Aaron Hernandez’s mom: “He will be cleared of all these charges”


Things aren’t looking good for Aaron Hernandez right now, but he does still have his mom in his corner.

Terri Hernandez, Hernandez’s mother, told the Bristol Press in the family’s hometown of Bristol, Connecticut that she is sure her son is innocent and will be exonerated in the murder of Odin Lloyd, as well as the other crimes he’s accused of.

“All I can say is that he will be cleared of all these charges in the end,” she said as she walked inside her home. “Just let it play out until the end.”

The mayor of Bristol, Art Ward, also weighed in on the case.

“It’s devastating for the family. It’s devastating for the community,” Ward said. “It’s a sad state of affairs.”

Hernandez was born and raised in Bristol and was Connecticut’s high school football player of the year in his senior season at Bristol Central High School.

118 responses to “Aaron Hernandez’s mom: “He will be cleared of all these charges”

  1. His mom is speaking blindly from mothers love. What else is she supposed to say???? And who really cares about his HS career!!! Bum!!!

  2. Nobody wants to believe their son is a psychopathic mass-murderer. That’s understandable. And frankly, I don’t blame his mother for any of this.

    But you do have to wonder, if she’s still in denial after hearing the huge amount of evidence against her son, how much other stuff has she ignored or insisted he could never possibly do?

  3. You can’t blame his mother for feeling this way but Hernandez is going to prison for a very long time.

  4. At this point she knows he’s guilty, but that piggy bank is at stake, so she might as well lie and deny for her slice

  5. i don’t read gossip mags but is the headline of this article like something you see in the mags while in line at the grocery store or what!

  6. No one is blaming you Mrs. Hernandez! Your son made his own choices and it is not your fault. He is a grown man in body but not so much in his mind. You are NOT at fault.

  7. Mothers are almost obligated to react this way.
    She is hurting and clings to her hope, understandably so.
    As the evidence mounts, she may change her mind.

  8. Hey mom…it’s this enabling, my son is just the most perfect ever because he’s good at football type attitude that has led to his brash, errorgant attitude helping shape him in the first place

  9. Just because he had a fight with the victim on Friday and just because on Sunday night he was seen leaving the house with guns and he picked up the victim, who texted his sister that he was with NFL and aaron and victim drove to a remote area, and allegedly gun fire was heard, and then he returned home a accidentally broke his phone and surveillance system and cleaned his house does not mean he murdered someone..there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this………

  10. Wait, didnt the Boston bomber brothers mother say the same thing, despite the evidence?
    Is there something in the water out there in New England?

  11. One of the most difficult times in being a parent… Thinking you raised your kid right, instilled values, your child eventually has the responsibility to to carry on those values… But then to hear this type of devastating news, who can blame her for thinking her son is innocent… Reality has yet to set in. Maybe she is still hanging to the hope of innocent until proven guilty. Sad time for her, but eventually reality will set in… for her it will be when trial starts

  12. She said in her home Country it’s not murder until you kill 5 or more. So at the moment 2 or 3 is only the equivelent of misdemeanor assault

  13. She told the assembled throng of reporters that she couldn’t talk with them any longer, because she has only one picture window on the western side of her house, and never misses watching the beautiful sunrise each morning.

  14. Let’s assume she really believes this – haven’t heard much sympathy then for one of her (innocent) son’s friends being murdered.

    ‘Ol Aaron doesn’t seem too shook up about it either. You’d think he’d have been a bit upset about a man he know well enough to hang out with being found dead – victim of a violent crime, maybe worried someone might come after him too. I mean – if he’s innocent and all.

  15. This dude doesn’t seem to understand that when planning to commit a crime you don’t rent a place to stash the evidence. Or leave the dead body.

    If Hernandez is really in a gang since HS, this gang is incompetent. If you need a safe house you don’t like sign a lease. How stupid is that?

    What kind of gang is this? These guys are stupider than the Keystone Cops.

    You use a third party and pay cash to purchase a place to stash whatever you want so it can’t get back to you. I’m not even a criminal and I know that from watching Goodfellas about 500 times.

  16. She may be right. She didn’t say he was innocent. Only that he would be cleared of the charges. She believes his lawyers cam beat the rap. It’s not about justice. It’s about the best lawyering. She knows the score. Nice mom.

  17. to all these negative comments toward hernandez mom,shut it moms will always be on their kids side no matter what.ask yourself this,have your mom ever enabled you even thou you were wrong?!

  18. This woman did a terrible parenting job. He’s been in trouble his whole life and very violent crimes at that. This continued at Florida where Urban Meyer also let him and other criminal teammates do whatever they wanted.

  19. Poor Mrs Hernandez. I could imagine whats going thru her head right now. How could my son put me and himself in this predicament? The only thing you could tell yourself is he will be cleared of these charges. Some how I don’t think he will be.

