Hernandez was greeted by cheering fans.

Some fans wore Hernandez jerseys. Some chanted, “Innocent! Innocent!” Some screamed his name as a police department van drove past, with the shackled Hernandez inside on his way to a court proceeding at which prosecutors would detail the evidence that he murdered Odin Lloyd.

When Hernandez goes on trial for first-degree murder, his attorneys can only hope they get one of those fans on the jury.

187 responses to “Aaron Hernandez still has fans in New England

  1. Some of those fans should hang out with Hernandez for a while, and maybe piss him off real good.

  2. Aren’t these the same geniuses who trashed Ravens fans for years for supporting Ray Lewis?

  3. how sad that his life as a gang leader was more important to him than his life as a football star. Truly, a psychopath.

  4. Every fan base has whack-jobs. Let’s not assume all Pats fans are this delusional.

    -Level headed and embarrased Pats fan

  5. The people at the courthouse shouting “innocent” are clearly smarter than the ones at the courthouse shouting “guilty.”

  6. Ridiculous. Blinded by fame. Hopefully they won’t be on the jury. They have some pretty solid circumstantial evidence against him.

  7. It’s really hard for us Pats fans. This is a guy who showed us nothing but good intentions and seemed to be a stand-up guy. He cried when he got his big pay day and immediately donated $50k to the Myra Kraft fund. By all accounts, he was a great guy who had overcome a troubled past. He was reformed. It was Gronk who we were worried about.

    Then EVERYTHING changed in a matter of hours/days. It’s hard to completely alter how you feel about a person. You don’t believe it at first. Some of us still don’t believe it.

    To me , there’s little doubt he killed at least one person. He definitely was part of the assassination, even if he didn’t pull the trigger. But I can sympathize with those who just won’t let them see it.

    I’m not saying its right to stand by him, but it’s understandable.

  8. Morons!!! All of them, wonder if they were the same dumb morons cheering OJ when he got away with murder. What the heck is wrong with people today? These punks in these pictures, wondering what their parents are thinking if they see this? Most of the youth today is lost, no respect.

  9. I am not a patriot fan by I refuse to say that he is guilty until more comes out.As the legal systems says,innocent until proven guilty.So people need to stop passing judgement until he gets his day in court.

  10. There are people in New England that think Brady’s playoff fumble was an incomplete pass too.


  11. Take a close look at those “fans” and realize that Hernandez now has a lot of “street cred” in the urban fringe of our society.

    OJ still has fans to this day. Some folks are more interesting in beating “the man” than in being decent humans.

  12. What do you think goes through HIS mind when people are out there chanting ‘INNOCENT’ when he knows he’s guilty? Do you think he feels bad? I’m sure he doesn’t, but he obviously knows that he did it…

  13. No he doesn’t! Trust me this is not a football issue. Some cancer like that, thank god he’s gone .
    Of course when he was an unknown killer, he was a very productive player…

  14. You guys should rent the movie Big Fan, starring Patton Oswalt. A cautionary tale about hero worship of a football player gone awry.

  15. bostonian13 says:
    Jun 27, 2013 10:04 PM
    Really made us New Englanders look bad.


    I don’t think you have to worry just yet. I’m from the midwest, and when I think of a New Englander, I think of crusty lobster fishermen or college professors. The Patriots are going through a rough patch right now, but I’m guessing you’ll pull through.

  16. schrutebeetfarms says: Jun 27, 2013 10:05 PM

    To be fair, he has been found guilty of nothing thus far.

    Even in the unlikely event that he is not found guilty of murder, the fact that they had enough evidence to arrest him is an embarrassment to the Patriots and the NFL.

    He is not worthy of fan support.

  17. Doesn’t surprise me. Think about this way:

    1. Charlie Manson’s pushing 80
    2. He’s been in jail over 40 years
    3. He’s still got groupies

  18. First. Being a non-native American, I am officially offended by the name Patriots.

    Second. Hernandez may be innocent as Coach Belichick knows how and has experience destroying tapes.

