Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning getting in some pre-camp work


Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks and quarterback Eli Manning are in their fifth season of working together, so there’s probably not much to worry about on the timing front between the two even with Nicks missing OTAs this spring.

Nevertheless, Nicks told reporters Thursday that he’s worked out with Manning multiple times this week.

“We’ve hooked up twice already this week,” Nicks said, per the New York Daily News. “We’re gonna do it two, three more times before camp starts.”

Nicks, who held a football camp in New Jersey Thursday, will attend training camp, and he also indicated that he’s feeling no ill effects from offseason knee surgery, per the News and the Newark Star-Ledger.

Nicks, 25, has missed at least one game in each of his four NFL seasons. OTAs, as we know, are voluntary. Perhaps a little rest wasn’t the worst thing for one of the Giants’ key offensive players, especially if he’s fresh in September — and if he has put in the extra time to completely ensure he’s on the same page with Manning.

15 responses to “Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning getting in some pre-camp work

  1. Who you kidding?

    Eli and Hakeem are riveted to their monitors like the rest of us regarding Hernandez…

  2. He should have been at the OTA’s from both a team building and leadership perspective.

    He’s a great player for sure, but it appears as though he is also selfish. manning was at the OTA’s, and he’s working out with Nick’s in addition to that and in additional to the spring workouts at Duke U.

    That is a true pro, a true leader, a dedicated teammate and someone who wants to win and is willing to do whatever he can to prepare himself and those around him to do it.

  3. Hakeem will have his best year ever!

    Nicks, Cruz, Wilson, Randel, Murphy, Myers, Brown and Eli.

    The Giants haven’t ever had this much offensive talent on one team.

  4. I wasn’t worried about him and Eli being on the same page..It was the mystery surrounding his no-show at the OTAs..but that’s a non-issue at this point.

  5. “We’ve hooked up twice already this week,” Nicks said, per the New York Daily News. “We’re gonna do it two, three more times before camp starts.”

    Not without dinner first!

  6. Eli is the best, what a great leader and an expert of team learning. Management theorist Peter Senge has a competitor. Eli is the best. 2 time Superbowl MVP and 2 superbowl rings and what a great team leader. He works well with Nicks and Cruz. Lets home Cruz gets his act together and practices and forgets asking for more money.

  7. You have to double a healthy Nicks or he will win one on one matchups against most corners in the league. But on the flip side if you double Nicks….Cruz, Randle, and Myers are gonna have a field day against defenses. Add our running game and we are going extremely difficult to stop this year. Week 1 can’t get here soon enough. Go Blue !!!

  8. And eli could win more SB than RGIII he still will be ranked behind RGIII.!!!! LOL LOL LOL all the way its Redskins time now. your 4 year lucky run is OVER.!!!!

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