  20. I read he was always a loner after the game/practice/locker room. He hung out with all his friends back home, because it wasn’t that far away…..did anyone ever worry about that? Did any teammates TRY to get this dude into the “family?” I’m not saying that it was their responsibility at all, but what were the “leaders” of the Pats doing to try with this guy? He’s 23, and close to home, with a BUTT load of money…wonder what he would’ve done if he was on the West coast? Maybe the same thing, but damn…seems like maybe cause he was abrasive and confrontational, they just let him dig his own grave…

  21. @thegreatgabbert: No other tight end has had as many murder charges by the age of 23 than Hernandez. Equally stunning!

  22. When we’d tease the neighbor girl her Grandmother would stick up for her and say, “that’s just baby fat, even when she was Fifteen.

  23. Oh come on guys, Hernandez clearly did it and deserves to behind bars for his entire life, I know. but don’t bash his mother. This is a tough thing for any parent to go through she’s just trying to think positive thoughts.

  24. I going to to go way out on a limb on this one and assume that Mrs. Hernandez is wrong.

    Unfortunately I think Boston’s muderers row with – Johar Tsarnaev, Whitey Bulger and Aaron Hernandez will be in the news for years to come as their trials drag on.

  25. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jun 27, 2013 6:25 PM
    No tight end in NFL history had as many catches, yards, and touchdowns as Hernandez before he turned 23 years of age. Stunning.

    Or homicides!

  26. It’s not his mom’s fault. It’s his mom’s mom’s fault for instilling these values in her. (Insert sarcasm font for all you idiots blaming mom).

    I certainly have made poor choices at times in my life. I don’t blame my mother, she raised me we’ll and I chose to go astray all by myself. Maybe Aaron is also capable of wearing his big boy pants?

  27. Awww mother effin love.
    Lives are lost
    So don’t speculate he’s is innocent

    And I think dear mother didn’t see his attitudinal
    Looks in the court.

    He’s a Psycho

  28. Ok, Come on!
    I wasn’t saying he isn’t a damn psycho..I was just saying if they tried to get a long with this guy, and couldn’t…wouldn’t this raise some flags?…I mean, isn’t Bill the “all knowing?”..LOL…don’t give a crap about a Patriot anyway…

  29. Aaron’s mom has got it going on, she’s all I want and I’ve waited so long. Aaron can’t you see your just not the man for me, I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Aaron’s Mom!

  30. Does anyone of you think that AH’s mom could be a chola from the barrio? She most likely isn’t like a mom of a middle class family. She may be right that her son will be cleared. Keep in mind of the irrational and illogical minds that could be on the jury.

  31. sickoe47 says:
    Jun 27, 2013 6:45 PM
    to all these negative comments toward hernandez mom,shut it moms will always be on their kids side no matter what.ask yourself this,have your mom ever enabled you even thou you were wrong?!
    No, my mom was extremely strict with me, too much so in some cases. And I’ve never been in trouble with the law. Imagine that?

    Enabling your kids makes you part of the problem.

    Maybe it’s because I’m not a parent but if my kid ever murdered someone and it wasn’t in self defense, I’d wash my hands of them.

    Unconditinal love is for pets, not people.

  32. Interesting to learn that Hernandez failed numerous drug tests at Florida, and was only suspended one game his entire college career. Meanwhile we go bat crazy about the honey badger and his failed drug tests, he gets kicked off LSU football team and we watch his every move. I guess Les Miles should be thanked for what he did, meanwhile Urban Meyer let Hernandez do what he wanted, didn’t deter his behavior and in the end that lack of accountability led to AH’s downfall..

  33. I am the type of person not to rush to judgement before the facts, but the breaking of of the cell phone and trying to destroy the surveillance camera system is just stupid crazy unless you are guilty. And your son is a stupid idiot, the cell phone provider has all his information, call time, voice mail, GPS position…..breaking it does nothing. Wow, stupid is as stupid does. And then there is video left of him carrying a gun getting out of the car that night, he can’t even delete the most important evidence.

    Really sorry, but it will be weekend visits for the rest of your life. Your kid has a screw loose.

  34. mikebyrne1502 says: Jun 27, 2013 7:07 PM

    What is the law for murder 1 in mass?
    Answer: It’s illegal. I’m pretty sure that the other 49 states have also made premeditated murder illegal as well.

  35. Everyone who is attacking his mother is an idiot. This is this guys MOTHER. If you don’t know what unconditional love is you should look it up. I bet you would want your mother in your corner know matter what. By the way, just because a parents’ child get’s in trouble doesn’t automatically make you a bad parent. The sensitivity that most of you are showing shows that you are not competent of moral reasoning. I’ll admit though, based on an outsiders point of view, this case isn’t look too good for Aaron Hernandez. BUT if I am not mistaking, isn’t there something in the constitution that says “innocent until proven guilty.” By reading most of you guys posts I would of thought it was guilty until proven innocent. I truly hope that none of you have a family member that goes through something like this, especially if it gets played out in the public like this. And no I am not a patriots fan.

