Hernandez is running out of chances of getting out on bail


Apart from whether the authorities charge him with the murders of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, Aaron Hernandez likely will be remaining in jail until the completion of his trial — if not longer.

A judge reiterated on Thursday the denial of Hernandez’s bail request.  As Michael McCann of SI explained during Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Hernandez has the ability to appeal the denial of bail up the ladder of the Massachusetts court system.

But the chances of the decision being overturned as slim.  They’ll get even slimmer if Hernandez ultimately is accused of killing not one person but three.

25 responses to “Hernandez is running out of chances of getting out on bail

  1. How much more complicated can things get for Hernandez? His head must be spinning.

  2. To bad the people of the state of Massachusetts will be paying to keep this a-hole loser alive for the rest of his wasted worthless life.
    But that’s what you get for not having the death penalty.

  3. His lawyers arguments of circumstantial evidence is weak when you consider the abundance of evidence. Hernandez literally threw his life away.

  4. I didn’t notice any tears of anguish from Hernandez which kind of tells me one thing—he is hard-hearted and has a seared conscience.

  5. Hmm…he’s been arrested for first degree murder, he’s implicated in the shooting of three people, two of whom are dead, and he’s actively being sued for shooting another man in the face.

    I think granting any alleged serial killer bail makes sense.

  6. I think it is wrong not to be able to post bail. You should be innocent until proven guilty. The risk of flight is just BS. I am not specifically referring to this case I am just saying in general. Most cases should be ROR unless violence is involved. The court system sucks.

  7. I would appeal unless I had an 8 month old boy that will need some money for life with a father behind bars. He should think about his boy being set up for life, but then again that would require a person not be selfish and the article above is about Aaron Hernandez.

    Made maybe 10 mil – tax – agent – 1.3 mil house – rental car bills – making it rain – thought of making more money – lawyers – civil suit(s) = soon to be broke.

    Sad. Intriguing. I feel better about my life, education, morals, and future. Even if he is innocent, what a lump of turd for putting himself in these positions.

  8. I like that picture.

    That’s the “I don’t want to shoot you, but I probably will” expression only his closest associates see.

  9. Well stated, Mike:

    “If there’s another plausible explanation for Aaron Hernandez getting out of a car carrying a handgun, minutes after Odin Lloyd is coincidentally shot a mile away, I want to hear it!!!!”

    Hernandez and his lawyers are going to have a real hard time providing a plausible alternative. Most likely, they’re going to have to find a way to exclude that video, as well as the video of his car coming and going from the murder scene at the same time witnesses heard gunshots.

  10. “Hernandez has the ability to appeal the denial of ball”

    Pretty sure that was supposed to say “bail”, but “ball” works too.

  11. He should be granted bail. He ain’t going nowhere.

    It is innocent until proven guilty.

    If he wants to hand over his passport and drop a million in bail, there’s nobody at Logan Airport that is going to miss a 6 foot 4 inch dude covered in tattoos trying to book a flight to Venezuela.

    This is still the United States of America.

  12. The attorneys they had on NFLN were both stunned that they had the bail hearing so soon. It seems like a misstep by the defense. As did spending 45,931 minutes of their time talking about what a good player AH is.

  13. I feel bad for him.

    He is obviously screwed up, and he is going to have to live with that. He is so young to have so huge problems.

    It is easy to throw stones, but none of us can throw first.

    I hate the Patriots, but I feel bad for this kid. The Patriots making him wealthy, only made the problem worse.

  14. Maybe his attorneys can claim that his crimminal acts were due to post concussion syndrome.

  15. Man if he killed one person should of killed everyone in car. No witness duh didn’t he learn that in Florida

    But if sumhow he gets off he will bein nfl in two yrs
    This case will be at least a yr.
    He’s bail got denied again cuz he only wanted it to be 250,000 was that a joke. He coulda put the house n cars as collaterial n a million plus electronic monitoring if he was serious about not running

    What judge would say no to that

  16. Great point Mike, that would be one hell of a coincidence with him getting out of the car with a gun minutes after a man was shot less than a mile away. Maybe his defense will be “we were going to kill him, but we were too late, someone had already shot him, so we came back home… and noticed my house was dirty and needed to be cleaned… and I don’t like being filmed while I clean my house so I turned off my surveillance cameras.”

  17. If Ma. had a death penalty, if it were like most other states that do, Hernandez would probably be 50 years old by the time it was carried out. Appeals and other legal chicanery would see to that. Life without possibility of parole would most likely cost less.

  18. If Ma. had a death penalty, if it were like most other states that do, Hernandez would probably be 50 years old by the time it was carried out. Appeals and other legal chicanery would see to that. Life without possibility of parole would most likely cost less.
    Exactly. The death penalty, while appears to be the better option, really isn’t. It is more expensive than life in prison.

  19. I’m sorry, but if your being implicated, investigated, or charged with murder, I don’t care, there should be no bail! If your charged with it, you don’t need to be out in public. Your a possible danger to society. Keep this bum’s butt in jail! Until he’s either convicted, or acquitted or whatever, he should be in jail. No chance to continue his killing spree, and no chance to contaminate any other evidence or talk to people. He belongs in jail.

    What a coward! What a bum. This guy isn’t worth the charmin I wipe my butt with. If you think for one minute killing people, ordering others to kill people, or being involved in that in any way is ok, then you chose your path and belong in jail or strung up!

    The people who are going to suffer here are the loved ones of the people he murdered or is involved in their murders, and his daughter. But you can’t feel to bad for his daughter. It’s better for her to grow up without a father, than having a father like him! What kind of guidance, love, affection, and nurturing could a guy like him give to a child? None that would actually be good for her that’s for sure!

    I just can’t stand people who think they are above others, and feel it’s ok no matter who they are to be involved in taking the life of someone. Sure none of us know these people that were killed. But you know, it doesn’t matter if they were drug dealers or whatever. They still didn’t deserve to be murdered. If they were bad people, be the man and turn them in for whatever they did. Help clean up the streets. Don’t be a part of the problem.

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