Jamaal Charles excited about his role in Chiefs offense


When the Chiefs hired Chris Ault as a consultant, the feeling was that they would at least be exploring ways to use the pistol formation that Ault popularized while he was the head coach of the University of Nevada.

The Chiefs reportedly ran a handful of plays out of the formation during OTAs and running back Jamaal Charles thinks it is going to be part of a big year for the offense. Charles sounded plenty excited about working out of the pistol formation, something he experienced when Chan Gailey was running the offense in his rookie season and something he thinks is going to pay off in a big way.

“I ran it my rookie year and I love it. Everything about this offense,” Charles said on the NFL Network Thursday. “I ain’t never been around no offense that’s about to be explosive and about to put me in space and making me make plays. I’m glad to be in the pistol. I’m glad I see Frank Gore had success with the 49ers. If he can have success, I hope I can have success as well.”

Charles went on to say that he didn’t want to reveal too much about what he’d going to do in the offense when asked about coach Andy Reid’s penchant for throwing passes to backs, telling people to just “sit back and watch” come the fall for the full package. That leaves us with the feeling that while Charles may still be listed as a running back, he’d be a good fit for the offensive weapon tag that the Jaguars have hung on Denard Robinson.

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  1. Blah, blah, blah…every player says the same thing every year during OTA’s. No story here…move along.

  2. Sure the chiefs have sucked, but they have so many good players. at the end of the day a team wins a game and the chiefs just have a bunch of selfish payers who cannot string together any sort of momentum. expect another third place finish in the afc west and a top 15 pick

  3. The Chiefs look well set up to win 8-10 games this year. They will benefit a lot from the steadying hands of Andy Reid and Alex Smith. Curious to see how the Chargers will do with their own new coaching staff but I think KC will edge them for 2nd place in the division. Their Arrow is definitely pointing up.

  4. Never been an Andy Reid fan but I could see the Chiefs easily claiming 2nd place in the AFC West and could contend for a wild card, I see them in the 8-10 win range as well.

  5. JC could have a huge year, the kind that gets him the attention he deserves on a mainstream level.

    With AR’s gameplan using him ala Westbrook he could run wild over opposing D’s.

    But also keep in mind AR’s other gameplan…. the one where he’s a bumbling idiot and will take the ball outta Charles hands and put it into Alex Smiths weak arm 45+ attempts a game.

  6. Big Red is the head coach….swing pass left, swing pass right…3rd & long…..yep, you guessed it – swing pass.
    Plus, that suits the skills of the chiefs QBs.
    That’s all anyone needs to know about Charles’ ‘new role’.
    Trust me, I’m an Eagles fan.

  7. “I ain’t never been around no offense that’s about to be explosive and about to put me in space and making me make plays.”

    Where do I start? This guy went to school?

  8. datageek94 not everyone talks like you man. Jamaal is from Port Arthur, TX and that’s how DEM BOYS talk, so get a life and get over it

  9. I too was an Eagles fan and the Eagles problems were not AR. That Andy won 140 games with mostly misfits and a handful of stars was a miracle. I am going to enjoy watching AR and the Chiefs.

  10. Charles is going to break even more records this year… he already has the highest YPC of all time… Best running back in the NFL its going to be scary to see what he can do with a actual coach and QB… Most Yards ever in a season this year You heard it hear 1st

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