Assault charges against Amari Spievey dismissed

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Lions safety Amari Spievey was arrested in April and charged with three crimes after a dispute with his girlfriend over child support.

Spievey was presented with an option of having the charges dropped if he completed a family violence education program. Spievey has availed himself of that option and his lawyer said that all the charges against Spievey — third-degree assault, risk of injury to a child and disorderly conduct — have all been dismissed.

“He and his girlfriend are back together again and everything’s resolved,” Michael Dowley, Spievey’s attorney, said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “Everything’s completed and everything’s fine. He’s really looking forward to the season with Lions.”

Spievey’s girlfriend was charged with risk of injury to a child and disorderly conduct as well and she also opted to take part in the education program.

The dismissal allows Spievey to head into the season without any legal issues hanging over his head. He’s expected to start at one safety spot for the Lions, who hope to have the oft-injured Louis Delmas alongside him when the regular season gets underway in September.

16 responses to “Assault charges against Amari Spievey dismissed

  1. No, Josh, Spievey is NOT expected to start alongside Delmas. In case you missed it (and you obviously did), the Lions signed Glover Quin to start with Delmas. And if Delmas can’t go, it’ll be Don Carey. Spievey is a backup.

  2. I’ll be suprised if Spievey starts while Glover Quinn sits on the bench.

  3. Sorry Mr. Alper, but Spievey is not expected to start. Glover Quin and Delmas are the starters. Only injuries to those guys will allow Spievey to start. Clearly, this author forgot the Lions signed Quin.

  4. Actually, Spivey is competing for a rotational spot, or to take over for Delmas if injured. Glover Quinn will be the starter with either Delmas, Spivey or Don Carey…but glad to hear that he’s getting his life together with and for his family!

  5. Many of us have witnessed volatile relationships, and why people continue to stay in such highly combustible situations with partners they don’t seem to like at all…is beyond me. Constant arguing, disagreements, and confrontation…followed by reconciliation, apologies, and damage control…than “rinse and repeat.” This is what happens when you choose your partner based upon sex, and as fun and exciting as it seems at first, you generally find out down the road that if you were to remove sex from the situation, “I really don’t value this person at all.”

    Now if the problems in your relationship escalate to the point where you’re completely OK with physically harming a woman or child, than you shouldn’t be in that relationship whatsoever.

  6. Wonder how many commenters will assume/believe that dropping the charges means he did nothing wrong

  7. FinFan — I don’t think anyone is assuming that dropping the charges means that nobody did anything wrong. The fact that both Spievey and his girlfriend were charged says that it was probably one heck of a couples’ spat.

    For me, the interesting thing to watch will be whether the court-ordered counseling/education helps. I’m an optimist and I believe in education, so I’m hoping it does.

    And speaking of hope … Chris Hope will also be in the mix along with Delmas, Spievey, and Quin. The big concerns are whether Spievey will have a career-ending concussion (he has a history), and whether Delmas can stay healthy all season.

  8. Even though he plays for goon Jim Schwartz, I knew this had to be an off the field assault…

    …Spievey’s a bull fighter back there. Ole.

  9. FinFan68 says:
    Jun 28, 2013 4:46 PM
    Wonder how many commenters will assume/believe that dropping the charges means he did nothing wrong
    Don’t know. How many?

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