Erin Henderson says no plans to move from middle


Minnesota Vikings linebacker Erin Henderson has been confident throughout the offseason that he would be the team’s starting middle linebacker next season. Henderson was moved inside after spending the majority of his career as an outside linebacker.

Despite thoughts the Vikings were looking to find a more suitable option throughout the offseason, Henderson has remained adamant in his ability to hold the position for Minnesota. Now with the addition of Desmond Bishop the question has emerged once again about the team’s plans for Henderson.

Henderson once again said he’ll be the Vikings middle linebacker on Thursday. In an interview with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan on Sirius XM NFL radio, Henderson said there are no plans for him to move back outside.

“At this point there’s no plans of me moving back to the outside,” Henderson said. “I’m still playing middle linebacker after speaking with my coaches. That’s the decision that they made and what they want to do right now. I’m still embracing it. I’m still looking forward to it and I’m still excited about the opportunity to get out there and play Mike for the Vikings.”

So if Henderson stays in the middle what does that mean for Bishop? Bishop said he can play both inside and outside for the Vikings and believes his versatility will allow him to play where the Vikings need him. Henderson said he looks forward to working with Bishop.

“I’m excited about the addition of Desmond,” Henderson said. “I think he brings some different things to the table. He showed he can be a pretty good linebacker out there in Green Bay with the things he did up therewith  the Packers. I look forward to him bringing that same mentality and that same attitude over to the Vikings and going out there and trying to get some things done and make some plays together.”

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    Three murders in three days!!! I can’t wait until he gets the chair!!!!

    Huh… Hen-der-son? Oh, ok… nevermind.

  2. I was always a big can of his brother, E.J., and he’s always said and seemed to do the right thing since joining the Vikings. I’m really pulling for him to be successful playing MLB for the Vikings this year and for years to come.

  3. So, Henderson will play middle with Bishop outside? That’s weird. Not as weird as the outfits I sew for my cats. I made my cat Mr. Whiskers a Paul Hornung uniform! Go Packers!

  4. Being confident is fine, but more and more Henderson is coming off like a jerk. Who plays in the middle is the coaches decision, and where he played prior to the Bishop acquisition will have little bearing on how this shakes out.

    Henderson should simply defer to the coaches and express his willingness to play either position, which is what Bishop is doing. Otherwise his apparently fragile ego is going get bruised and he will likely go into the season as a malcontent. Maybe his nickname should be Percy Jr.

  5. Note to Erin: Minny signed an above-average MLB to be the starter. Nothing wrong with being confident and saying u think u’ll win the job, but let’s be honest; Minny signed Bishop with the intent that he’ll be the guy at MLB.

    On a separate note, once again 9% of Minny’s starters are ex-Packers. Obviously Jennings is a “star” player, but its really humorous how the Vikings time and time again go after guys that GB has no interest in, whether it be high salary demands or just veterans that won’t sniff their starting line-up. Jennings and Bishop are good players, but picking up cast-offs from the perennial division champs says something about the organization.

  6. Anyone questioning Bishops hamstring injury; well, here is your answer.
    Rotation. Depth. Competition @the position. & @the very least, Henderson will learn from Desmond.
    A.J. Hawk must be untrainable.

  7. Too bad he can’t cover the pass. At all. Just look at the game against the Colts and him leaving Jennings wide open in the corner of the end zone against the Packers. The Colts literally turned him around. He is great against the run though.

  8. Per dailynorsemans scouting report of bishop he would fit better as a WLB. Sifting through traffic and making tackles. While both don’t play the pass exceptionally well Henderson is slightly better which is more important at MLB playing the deep middle. Erins older brother EJ played the middle for the vikings very well. LB corps of Greenway Henderson and Bishop should be just fine behind that dline.

  9. bobnelsonjr says:Jun 28, 2013 2:00 AM

    Erin has always been on the bench and this season will be no different.

    Bishop will embarrass him.

    Actually, Erin has been a starter the last two years. And haven’t you been telling us that Bishop is no good, otherwise the Packers wouldn’t have cut him?

  10. It’s pretty doubtful the Vikes are going to play Henderson at Mike and Bishop on the weak side if their strengths don’t suit those respective positions. It’s likely the Vikes are keeping Erin at Mike to gain experience for playing on passing downs and until they are certain that Bishop has more than one effective hammy.

  11. I woke up next to a lake wearing nothing but seaweed. I looked next to me and saw some fellow Viking fan dudes similarly adorned. I don’t know what the wild turkey made us do, but I do remember the revelation the Viking gods sent to me:

    Erin Henderson will also win MVP. You heard it here first.

    This season, unable to choose from any of the Vikings, the AP will make every Viking MVP.

    Now, to spread the word Odin has spoken to me.

    But first: my sister must be really lonely.

  12. Moving Henderson out of his natural position (MBL) makes as much sense as moving Bishop to the outside. Neither can cover and it will be a field day for the opposing Qb with a decent tight end.

    They really need to keep Henderson in the middle because its not like there is any guarantee that Bishop is back to 100%, not like the Vikings would even notice given the sorry state of their defense.

  13. whatjusthapped says:Jun 28, 2013 12:27 PM

    Moving Henderson out of his natural position (MBL) makes as much sense as moving Bishop to the outside. Neither can cover and it will be a field day for the opposing Qb with a decent tight end.

    At least they should do well against the Packers.

  14. Bishop will be good at WLB if healthy. Moving and upsetting Henderson is not a wise move when Bishops health is anything but guaranteed.

    Im not gonna pretend that Bishop isn’t a damn good LB just to make myself feel better about his release. I understand the risk was too great to keep him at his salary but I would have been happy to resign him for what he agreed to with the Vikes.

    Until that Hammy pops again or he goes down with another major injury(which I won’t hope for) then I still think it was a bad move to let him leave. AJ Hawk isn’t half the player that Bishop is.

  15. Erin has been a little brother far too long. He is a spoiled kid who will pout when he has to move back outside. If bishop is healthy Erin you are going back out. Always disrespected Erin,,,,,,,and again on the radio telling us. Golly

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