ProFootballTalk: Baltimore Ravens Mt. Rushmore

Mike Florio puts together his Ravens Mt. Rushmore. Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Jonathan Ogden and Ozzie Newsome all made the list. The fans of PFT agree with most of Florio’s choices, but would swap out Joe Flacco for Ed Reed.

7 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Baltimore Ravens Mt. Rushmore

  1. I think those are excellent choices. The best middle linebacker ever, one of the best left tackles ever, the best QB the Ravens have ever had and the best front office guy in the league. I have to concur.

  2. faaaaaaq says:

    I think those are excellent choices…the best QB the Ravens have ever had….
    High praise indeed.

  3. No way Flacco should ne on the list over Ed Reed..Midas well throw Dilfer on there too

  4. Lewis, Ogden, Reed, Stover

    As it stands, this is the Mt. Rushmore. Reed has earned the nod even though he’s with another team now but he will retire a Raven. Joe is the best QB in franchise history, but he’s still got a ways to go…and I’m not exactly complaining about that. Ozzie is the best GM period, but he probably earns to be on another team’s Mt Rushmore as a player.

  5. I have no problems with this. I voted for Ray, JO, Reed, and Flacco, just because no matter how good Ozzie is it’s the players that play and win games. I certainly have no problem with the acknowledgement of how great Ozzie is though. Re: Flacco over Reed, while Reed will be going to the hall of fame, Flacco has certainly had more of an impact on the franchise (never a losing season under Joe).

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