    Let’s not just follow the media or Comish with a blind eye on this one.

  19. They are a tiny minority of fans and not one person I’ve talked to here in Rhode Island or in Massachusetts supports him in any way at this point.

    Do NOT assume this represents the Pats fan base as a whole because it certainly does not.

  20. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says:
    Jun 27, 2013 9:57 PM
    Aren’t these the same geniuses who trashed Ravens fans for years for supporting Ray Lewis?

    There’s two jerks cheering for Hernandez. I don’t think you’ll see a full stadium of fans cheering for him.

  21. Well it is amazing how much prejudice there is against murderers.

    The people voted for change and some of you with your old prejudices just have to go.

    Why do you think it is okay to discriminate against those who terminate the lives of others?

    Society is in the process of being changed fundamentally in Orwellian ways. Good =Bad and Bad is now good.

    You better get correct politically.

  22. BennyB has a point. All the folks that immediately take on the burn him at the stake/ mob mentality are just as much sheep as those chanting his innocence in the streets. At least the innocent chanters don’t blindly believe whatever information is spoon fed to them by the cops/DA and Irresponsible media..(of course not you Mike & sons). The chanters have other issues, no doubt.

  23. Well you know what “ampats” will be one of those supporters. After all, let’s look at the origins of the “ampatsisahypocrite” name…

    A few years ago, a Patriots fan named ampats was all over the boards, all outraged because of something Ben Roethlisberger was merely accused of doing with a twenty-year old WOMAN. He huffed and puffed, and even mentioned that he had daughters for jiminy’s sake, and this really outraged him!

    Then, along came Lawrence Taylor, a player ampats admired. Lawrence, unlike Ben, was actually BUSTED doing something naughty with an teenage GIRL, but did ampats scream and yell the way he did with Ben? Why no, the father of daughters actually told us all to take a chill pill, wait for all the facts and of course “please not laugh” at the busted one.

    So what else are we to expect in this case?

  24. I always thought serial killers learned a trade b4 moving to the next level of sociopathic behavior. Punch a guy in the face, then hot wire a car then you’ve graduated to cap anyone who gets n my way. Not rent a car, kill 2 guys, blast another in the face, then rent another car to kill another guy, only to do it with 2 other cats who have weapons and big mouths. He kills one guy that could rat him out but leaves alive that WILL rat him out. Hernandez is not only sick but the dumbest moron ever. I’m just glad it wasn’t Marshawn Lynch doing Beast Mode in Seattle. Roger would have the Hawks forfeiting the 2013 season.

  25. PriorKnowledge says:
    Jun 27, 2013 9:59 PM
    how sad that his life as a gang leader was more important to him than his life as a football star. Truly, a psychopath.
    I think you summed it up nicely. I believe he was attempting to build a criminal enterprise with his wealth and influence from being a sports personality.

    Retirement planning?

  26. I used to think Jets fans, or Yankees fans, or Steelers fans, or Cowboys fans were the worst…..

    But to be honest, all “die-hard” fans are simply the worst.

  27. I live in Boston and I can confirm that 99.9% of Pats fans are disgusted and done with the guy now. Many of us, including myself, spent the past week hoping these outlandish speculations were false and after the arrest and release, we are all just like the rest of NFL fans…ready to sit back and watch this dude go down hard.

  28. They’re only out there because (a) it’s summer vacation (b) the Sox game doesn’t start til 4 and (c) these knuckleheads flunked out 2nd grade

  29. Which explains why there are women who want to marry Charles Manson. People are crazy…

  30. I bet that was a nice combined 30 seconds, too bad he’s completely alone for the next 50 years..

  31. I’m not surprised, there are idiots everywhere here.
    The biggest one is sitting in jail tonight.

  32. Gang Leader?? what gang was he the Leader of?? Top TE comming out of high school..Top NCAA TE comming out of the University of Florida. LMMFAOOO PLEASE QUIT!

