Ausar Walcott pleads not guilty to attempted murder

Short-time Browns linebacker Ausar Walcott pleaded not guilty to attempted murder today, in the other  case this week involving a football player.

According to the Associated Press, the rookie linebacker (who was released yesterday) Walcott was charged with punching Derek Jones in the side of the head outside a New Jersey strip club.

The prosecutor said Jones remains in a medically induced coma in a New York hospital, and is in critical condition.

Walcott, who played at the University of Virginia, is being held on $500,000 bail.

16 responses to “Ausar Walcott pleads not guilty to attempted murder

  1. Before any comments on how stupid Ausar Walcott is, consider that NJ doesn’t allow its strippers to show any nudity. What guy is in right mind would spend $10 for a beer inside a strip club that doesn’t even permit nudity?

    In some respects, this guy is dumber than Hernandez.

  2. “Attempted murder” sounds about right here, if it landed the victim in the hospital in a medically-induced coma. Ask Rudy Tomjanovich how bad it can be getting punched in the head by a professional athlete.

  3. What a piece of work this guy must be. He signs a chance of a lifetime contract and then thinks maybe he should go to a strip club and get in a fight. Ya he’s gonna make it.

  4. Must’ve been one hell of a falcon punch to put a guy in a coma, hope it was worth pissing your future away.

  5. I really don’t understand the charge of Attempted Murder? Unless under NY law there is no mention of intent, which would be a totally stupid law!

  6. Just to be clear…if the man dies Walcott would be charged with manslaughter or aggravated manslaughter, not murder. It is utterly impossible to prove he intended to kill the man with a punch. Unless earlier that night he wrote an essay about how he wanted to punch someone to death and planned to do it that night. Even then…

  7. If you’re too dumb to know what you’re physically capable of doing to another person when you make the decision to attack him/her, I feel more comfortable with you being locked up.

  8. If you watch MMA at all you’ve seen how easy it is to put a person down if you land a blow just right. Strip club parking lots are concrete rather than canvas so the force of the landing rather than the punch most likely led to the critical condition status. All the same, obviously he punched a guy, the guy is in the hospital. No denying that is assault and he should be charged with it. Youtube is filled with videos of people getting knocked out. The majority weren’t charged because the other person got up afterwards.

  9. If anyone here follows the news a single punch even from a teenager can kill. See the story about the youth soccer referee killed by a 17 year old not to long ago.

    I’m so sick of the disrespect crap. Athletes and others just need to grow up!

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