Hernandez bail hearing slated for 2 p.m.


We mentioned last night that Aaron Hernandez would get a chance to appeal a judge’s ruling that he’d be held without bail, and that it could happen soon.

Soon is in a little under three hours, as his bail review hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. at Fall River Superior Court.

We’ll find out then whether or to what degree he’s deemed a flight risk.

Considering he couldn’t slip out of his house to go to the gas station or the Patriots facility without sending a squadron of news choppers into the air, the idea that he might slip away unnoticed seems unusual. But the judge might also remember Rae Carruth crawling into the trunk of a Toyota Camry headed west from Charlotte in 1999, and hold firm with the original decision.

He’s currently being held in the Bristol County Jail.

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  1. I think the bigger worry would be him marrying his fiancee so that she cannot testify against him.

  2. It isn’t just about his potential to “make a run for it”. There is a public safety concern as well. He is implicated in two confirmed shootings and there is a double murder they are at least looking at. What about this guy’s background, social skills or anger management ability says he is not a risk to public safety? Keep his butt in jail.

  3. There’s no comparing the Hernandez situation to Carruth’s. Different circumstances and more importantly, it’s a different world.

    Hernandez is not a flight risk, and the rules are that they first have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt before a jury of one’s peers before taking away a person’s freedom.

  4. Since he’s a Latino suspected of wrongdoing (which , in my opinion is in no way representative of Latinos in general) , all that remains is for the mainstream media to label him as a “White Hispanic”.

  5. The judge is not going to allow bail for a multi-millionaire on trial for murder who is facing life in prison without parole. Not gonna happen.

  6. I wonder what Lloyd was telling the individuals that Hernandez got “beef” with? Must of been something extremely confidential that he got that upset to where he had to go get a gun. Wonder if those individuals that he got “beef” with are gonna come forward and spill some beans in bean town.

  7. What I don’t understand, is that there are people saying that he is NOT a flight risk? Why on earth is he not a flight risk?

  8. I feel really bad for his fiance and daughter. From here on they might only get to see him behind bars. Hope he left them enough finances.

  9. This man is desperate, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t of asked for bail without any evidence defending you of the crime, Hernandez will try to marry his wife or flee the country if bail is posted. No doubt about it

  10. I have watched my kids go through little league, middle school, rec ball, and high school sports and witnessed time and again kids getting into trouble and nothing being done about it. People who coach whether it be little league or high school have a great opportunity to teach kid’s life lessons when they mess up by punishing them but for the sake of winning, generally tap them on the wrist and keep them playing. As we see the more they get away with bad behavior, the more emboldened they become as they become older. The crimes they commit keep getting worse until suddenly they cannot escape the law. Sad.

  11. Even more than being a flight risk I’d say he’s an even bigger threat to whack someone else. Like, I don’t know, maybe the dudes that are seemingly cooperating with police? No way this guy should be allowed to walk the streets.

  12. Lets see though I think he should be denied Bail, based on the Murder 1 charge.

    I think he will get bail and set somewhere along the lines of 5M. and have to surrender his passport and submit to a monitoring ankle bracelet.

  13. There are a bunch of countries with no extradition agreements with the USA.

    But if I was him and had a few millions stashed away somewhere, I would go to The Maldives.

  14. kane337 says:Jun 27, 2013 11:36 AM

    I feel really bad for his fiance and daughter. From here on they might only get to see him behind bars. Hope he left them enough finances.

    I hear what you’re saying but I’m also thinking they’re probably better off without him.

  15. now he’s being investigated for a separate double murder. Plus the shooting in the face lawsuit (which still makes no sense to me). I’d imagine he would be looking for anyway possible to escape

  16. The level of criminal intellect he has displayed is pathetic. If this guy had brains to flee he would not have, botched the destruction of security footage, leave a rental car in his name at the scene, commit a murder 1 mile from his house, or mix murder and cell phones. If consideration for bail is mainly based on flight risk he should get bail.

  17. butthatmakestoomuchsense says:
    Jun 27, 2013 11:30 AM

    Hernandez is not a flight risk, and the rules are that they first have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt before a jury of one’s peers before taking away a person’s freedom.

    Nope. The rule is not a flight risk AND not a danger to the public. The vast majority of defendants charged with first degree murder do not get bail based upon the second claim.

    Detention until trial does not count as punishment so guilt beyond a reasonable doubt does not apply.

    Plus, if it’s true he is under investigation now for a second murder, you can absolutely forget about it.

  18. butthatmakestoomuchsense says: Jun 27, 2013 11:30 AM

    Hernandez is not a flight risk, and the rules are that they first have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt before a jury of one’s peers before taking away a person’s freedom.


    Actually these “rules” only apply to those who can afford bail money. If you receive a highbail that is unpayable you must sit and jail and wait for your trial date. Which takes away a persons freedom before they are ever convicted of a crime

  19. deathonwings410 says: take his passport

    A few million Mexicans cross the border every year without a passport.

  20. @buttthatmakestoomuchsense: No. Bail is not a constitutional right, and it’s up to the judge’s discretion to grant it. By your logic everyone would be free until a verdict, which is absurd.

  21. And I do not think for a minute the “leak” that he is being connected to a second double murder from 2012 contributes.

    No judge in their right mind would grant Bail to a guy that has the means to flee and or commit future crimes to someone that has already been charged with one Murder, has multiple gun charges, actively tried to cover up what happened, has a lawsuit pending for another shooting charge in FL, and is being investigated for a possible connection to a double Murder.

    It is no coincidence the “leak” about being investigated in connection with a double murder comes out the same day he faces his bail apeal ruling.

    Let him sit in JAIL…..