  33. As a Colts fan for more than 40 years, it is obvious how I feel about the Patriots and most of their fans that I have had the unfortunate encounters with in sports bars. However…this is different. Kudos to the Patriots organization. They did what they had to do and they did it quickly. They have been respectful of the victim and his family. They have maintained a united front and the message from their organization has been consistent and respectful. This could have happened to any team and its fans. To Pats fans: Your organization has handled a very unfortunate situation with dignity.

  34. To be fair many of those fan were kids, many didn’t look old enough to drive.

    Most of if not virtually all adult Patriots fans never want this guy to walk free again, let alone ever play another down of football. Aaron Hernandez should spend the rest of his life in jail.

  35. How many “fans”? Really.
    I see three in the picture, with one wearing a jersey. This is a joke, right?

  36. Wow Tom Brady is without his top five returning we this year, the dolphins actually have a chance at winning the afc east this year!!! Wait a minute it’s the dolphins wi am talking about smh!!

  37. schrutebeetfarms June 27, 2013, 7:05 PM PDT

    To be fair, he has been found guilty of nothing thus far.
    No, you’ re right. But he’s got so much evidence against him, it’s like a kid promising you he didn’t eat the chocolate bar while having chocolate all over his face, hands, and teeth. And the wrapper is balled up in his pocket, but its sticking out enough to see exactly what kind it is. Maybe licking his fingers too, as he denies it

  38. This topic transcends football. These fans don’t represent the Pats fan base. I am not going to dump on the Pats fanbase over a few morons.

  39. A few jackasses doesn’t make the whole fanbase idiots. Amazing how the media can make the general population and the simpleminded to believe that the majority of the fans are this way.

  40. cheering cause their team like oj and like ray lewis has the first big name murderer who may be fond quilty.

  41. Gee..I don’t remember any Baltimore fans in the streets.

    We knew Ray was not a killer, and that he was being made a scapegoat, yet he did lie and obstruct justice. So we forgave him for that, because everybody makes mistakes and he was young. He made a bad decision in the heat of the moment. However, for 15 years we have to listen to obnoxious Patriot fans and Patriot wives and Patriot announcers bear false witness.

    All of this is just…payback. You spent 15 years crying wolf murder in Baltimore, and now you have a serial killer mobster. What happens? Cheering in the streets.

    Even Patriot fans have different rules for Patriot Players, just like Suggs said.

  42. Maybe they work for the rental car companies AH seemingly kept in business all by himself with his crime sprees? SMH

  43. I heard that a Patriot is going to be on the cover of Grand Theft Auto.

    Grand Theft Auto..the official sponsor of the New England Patriots.

  44. Sad day when these are the kind of people that can send a person to jail or let him walk…would scare the crap out of me to have to face a jury trial if I knew I was innocent

  45. The picture shows 6 upstanding pats fans cheering for their boy. I’m convinced there must be some mix up here. Belichek would never bring in an extreme personality. I mean just look at the support

  46. I can’t fault the Patriot fanbase. Every team has their share of idiot fans, but some more than others (Redskins, Raiders, Seahawks).

  47. Somewhere Eric Winston is saying; “I’m embarrassed to be in the NFL, for 70,000 Patriots fans to support a potential murderer is ridiculous”… #idiot

  48. There are fans of murderers and worse, too.

    Sadly, there are people who are now fans of Hernandez who were not before the murders occurred, as odd as it sounds.

    We just live in a bad world today, where some just want to watch it burn.

  49. As a pats fan my support for him was cut off when he was cut, he no longer contributes to my team and hurt the patriots from a talent and salary cap standpoint with his selfish acts. How these guys can continue to support a gang banger who hurt their team is beyond me.

  50. djcoreylee, no one would ever cheer for a child molester. and a whole bunch of people would definitely never gather together outside the trial of a child molester and then let a dove go for each not guilty verdict.

