Police search Hernandez’s uncle’s house


A home in Bristol, Connecticut, owned by the uncle of Aaron Hernandez has been searched as the investigation continues into the death of Odin Lloyd, whom Hernandez is accused of murdering.

WFSB-TV reports that investigators from both Connecticut and Massachusetts searched the home owned by Hernandez’s uncle, Andres Valderrama.

Investigators spent about two hours going through the home and garage before leaving. A statement from local authorities confirmed they are assisting in the investigation into the death of Lloyd, but offered no other details.

“Both the Bristol Police Department and the New Britain State’s Attorney’s Office will continue to provide whatever assistance we can in connection with this investigation. As the investigation is ongoing, we can have no further comment at this time,” the statement said.

Hernandez, who was born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut, is currently being held at the Bristol County Jail in Massachusetts.

26 responses to “Police search Hernandez’s uncle’s house

  1. Good thing that he is good at catching because I have a feeling the DA is going to throw the book at him.

  2. Wow, they must be claiming evidence right and left, they even tore Hernandez’ arms from his body. Who wants to find THAT evidence baggy?

  3. Im not going to lie ive never been so fascinated with a story involving an NFL player ever. lol.

    im not the type of football groupie football fan who follows peoples lives bec their rich or will run and cry when i see an athlete begging for pics and autographs..

    but this story here.. has just so many twists and turns and new stories by the hour its hard not to just tune in every so often its like a real life manly soap. lol

  4. There are a bunch of people working in Bristol at a so-called ‘sports network’ that should also be arrested…for impersonating journalists.

  5. Seriously how they got probable cause? He is a murder suspect and it is a family member close by. That’s all that’s needed. Wow some of you are dumb

  6. Too many roids.

    Hernandez should have been stopped when he reportedly shot someone in the face earlier this year.

  7. nflgiant says:
    Jun 27, 2013 12:27 PM
    Who is going to wear #81 now.
    Bubba in Prison is going to be wearing #81 out…

  8. Wait….so what you’re telling me….is…..that…………………………………………………………………..there is a Bristol, Ct and a Bristol Co., Mass?? wow! This story took a whole new turn!

  9. How did an NFL player from Bristol, Connecticut and playing not far away in Mass live such a double life and NOT come under the radar of ESPN, right in their back yard???

  10. 13arod they did not find the gun…they’ve recovered matching ammo, and based on a 4 year old picture with AH holding up a glock, they’re saying the murder weapon is possibly a glock. They have not, however, recovered the actual murder weapon.

  11. Who wears 81–might not want the number due to being associated with this guy (regardless of his fate in the end) but I had an interesting theory/convo with my buddy last night about this. Moss dawns it again–maybe even T.O. Gronk won’t be totally right the first part of the year–no guarantee Ballard will be as good as he was before his injury with the Giants–but lots of promise and even Timmy T won’t convert to a TE that quick and probably would do more running h/back role and blocking than anything; with Welker now in Denver, maybe they get desperate for a vet minimum one year deal with either one of those guys. Heck Moss would already know the system–so not really that far fetched.

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