Bucs help youth team rebuild after fire


Given their incredible resources and stature in the communities, NFL teams have a opportunity to make a difference daily.

Thursday, the Buccaneers did just that, writing a check for $15,000 and sending players out to lift the spirits of a youth football team that saw their season nearly go up in smoke.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Tampa Bay Lions youth team lost all their equipment when arsonists set fire to their facility on June 12.

They had previously been the victims of vandalism, with someone stealing equipment, spray-painting their locker room and defecating in the water coolers. (In other news, what the hell is wrong with people?)

But the Bucs stepped up to provide enough money to replace the shoulder pads, helmets and uniforms lost, along with a temporary storage unit. They also sent players to run a quick camp with the players.

“We wanted to make sure the kids had what they need to play a safe game,” said Kevin Brown, the team’s senior manager of community relations. “As an organization, we knew this was right.”

Teams across the league make similar gestures often. They can. They should. But sometimes when the news is dominated by mayhem, it’s the kind of thing you need to hear.

10 responses to “Bucs help youth team rebuild after fire

  1. Sounds like some teenage vandals had too much free time. Too many parents are not paying close enough attention to their kids.

  2. They need to give them some security, too. Maybe provide electrified fences. People are sick. Defecating in the coolers? They should sic Bobby Boucher on them. Arsonists? These people standing in the way of children having fun, having an outlet just need …well, something needs to be done to protect the team because I can see something happening again. Until you remove the problem, or can at the very least desway the animals from striking again, it makes little sense to rebuild.

  3. The BUCS are a class organization. If it weren’t for my love for the best team in NFL History, The Colts, I would be a Bucs fan.

  4. This is the type of news you prefer to hear about your favorite team. While they may not win the Super Bowl this season, things like this makes my diehard support of the Bucs that much stronger.

  5. @johny248

    All the teams in the TBYFL(Tampa Bay Youth Football League) are named after NFL teams. You can unfortunately only have one named the Buccaneers.. Lol

  6. More emphasis needs to be put on these types of stories.

    Hopefully, they catchthe losers that did it.

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