    That would never happen in ‘merica.

  51. Any of these spotlighted murder suspects develop fans. Look at the guy from the Boston Bombing. It’s been reported people in Boston have been sending him donations.

  52. I’ve always found it amazing how people are so quick to defend people just because they see them on tv, buy their albums, or whatever.

  53. People keep calling him a psychopath. He is not. A psychopath has delusional mental illness(es) that cause irrational behavior.

    Hernandez is a sociopath. He has an utter lack of conscious or empathy.

    In many ways, the latter is worse, as they tend to blend smoothly into society, learning the rituals that make them look “normal.”

    A psychopath is often fairly easy to spot. A sociopath, however, will often be the nicest guy in the room.

  54. Any commenter who thinks this in any way represents Patriots fans is an idiot who is taking advantage of a situation. The Patriots have roughly 3 million+ fans in the New England area. 12 of them showed up at the court house to support AH. I’m fairly comfortable in saying the VAST majority of Patriots fans have the proper perspective.

  55. There’s two types of people:

    -Those standing outside the courthouse in the middle of the day cheering Hernandez.

    -Those that have jobs.

  56. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says:
    Aren’t these the same geniuses who trashed Ravens fans for years for supporting Ray Lewis?


    Probably so. Anyone who supports either Hernandez or Ray Lewis is a piece of garbage. At the very minimum, both obstructed police and destroyed evidence that could have aided them in solving the murder of another human being.

  57. I saw that news clip live… It was a bunch of Attleboro scum who had nothing better to do. Aaron was a talented football player, but he has no fans or future.

  58. And these same morons have the right to vote. No wonder things are so screwed up.

  59. I can assure you these knuckle heads are part of a ridiculously small minority of Pats fans. I don’t know anyone who even remotely supports Hernandez. How could you?

  60. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says: Jun 27, 2013 9:57 PM

    Aren’t these the same geniuses who trashed Ravens fans for years for supporting Ray Lewis?


    These few “geniuses” are an embarrassment to the NE fan base…but at least we’ll never plan to build a statue of the guy.

  61. Considering the courthouse is in Fall River, anybody that’s from Mass. NEVER acknowledges Fall River as part of the state.

  62. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says:
    Jun 27, 2013 9:57 PM
    Aren’t these the same geniuses who trashed Ravens fans for years for supporting Ray Lewis?

    IMO Pats fans who support Hernandez deserve to be called jackasses, as do Ravens fans who still support Ray Lewis (as does ESPN for hiring Lewis). Jackasses are not exclusive to any football fan base; jackasses are not even exclusive to football fans.

  63. It might have been nice to add how most of New England was glad to see him locked up, and these few knuckleheads are no brighter than Hernandez himself.

    Hitler still has fans, because there are really, really stupid people out there.

  64. This should be a lesson to all NFL coaches when speaking to University of Florida players about being a leader on and off the field.

    Explain to them you don’t mean Leader of a Gang!!

  65. Loyal Patriot fan here and I have to say I am completely disgusted at these people cheering AH on. By all outward appearances, AH was turning his life around and grateful for the opportunity he was given. He had everyone fooled. He’s an embarrassment to New England. Don’t judge the majority of true NE footballs fans by the few that have chosen to be idiots and making spectacles of themselves. By the looks of the people in the picture they are gangster wannabes. Not a real respresentation of our fan base.

  66. O.K. NE/Boston fan here, and I think that the people mentioned in the article are in the VAST minority. Any time you have millions of people, it is not hard to find a handful, who show their screwed up values (i.e., just look at the down votes you see here on PFT, even when some athlete’s child dies…not many, but there are always some). Would it be nice if he were totally exonerated (not just found not guilty), sure, but I highly doubt it, and anyone with a brain realizes that this guy is probably a very bad man, and is going to end up locked away for life. Most of the fans up here in New England, myself included, cannot support such a person.

