Players must submit renewal applications for therapeutic use exemptions by Sunday

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Plenty of players who have been suspended for violating the league’s steroids policy in recent months have claimed that they had a prescription for the banned substance.  A prescription is irrelevant, unless the player also has received a therapeutic use exemption from the NFL.

The issue most commonly has arisen in connection with positive tests for Adderall, an amphetamine used to treat ADHD.

Once a player has a therapeutic use exemption, the license doesn’t extend permanently.  It must be renewed.  Specifically, all players must submit a renewal application by June 30, 2013.

A notice sent by the NFLPA to all certified agents on Thursday points out that the failure to submit a renewal application by June 30 will result in the player being subject to league discipline for a positive test after July 1, with an initial violation triggering a four-game suspension.

“Players who have obtained a [therapeutic use exemption] in the past MUST submit a renewal application,” the NFLPA explains.

The message is clear for any player with a therapeutic use exemption.  If you have one, you need to apply for a renewal by Sunday, or it disappears as of Monday.