Doug Marrone trying to find the winning formula for Bills


There’s a lot of new for the Bills this year.

There’s a new general manager, new coach, new quarterback, two new coordinators and new schemes to learn for a franchise that would like to end the cycle of losing seasons leading to rebuilds like the one they did this offseason that has been in place for almost 15 years. Training camp will be a big part of that effort and coach Doug Marrone has a clear idea of how he’d like his first camp as the man in charge to go.

Marrone said that the team has focused on installation during the spring so that they can focus on the competition for starting and roster spots over the summer.

“For training camp it’s about putting together a team and learning how to win as a team,” said Marrone, via the team’s website. “What’s the best formula for us to win as a team? To create the competition so we don’t make any mistakes in personnel decisions and the best players rise to the top.”

Marrone said the players will “truly” make those decisions for the coaches based on their work at camp and that he sees camp moving in stages, with the third and final stage being preparation for the regular season. If players haven’t risen to the top by that point, Marrone’s formula isn’t going to be perfected by the time that stage ends and the games start counting.

14 responses to “Doug Marrone trying to find the winning formula for Bills

  1. I think this is the season to finally get to a winning season. I’m not saying playoffs (Just yet that is) but on the positive side of wins.

  2. It’s nice to see a coach who is organized and has a plan for the Bills. It’s been years since I can actually remember this team having an identity.and it seems like Marrone is trying to build that.

  3. The Bills have enough talent to at least be a decent team. It’s baffling how they seem to underperform year after year.

  4. If Marrone can be the leader the Bills have always needed to get that talent to actually show up and use it to their fullest potential then i see big things happening for the Bills.

  5. I think this guy could be a good NFL head coach, but he might have sunk himself before he started with that pick of Manuel to be the franchise QB. Fortunately for Bills fans, the rookie wage scale might allow him to live down that mistake if Manuel disappoints like all of us FSU fans can tell you he probably will for you.

  6. Realistically, it will take at least a year or two to become competitive when you have a rookie QB (not named Luck or RG3) and a rookie head coach (with limited NFL background). The defense could be strong if the talent lives up to accolades.

    The AFC East is going to be more closely contested than the national media seems to think. All the teams have potentially top defenses, and with the Patriots offense sliding into uncharted territory, the playing field is much more even than in the past. Which ever team steps up offensively, could have a realistic chance of winning the division.

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