Puma ends endorsement deal with Hernandez


On the list of things that companies look for in an endorser, being arrested and held without bail on murder charges doesn’t appear at all.

That explains why Aaron Hernandez has lost another endorsement deal. The former Patriots tight end was dropped by CytoSport last week before he was arrested and now Puma has decided that they’d like to find different players to promote their products as well.

“Puma has ended the relationship with athlete Aaron Hernandez in light of the current situation,” a company spokesperson told Ross Jones of FOX Sports.

If there’s anything surprising about this, it is that Puma waited until Thursday to announce that they wouldn’t be working with Hernandez any longer. While Hernandez has yet to be convicted of any crime, it’s hard to imagine that the company didn’t make up its mind the moment they realized that they’d never be able to run an ad featuring Hernandez without people thinking of the shot of him being led out of his house in handcuffs on Wednesday morning.