  36. Her statement is predictable yet cold. How about some sympathy for the victims first. Maybe she did that and this article did not include it but I doubt it. This is why families are not character witnesses. They are delusional and blind when one of their own commits even the worse of crimes. I bet if they show her a clear as day video of him shooting the guy she will find every reason to deny it’s him.

  37. She obviously hasn’t followed anything to do with this. Sure she’s his mother, but something went wrong along the way for him to behave like this.
    Now he’s involved in another double murder too, so this could be interesting.
    Keep supporting him, because she might be the only supporter he has now.
    Hope he enjoys the cell he’s living in, doesn’t exactly look like his multi million dollar home he’s come from.I feel bad for his fiance and the baby, what a wonderful father he is.

  38. I’ll take it that she is functionally illiterate because just the headlines alone tell a very different story. Her son is an idiot and it apparently runs in the family.

  39. Terri Hernandez is probably a Miami Hooker…..

    It’s the “i” at the end of Terri that gives it away……

  40. His father also would have vouched for him but he, unfortunately, has already been murdered by Hernandez.

  41. @thebrownrelease

    If a member of my family shot 3 guys in the face and killed them, I’d be the first person to turn him in to the police. Chances are Mom Hernandez has been letting her little gangster boy hurt people and get away with it his entire life.

  42. Hey mom get a clue! Thus dudude is done. Not to worry tho u probably can b his power of attorney and access his acct

  43. Ha does she not know all of the evidence that’s against him? The guy is believed to have killed 3 people, and shot 2 others, I wonder what else will come out now. Obviously he has gotten away with more then his fair share of things the normal citizen wouldn’t have. And that’s what led to this, he was more then likely never disciplined or held responsible for his actions from child till now, it made him think he was above the law and invincible. Funny thing is, he will probably still walk, no matter the evidence against him. Look at OJ, Ray Lewis, Roethlesburger, Leaf and the list goes on and on of pro athletes that have walked on serious crimes when it looked like an open and shut case, which this one looks like.

  44. I don’t blame his mom for feeling that way… Any parent hope against all hope that there child would not be capable of this.I blame all the jock sniffing enablers and coaches who protect these idiots their whole life because they are a good athlete. This dude is a straight up, wannabe gangsta who just ruined his life. And for what? Stupid pride and arrogance .

  45. I LOLed at the response that started with “Mrs. Hernandez”. I doubt the mother of someone like this is a “Mrs.” I am surprised they have they same last name…

    By the appearance of Aaron Hernandez, I never expected he’d be capable of anything like what he’s been accused of (cue the Internet sarcasm signal)

  46. Kinda like Michael phelps mom writing a book on parenting after his 2nd DUI & getting nailed with a bong. These women are in total denial.

  47. Thank goodness Mrs. Hernandez, because he will never see freedom again if he isn’t cleared of these charges. I was getting a little worried hearing all that evidence against him.

  48. Blaming his mom is bull crap. Hernandez is 23 years old. Any crime he commits is his fault and his alone. As for saying he will be cleared of all charges, she is obviously very upset and is in denial. Reality will come to her soon enough…

  49. u4iadman says:
    Jun 27, 2013 6:33 PM
    Wait, didnt the Boston bomber brothers mother say the same thing, despite the evidence?
    Is there something in the water out there in New England?

    Unless she is having New England water bottled and sent to her, she is not drinking New England water.

    If any water needs looking into it would be Rocky Mountain water.

  50. he is not a mass murderer. he is not a serial killer. he is a drug dealer with a quality nfl player-salary to fund his drug operation. murder was used, as it is used on the streets of major cities every day, to maintain the racket. this is so obvious.

    hernandez is a drug dealer.

  51. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jun 27, 2013 6:25 PM
    No tight end in NFL history had as many catches, yards, and touchdowns as Hernandez before he turned 23 years of age. Stunning.

    No tight end in NFL history has had as many notches on his gun before he turned 23 either. Stunning.

  52. She’s just being a mother. Remember parents don’t take too much credit or blame of how your kids turn out. Good parents have had bad kids and bad parents have had good kids.

  53. u4iadman says:Jun 27, 2013 6:33 PM

    Wait, didnt the Boston bomber brothers mother say the same thing, despite the evidence?
    Is there something in the water out there in New England?
    uh, because Tsarnaev’s mom is a Chechnyan terrorist?

  54. damnsureis says: Jun 27, 2013 7:18 PM

    His dad died when Aaron was in high school


    I hope Aaron’s alibi is airtight.

  55. Would love to hear what his Mom has to say now. Tragedy for everyone involved. Through away his life cause he didn’t like someone. Definition of a monster if you ask me. Don’t be so naive mommy. Your boy is a killer. No regard for human life. Hopefully he can find God now.

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