Police found discarded gun near Hernandez’s home, but not the murder weapon


Wednesday’s arraignment of Aaron Hernandez unfolded quickly, with audio of fairly mediocre quality carrying words that flowed quickly from prosecutor Bill McCauley.  Absent a transcript, which we have yet to obtain or locate online, the best (only) way to fully process everything that was said is to listen to the audio from the hearing, repeatedly.

It became obvious during the live proceedings that police have not recovered the murder weapon.  After listening to the arraignment a few more times, it became clear that police found a different weapon on the path between the industrial park where Odin Lloyd was murdered and Hernandez’s home.

Specifically, police discovered roughly one-quarter mile from Hernandez’s home a Jennings .22, a handgun firing ammunition much smaller than the .45-caliber bullets that struck Lloyd.  The Jennings .22 was loaded, and when police searched Hernandez’s home they found matching ammunition, but no .22-caliber gun.

In May, Hernandez had an incident with a Jets fan in Providence.  Another man discarded a gun under a car.  That gun and the gun found by police near Hernandez’s home were both purchased at the same gun store in Florida.

Coupled with surveillance video that, according to McCauley, showed Hernandez and one of the other two men carrying guns that appeared to be larger-caliber weapons, the authorities seem to believe that each of the three men had a gun when Lloyd was shot, that the man with the Jennings .22 didn’t fire on Lloyd, and that the .22 was ditched (possibly thrown out the window of the car) while the three men drove from the industrial park back to Hernandez’s home.

This explains the decision to search the pond and wooded area near Hernandez’s home on Monday with metal detectors.  They were looking — and apparently still are looking — for the larger-caliber gun(s) that were used to kill Lloyd.

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  1. Hernandez and Grownkowski


    Pitta and Dickson

    A tale of two cities, Boston Wrong versus the team that all the veterans die to play for.

  2. If it was a Jennings .22 the POS probably jammed up and they tossed it. It really amazes me that people think they can toss a gun out the window and no one will ever find it. Its not like walking over an empty Coke can, everyone notices a gun..

  3. Not only is Aaron Hernandez a horrible person, he is an extremely stupid one as well. When committing premeditated murder, isn’t the point that you “planned” the crime? This was your plan genius? Kill a guy within a mile of your house and then leave all the evidence on your route home including a rental car by the body registered to you!

  4. What is wrong with America today that a guy can’t have a Loaded Gun Easter Egg Hunt in June anymore?

  5. Has there been an explanation as to why one of the rental cars was near the body? If they all rode together how did the second car get there?

    The only idea I have is that someone went to hide the body better when it was discovered and they left on foot.

  6. Also haven’t heard anything about the rifle with a 33 round loaded magazine they found in his house.

  7. So basically you have 3 guys with guns left alive and one dead body. The 3 guys are all going to be pointing fingers at each other, and frankly none of them will have much credibility. If prosecutors are relying solely on testimony of the other 2 men to identify Hernandez as the trigger man, they’re going to have a lot harder time convicting Hernandez than people think.

  8. If they never find that .45 caliber with his prints then it’ll be very hard to prove *he* shot the guy. Even if the other two testify that he did then their credibility will be attacked heavily in court. I watch tv.

  9. Didn’t they match Hernandez’ right palm print to the .22 also? Surprised no one has transcribed the arraignment yet.

  10. I think myself and about 330 others had this pretty well sorted out over a week ago. These guys do not have the mental capacity to do anything other than play football. I’m not sayingn all football players, but the ones who continually break the laws. It is not very hard to live life without murdering someone, driving drunk, beating your wife, etc.
    jwcarlson says:
    Jun 19, 2013 8:25 AM
    “Many possible explanations exist. It seems implausible that Hernandez had any role in the killing of the “associate,” given the presence of the rental car tied to Hernandez in the vicinity of the body. At a minimum, the car would have been removed.”


    These are the same guys who can rake in millions and be broke by age 35-40. If you’re trying to say that there’s no way an NFL player would be dumb enough to kill someone and then leave a rental car (in his name) by the body; I have property in Florida to sell you.

    331 13

  11. swagger52 says:

    Hernandez and Grownkowski


    Pitta and Dickson


    No comparison…a healthy Gronk is better than Pitta and Dickson COMBINED.

  12. @damnsureis

    The keys to that rental car were in Lloyd’s pocket. So I am sure they abandoned the car there to make it look as if Lloyd were driving it when someone pulled him out and shot him. Wanted to make it look as if he drove into the industrial park himself, I am sure.

  13. Cause that is just completely normal to have loaded discarded guns in the area around your home.

  14. Thanks, chistinamer! That makes sense when I think about it on Hernandez’s level of reasoning. I just questioned why they would leave a car tying the murderer to the scene.

  15. The way it looks is one of Hernandez’s buddies had the .45 and got jumpy and shot Odin up. Hernandez panicked and tried to ditch his gun.

    He clearly was not prepared for murdering anyone as he would have done a better job of cleaning up and would not have done stuff like purchasing Gum prior to the event.

  16. bucrightoff: in a ravens fan and I will comment. 1. Ray Lewis had a murder charge dropped because not ONE witness Pegged him as a killer. No physical evidence of his involvement was found and quite frankly nothing has shown he did anything. Read the case File before you open your mouth. Hernandez is entitled to his day in court and shouldn’t be convicted based on accusations presented in an advisory hearing.

  17. If I had a gun I needed to dump, I’d be driving to Attleboro, too.

    You can’t ban pro athletes from owning guns, look at what happened to Mike Adams and Bernard Pierce. They COULD and should ban pro athletes with criminal history from owning them, though.

  18. I recently drove from Albuquerque to Seattle, via Las Vegas.

    You want a place to dump something? Try US 93 north of Vegas.

  19. No one has mentioned the fact that this all happened at 3 am after a night of drinking at the bar. Your mind isnt exactly thinking clearly at that point and you might not be in the best shape to commit and cover up a murder. I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt even remember all the details of what happened.

    Also, Hernandez last tweet at 10:18 am after the night of the murder — “Good morning”


  20. Aaron is in a world of trouble. his Jury is already being turned against him by the people who are wrighting these stories. and the media who cant wait to make him a killer.

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