Browns have Brown-heavy Mt. Rushmore


Maybe the Browns need more people named Brown.

Two of the all-time franchise greats — Paul Brown and Jim Brown — landed on the Cleveland Mt. Rushmore.  Joining them on the mountain were Otto Graham and Lou Groza.

PFT Planet supplanted Groza with Ozzie Newsome, but otherwise agreed with our assessment.

The full discussion from Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN appears below.

17 responses to “Browns have Brown-heavy Mt. Rushmore

  1. Wow, a Mt. Rushmore for the consistently worst franchise in the NFL. What have they done since Jim Brown? Bernie Kozar? Are you kidding me? How about a certificate for participation instead of a Mt. Rushmore.

  2. The fourth spot should go to a skidmark. It serves two purposes. The blank brown helmet and color is iconic and they have been doo doo for much of their existence.

  3. Ha ha! None of them played since the 1960s (50+ years ago) and the coach they are named after left and started another NFL team. Besides the 5 years with Kosar and 2-3 with Sipe, this team has been terrible the last half century.

  4. Paul Brown should not be on the Mt Rushmore for this Browns team. The Browns team that Paul Brown founded became the Ravens. This Browns team is all new.

  5. I agree with this for the most part. i was one of the ones who voted for Newsome over Groza, adding a current-ish (my 36 year lifetime) era player on there. I still think the Wizard of Oz should be there, but I understand that you couldn’t go wrong with The Toe.

  6. These 4 should be considered candidates for the Baltimore Ravens Mt. Rushmore, you know the team that is the oldBrowns.

    As for the newBrowns…

    Tim Couch
    Brady Quinn
    Staph Infection

    That’s all I can think of.

  7. So…someone writes that PAUL BROWN shouldn’t be on the mountain!! Either this writer is quite young, knows absolutely NOTHING about the team, or both. Without coach Brown up on it, there is no reason to HAVE a MT. Rushmore for the Cleveland BROWNS!!

  8. It’s not THAT sad: it’s simply that the dynasty era in Browns football outweighs the other good periods. They were equivalent (actually better than) the modern era Patriots from 1946 to 1955 (10 straight championship games, winning 6) and largely excellent til the end of the 60s (1 more title). They had playoff runs in every decade since: 70s, some great ones in the 80s, and an appearance in the incomplete 90s and (yes even the) 2000s each. The fact that the team has been amazingly awful since ’99 (except a fluke playoff berth in ’02) kind of fuels the opinion that they’ve “been bad for 50 years.” They haven’t: they’ve been bad for 15 which, until the last couple years, is about as same as the Bills, Lions, Bengals & even the post dynasty 49ers til 2 years ago. Having said that, they need to get good SOON! There are college kids who’ve never seen them win. There is a lost generation of Browns fans. The tradition goes a long way but for how long?

  9. Actually I forgot they went back to back in 53-54: they’ve won 8 total titles (4 AAFC, 4 NFL). Yeah, I know, no Super Bowls trolls. There’s literally 50 years of pre-superbowl history and Dr. Z and other NFL historians agree the AAFC was actually a more talented league than the AFL. Baby boomer narcissism and marketing are the reasons we don’t honor the entire history of the league.

  10. nothing like 2 old people talking about the olden days. I don’t think I was born yet. HA HA HA.

  11. I find it comical that you have people who come on to Cleveland posts just to make unintelligent insults against the team and the city. Most of the time it’s Steelers, Ravens, or Cincy fans. (Though, not sure why they would…Pittsburgh and Baltimore are cesspools and Cincy isn’t relevant).

    It’s rather sad how you have people mentioning Staph Infections (like the Browns are the only team in the NFL that have had an incidence of this…), and the ever so brilliant “skidmark” or “color of the underwear” crap. Are you 12 years old? Grow up.

    Why is Paul Brown on the Browns and not the Bengals? Because he helped build the Browns from the beginning. He would never have created the Bengals had it not been for Art Modell firing him.

    I would have kept Ozzie on the Browns Mt. Rushmore, but he continues to be in that awful organization.

  12. The greatest Coach/Quarterback combination of all times, 10 years together 10 straight Championship games, 6 Championships.
    The City of Cleveland 9 Championships …….

  13. I am 31 years and a avid Browns fan and have been my entire life; I also have a passion for sports history.

    All of this came from my family, I was born in raised in the cradle of football – Massillon, Ohio! The Cleveland Browns are and were the dynasty team that all teams based their model off of.

    This Mount Rushmore is spot on, you could make a case for Ozzie Newsome of course but you can’t argue who is on there currently. For those of you that say Paul Brown should not be on make sure you do your homework before making that remark. Art Modell fired Paul Brown, if that had not happened then he would not have gone on to start the Bengals.

    Also for those of you that are saying these four are a part of the Baltimore Ravens history are incorrect. The NFL recognizes the Ravens has a seperate franchise from the Browns – the Browns records are their’s not the Ravens.

    Think before you speak and do your homework, those two things will get you through life.

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