  67. I understand that he is innocent until proven guilty but it always drives me nuts when people proclaim the innocence of a guy based on trivial things, in this case the fact that he plays for the Patriots. There are 92 other guys on the team that they need to be cheering for, not this clown that at a minimum put himself in a situation that will lead to his team being at a distinct disadvantage. Keep it classy Boston.

  68. I expect this is a very small subset of Patriots’ fans. However, I did stop going to games at Gillette because the number of yahoos in the parking lot after the game was offensive.

  69. A picture says a thousand words. Of course he has fans…In every barrios and inner city slum across the Pan-Am shelf.

  70. They are likely all young(ish) and definitely not the sharpest knives in the drawer. It is one thing to presume innocence when there is a lack of evidence. It is quite another to cheer for a guy who, based on what we can plainly see, is AT A MINIMUM involved in the murder of a “friend”.

  71. The trolls on here must be lining up. The town that was cheering him on “Fall River” has a total IQ of about 25. Not many in this state believe he didn’t do something. Let him rot in jail

    -still sad Bruins fan

  72. The Boston bombing suspect also has fans. It just shows what scum is out there. Just saying.

  73. These guys are idiots. They are not representive of most Patriot fans. All of the Patriot fans I know do not condone A H’s actions and are glad that he was cut from the team. Also, just how many supporters were there? There are six guys in the photo….and were they all AH fans?

  74. Well you can tell by the above picture that they aren’t the brightest bulbs in New England. The guys in the jersey looks like he wants to be Hernandez. Coming from this Pats fan, these idiots need to be smacked senseless… oh wait they already have??? Losers.

  75. I am embarrassed to be a Patriots fan with these idiots cheering for him. Its disgusting. But at the same time, based on the locations proximity to where he grew up, it is possible many of these fans are supporting a guy they have known their whole life. If you went to high school with Aaron Hernandez, you would want to believe he was innocent. But as a Patriots fan, that time has passed…

  76. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says:
    Jun 27, 2013 9:57 PM
    Aren’t these the same geniuses who trashed Ravens fans for years for supporting Ray Lewis?

    You can’t control fans, but what the Organization can control is their reaction. +1 for the Pats cutting Hernandez. Ravens, well…. clearly it would take more than a murder charge for them to cut a top player. Says all you need to know about them. Heck they even continued to prop Lewis up like he’s some role model over the years.

  77. Reading Comments on bulletin boards on this and other subjects shows the type of country we live in- Maven2222’s comment above was pretty accurate yet it is taking a beating from “voters”.

    AH looks guilty as heck but is innocent until PROVEN guilty and a half dozen silly kids cheering him outside a courtroom doesn’t represent the Boston fanbase.

  78. I’m a devouted Pats fan and I wish they would throw a rope over a tree limb and hang the Bast*rd.

  79. I would like to see us, as Patriot fans, start some petition to remove Hernandez from the top 100 and have Jimmy Grham take his place.

  80. It’s amazing to me that there seem to be somewhat reasonable people on here either defending the people cheering or defending Hernandez himself. Nothing changed overnight for Hernandez. This was a lifestyle for him. What leads these fans to believe he is innocent? That he could run fast? That he was good at football? The guy is guilty as they come. At the very least, he’s guilty of trying to cover-up evidence of someone murdered. The poor family of the victim have to listen to idiots claim his innocence when all the evidence claims otherwise.

    I hope scumbag Hernandez gets put in a cell with a big boyfriend immediately. I hope these stupid fans one day wake up and realize how stupid they sound. And I hope that the family of the victim somehow find peace.

  81. To those saying he has not been proven guilty, you are right. He has not. Even with that being the case though, no sane individual would go to the courthouse and scream “Innocent!” either. We may not know that he is guilty, but it certainly looks that way. There is no way that he looks innocent.