  22. No professional athlete will ever get away with murder nowadays. They are on their cellphones calling and texting 24/7. I’m kinda surprised Hernandez didn’t take a selfie posing with the Victim’s body.

  23. They should let him out on bail but require that he stay in his home and that he stream his surveillance system live over the Internet 24/7. Then we could all continue not to do our jobs as we watch him all day and all night. Then we’d lose our jobs. Then we’d likely become criminals. Then we’d end up next to AH in the pokey. The end.

  24. PFT seems to be focused on the “flight risk” component of whether bail is appropriate in this case. The second, and most important, is whether he is a “danger to the community”if released.
    With the way this murder was committed,execution style, coupled with a shooting he is alleged to have been involved with another friend, and his distraction of evidence in addition to the new allegation that he may have been involved in yet another multiple murder in 2012, you have to believe that the defense will have a difficult time convincing a judge that he is not a danger to the community.

  25. Its not flight I’m worried about. Its about him doing a murder suicide and killing his girlfriend and little girl before offing himself.

  26. If the judge grants bail, there’s something horribly wrong with our system. A guy like Hernadez will run, and mow down everyone in his way.

  27. joteri says:
    Jun 27, 2013 12:05 PM
    Members of the Latin Kings are not granted bail.

    Having a hard time buying the Kings connection. This murder was strictly amateur hour, doesn’t look like LK work to me.

  28. Have Dog and Beth on speed dial. Let him out on bail. Get the film crew ready for an instant classic of Dog praying, cussing, tazing, and then giving Aaron a smoke as he takes him back to jail.

  29. I’m guessing if he’s bailed, he heads up to Canada, grabs a plane to Ecuador, and is chilling on the beach drinking a Pina Colada next to Julian Assange by this time next week….

  30. Let’s also take into account that while still free, before being arrested, Hernandez took steps to destroy evidence and told witnesses to stop talking to police. If released on bail, he poses a direct threat to this investigation, even if he isn’t the actual shooter. Keep him locked up.

  31. How things were allowed to spin out of control for Hernandez for a long period of time is beyond me. His GAF score has to be way low, like well under 30.

  32. So what we have here is a guy that’s been charged in one murder, is being investigated in two more murders, and is being sued by another man who claims he shot him in the face…. Sure, let him out on bail… what could possibly go wrong?

  33. This may sound cold, but I almost hope they let him out on bail and he goes home and shoots himself. There is no use on this earth for human beings like him.

  34. Apparently the shooting itself was actually captured by surveillance cameras. Lloyd tries to get out of the car, is shot once and knocked to the ground, and then while he’s still alive he’s shot 4 more times.

    He’s not getting bail.

  35. The police and FBI are now searching for bodies of anyone NOT killed by Hernandez, and the search is coming up empty.

  36. @ irishking says:
    Jun 27, 2013 12:49 PM
    How things were allowed to spin out of control for Hernandez for a long period of time is beyond me. His GAF score has to be way low, like well under 30.


    GAF score? Glock A Friend?

  37. There’s one big detail that’s been left out of all of this…

    The last guy to tackle Hernandez was Bernard Pollard. The Patriots killer legend continues.

  38. He should 100% be denied bail. Only 20% Americans have a passport, clearly with playing in England early in his career with the patriots he is a flight risk. Lock him up and throw away the key.
    Cannot believe the potential he has wasted, for what a killing in cold blood. I am all for innocent until proven guilty but he even destroyed evidence after the crime took place. Hope his daughter has a photo of him..won’t be seeing him for some time

  39. It starting sound like Lloyd and Hernandez argued and Lloyd threatened to talk about the 2012 killings.

    dum dum dum

    We have motive.

  40. The police better start checking the PATS facility and the drive to gas station!

    I’m quite sure the facility has a LOT good places to hide a gun…..I’m just saying.

  41. Hernandez needs to stay locked up until he is brought to trial, found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. There is no way he should be let out on the streets. He’ll probably go kill some people he think snitched on him. He sounds like that dumb of a guy.

    Listening to the prosecutor talk about the evidence, all I could think was “Is Hernandez that stupid?”. Apparently he is. He left a trail of evidence the likes of which I have never heard of. He may as well have video taped himself doing the shooting and posted it on youtube. And he kills Floyd for what? Talking smack about him or something equally as stupid? Used to be a punch in the face solved problems.

  42. Idiot posters. You have $8Million dollars, you’re facing life in prison and a foolish judge grants you bail……what would you do? Don’t be stupid, of course you would try to flee.
    It torques me that when a celeb wants to stall a legal matter/lawsuit, their attorneys can do it for years and years but when they don’t like a ruling like no bail, they can get back in court in less than 24 hrs to appeal it. More important than the chance of Hernandez fleeing, the dude is a walking time bomb who’s allegiance to his gangsta friends is more threatening. He seems to have a very low anger management threshold and prefers to simply oft those who he dislikes for whatever reason.

  43. Please set bail, we need this fool to run and finish the story with a shoot out or escape to Mexico. Think of the movie they can make about this one day…

  44. Just leave him where he is, he is being investigated for 2 other murders now. He doesn’t need to be out there anymore. He’s tied to some bad people. No bail lock him back up, at least he can’t do anymore damage.

  45. Bail has nothing to do with guilt or innocence it has only to do with assuring the defendant shows up at trial. Aaron did not attempt to flee during the course of the investigation, does not have any previous defaults, and has ties to the community. Bail should and probably will be granted. And yes I am a lawyer in Massachusetts.

  46. Please do not let this guy out of jail. With all the new developments that are surfacing it seems that we are a much safer society without him roaming the streets.

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