Pacman says people who know him know what kind of man he is

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Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been in the news for the wrong reasons again recently, after he was charged with assaulting a woman at a Cincinnati bar. But Jones says that people who know him well know he’s different than his reputation would suggest.

Jones, who spoke at the NFL’s rookie symposium this week, says that he has established himself in the community, spending time working with the Special Olympics and local schools, and that people in Cincinnati know him as a good man.

“The city of Cincinnati and my teammates know what kind of guy I am in the community and what I do for the youth around here,” Jones said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “What I do for the symposium, that’s not really something to show [the public] anything. I do it just to help the younger guys out.”

Jones said he doesn’t think he has to prove himself to anyone else.

“I’m at a point in my life now where I know what kind of person I am,” Jones said. “I know what I do, I’m not the person I used to be. I am not in the game of proving it to everybody in the world. As long as I can prove it to myself, my fiancee, my kids, my teammates, my coaches and the people in the neighborhood.”

Jones was once the poster boy for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s crackdown on bad behavior off the field. He now claims to be a changed man, though his recent arrest would suggest that he still needs to learn to walk away from trouble.

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  1. The media loves to remind the world of who you used to be, but I do believe that Pacman Jones has changed. One little hiccup doesn’t mean anything. From what Bengals players say about him, he’s a family man now

  2. Even good people make bad choices. He’s kept his nose clean long enough I would think he deserves the benefit of the doubt that this was more foolish than malicious.

  3. Pacman grew up in a very troubled area of Atlanta and didn’t have all of the great family support and good examples that so many of us have been able to experience…With that said the process to change is a long journey… They only way to be successful is to continue to keep a positive support system around him, get busy doing charitable things in the community which he does and keep working on changing the image… Its a process it doesn’t happen over night. Stay focused Adam… I’m pullin for you to defeat the demons…

  4. Exactly like the last sentence stated. Not man enough to walk away from trouble.

    You’re an NFL player.

    You make millions.

    Why let petty people bother you? They just want to make trouble for you so they can hit their mini lotto ticket.

    Most of all, you’re a man. Why hit a woman when you could have walked away a long long time ago? You have a grandmother, mother, maybe a sister or a daughter. Would you beat any of those females?

  5. People who DONT know pacman know who he is. You dont smack a woman under any circumstances but especially when you’re trying to rehab an image that has already been tarnished by indiscretions. One things for sure. Pacman love him some bars.

  6. You can take the rat out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the rat.

  7. No one cares where this guy grew up. No one cares what kind of family life he had. The dude finds trouble on a consistent basis. Many people grew up in bad environments & have risen above it. They had the common sense & intelligence to know right from wrong. This guy is an excuse machine. Always a victim & always misunderstood. This is one of those guys that once his football career is over will be in jail within 5 years. It’s pathetic to keep making exceptions & excuses for guys like this, he is not being targeted & he makes his own troubles.

  8. OK Pacman, so you’re saying your friends know you’re an a-hole? We already know that, but thanks anyway.

  9. Seriously though, after the past few days and murder charges against players and such, kinda makes Pacman seem like an upstanding citizen by comparison….

  10. He hit a woman–again. Defend him all you want, he is a major POS. Attack me for being a hater, say things like “it must be nice being perfect” or “don’t judge a man until you walk in his shoes”, etc. He keeps hitting women, that is all I know. I grew up in at least as rough a place as him. My mother raised me better than this, and even if she hadn’t at some point you grow up. He never has. It’s only news because he is paid millions to live a dream many of us would live for free. Stop defending this kind of subhuman trash, you disgrace yourself and your own mothers by sticking up for a guy who hits women. TRUTH.

  11. This is a case of someone trolling Pacman, likely hoping to sue him.

    He should have gotten away from the situation, but its doesn’t sound like the “ladies” are victims in the true sense of the word.

  12. Im glad we, as humans, can jump to conclusions about people, label them, and know that everybody can control everything in their lives, including how to handle certain situations, EVERYBODY is pre-programmed to be perfect, they just dont want to. Amirite, lovedabirds?

  13. There is no doubt this woman went looking for a payday. She started the fiasco. And woman or not, a man has a right to defend himself. Women want equal rights, this is part of it. I don’t condone hitting a woman, but the whole “you don’t hit a woman under any circumstance” BS is garbage as well. Should he have hit this woman? No. But should he be charged with a crime? I’m not so sure. Regardless, doing a few good deeds doesn’t wipe the slate clean either. Pacman needs to stay out of bars and nightclubs if he truly wants to clean up his image and his act.

  14. Weve all had friends like pac man… fun to be around, deep down they have a good person, but every now and then they get themselves knee deep… and not the zac brown kinda knee deep

  15. You know he might could have gotten away with saying this if this was the first time he’d been in trouble with the law. But at some point (i.e. now) it doesn’t really mean that much. Perhaps he should stay away from the bars until his playing days are over then booze it up all he wants.

  16. Yeah we know what kind of man he is, one that likes to hit women. The video is clear that she did not hit him with a bottle, she poured a drink on him and he punched her like she was a grown man in the face….and to think I believed his first story and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    Get him out of the league, he’s had more chances than he deserves.

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