  82. These are the same idiots that want to “Occupy” everything.

    Get a job, get a life, and let this idiot go to jail for the rest of his!

  83. Clearly none of you guys have been down to Fall River. They’re not really the fans you want to show in the media.

  84. If I would’ve bought a $100 nike jersey this off season, I’d still root for the guy as well…

  85. Innocent,Innocent!! really,am I reading about lovely New England here or terrible Los Angeles where stupid assed juries allow celebrity killers to go free because they are fans,whether they be NFL stars,Movie actors or music industry mogals,”if they got a name we place no blame” is their motto.

  86. I assure you the vast majority of Pats fans are thoroughly appalled by Hernandez at this juncture. Go to some Pats fan sites and read. Any defensive posts are very few and far between indeed and are passionately set upon by throngs of decent fans.

  87. These guys are complete morons. No Patriots fan should be showing support for this guy at all. The only person I could forgive for supporting him is his Mother.

  88. I can’t tell you what hell it is to live in New England and not be a New England fan. Unfortunately I have to agree with most of the comments here saying that these are only a handful of morons. Although for the most part the majority of New England fans Bruins, Red Sox, and ESPECIALLY Pats fans are fair weather fans. No IDEA the make-up of thier team, they just know thier “home team” is winning. You should see my FaceBook feed, streaming with idiot women saying “he still looks good!”

    Im flabergasted.

  89. The mob mentality of the majority here who emphatically cry guilty! guilty! guilty! are just as stupid as those few fans

  90. bennyb82 says: Jun 27, 2013 10:01 PM

    The people at the courthouse shouting “innocent” are clearly smarter than the ones at the courthouse shouting “guilty.”


    If they’re at the courthouse shouting anything they’re not the sharpest people in society.

  91. In no way does that represent the majority of Patriots fans. Those people belong in the same insane asylum as the one’s on twitter hash-tagging free jahar. It’s embarassing and doesn’t do anyone any good.

    As a Patriots fan, but more importantly as a human being, shame on those people.

  92. Will Hernandez get to pick his own prison number or will that be assigned???
    Where can his fans buy the orange jumpsuit with that number???

  93. as the patriots fans cheered the words INNOCENT the rest of the world while watching them chanted IDIOTS

  94. And just when I had convinced myself that there are no bigger idiots in the world than tebowmaniacs.

    It just goes to show — never underestimate the determination of human intellect to outdo itself.

  95. …and O.J. got plenty of support and guy’s on death row still receive marriage proposals.
    Take a look at the pictures or the readily-available video; are any of these people actual football fans?
    Or are you capable of deducing the real reason they’re supporting Aaron Hernandez?

  96. We cut ties with our assumed murderer, while the ravens erect a statue of theirs!! Hmmmm who are the jock sniffers??

  97. I see these folks and I remember the prophetic words of that well known intellectual-Forrest Gump- ‘stupid is as stupid does’.

  98. Welcome to Fall River, Massachusetts. I’m sure these morons don’t represent the majority of Patriots fans. But they do represent the basic lowlife scum crawling along Fall River streets.

  99. There are 53 players on an N.F.L roster times 32 teams= 1696 active players not including 5 more players on each teams practice squad. 29 have gotten in trouble this year, which leaves approximately 98.3% of law abiding citizens. Considering the pool of people, about 50% probably come from rough childhoods due to their environment, I think it has been unfair to the sport to paint a picture of the N.F.L being out of control. Enough with the sensationalism and at least give some equal attention to the majority of good works that most players do for their communities.

  100. I just hope that those fans are cheering for Hernandez the human being and not Hernandez the football star. That would be really sad. For his baby’s sake I hope he is innocent and either had nothing to do with it or was scared to stop it. Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t live in fantasy land.

  101. if he is guilty of all 3 of these murders they need to study this dudes brain when he passes. I find it fascinating that a guy could carry on like he is totally normal and turn out to be this crazy. always wondered what made these people tick.

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