Puma ends endorsement deal with Hernandez


On the list of things that companies look for in an endorser, being arrested and held without bail on murder charges doesn’t appear at all.

That explains why Aaron Hernandez has lost another endorsement deal. The former Patriots tight end was dropped by CytoSport last week before he was arrested and now Puma has decided that they’d like to find different players to promote their products as well.

“Puma has ended the relationship with athlete Aaron Hernandez in light of the current situation,” a company spokesperson told Ross Jones of FOX Sports.

If there’s anything surprising about this, it is that Puma waited until Thursday to announce that they wouldn’t be working with Hernandez any longer. While Hernandez has yet to be convicted of any crime, it’s hard to imagine that the company didn’t make up its mind the moment they realized that they’d never be able to run an ad featuring Hernandez without people thinking of the shot of him being led out of his house in handcuffs on Wednesday morning.

37 responses to “Puma ends endorsement deal with Hernandez

  1. Didn’t think it was possible but hate the New England Patriots & fans even more just because they cheered this murderer.

  2. All these things he threw away. And he’s only 23. Most rookies are 23.

  3. Pretty funny that when white players are arrested for crimes their teams and companies that use them as endorsers shrug and say “boys will be boys” but as soon as a minority is arrested, teams and companies can’t wait to throw them under the bus and proclaim them guilty immediately. If it were Brady that was arrested, all of a sudden they would be like “we need to let the legal process play out,” “the evidence is flimsy and circumstantial anyway,” and “you need to be looking at the victim, who by the way is black.”

  4. Somewhere at Puma there’s a guy who walked into a meeting and pitched the idea of signing Hernandez to an endorsement deal. Probably taking a few days off right about now.

  5. All this gun play for what? How can someone like this mess up all this years and nobody in his circle including family smuck him upside his head. This bonehead behavior dates back in his teens and just like Titus young, these kids think they’re are entitled to everything and untouchable.

  6. Puma is a German company and it probably took a while for this to reach corporate headquarters.

  7. Its your right to hate New England like many others jhein23 but to make a statement about a few idiots at the courthouse cheering is being very small minded yinzer.

    Most Patriot fans like myself are disgusted by the actions of AH but the organization did the right thing releasing him less than two hours after he was arrested.

    There will be a lot more shocking news to come.

  8. briang123: really dude? seems like minorities will never stop crying. how did you find a way to turn this into a race thing?

    I am a minority and it drives me nuts that would even bring that conversation up.

  9. every time Hernandez is on a team with Tebow
    he shoots somebody, Tebow is troble!
    @ Florida @ NE

  10. psunick says:
    Jun 27, 2013 4:38 PM
    Aaron Hernandez = Ray Lewis

    What the hell does this have to do with Ray Lewis? Being in a brawl with 10 other people and people get killed is NOTHING like executing a guy cause he knows something and then trying to cover it up! I guess Aaron Hernandez = Ben Rothlisbeger as well didnt he F to people and get away with it til this point SMH!!

  11. “. . . .Hernandez without people thinking of the shot of him being led out of his house in handcuffs on Wednesday morning”


  12. Can he rap? Bet he could get a record label. They are “artists” after all.

  13. Puma should have kept him.

    I can see the commercial now….

    Show him in the orange jump suite and a pair of Reebok, with a caption, “I was getting away with it, until I took the PUMAs off.

  14. @jhein23


    Did you actually see the crowd? Most of them, like 70%-80% were high schools — most of whom barely appeared to be of driving age.

    How about you turn around and look at your Steelers’ fanbase, whom openly welcome back Big Ben. Hypocrisy. At least the Patriots gave their felon the boot.

  15. biggestredmiami says:
    Jun 27, 2013 6:00 PM

    Why would Puma even sponsor a football player?

    Because they make football shoes?

  16. I was very disappointed that Hernandez would be involved in this murdeous situation. Now I’m just disgusted that he is involved with the 2 homicides from 2012….. I think the Raiders should of drafted Hernandez ……

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