Chiefs believe Knile Davis can speed up his play

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Speed would not appear to be an issue for Chiefs rookie running back Knile Davis. After all, we’re talking about someone timed at 4.37 seconds in the 40-yard-dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.

However, Chiefs running backs coach Eric Bieniemy reportedly believes Davis can become even faster on the field.

As Davis told, it comes down to arm movement. Bieniemy, Davis said, has encouraged the rookie tailback to focus on “keeping my arms pumping.”

Said Davis:  “. . . I had a tendency, when I first got here, to drop my arms and I would slow down, but he’s shown me little techniques to help me get out of my cut, run faster, how to stretch the field and showing me the different concepts of why I’m doing it; not only did he tell me the detail and correct it, but he let me know why I’m doing it and I put it all together.

“The NFL is big on knowing what you need to do and knowing why.”

One more obvious area in which is Davis can improve is his ball security. He fumbled 13 times in less than 400 career touches at Arkansas, per Pro Football Weekly’s 2013 Draft Preview. The hunch here is that if Davis wants to show he’s increased his speed, he’ll first need to show he will hold onto the ball.

11 responses to “Chiefs believe Knile Davis can speed up his play

  1. Knile was playing not to get hurt last season.
    If you watched him in 2011 you may know as i do that this kid could be the next great RB in the NFL.

    Hershal Walker with more shake. He is that talented.

  2. charles ran a 4.38 at the combine, but what really sets him apart is his fluidity as a runner and ability to change direction and make cuts without slowing down much at all. lots of guys have similar straight line speed, but very few can put it together on the football field quite like he does.

  3. I’m not sure how the Chiefs can lose to the Jags in week 1, no matter how many times Davis fumbles. I can’t freaking wait.

  4. He will be one of the cornerstones of the impending Chiefs dynasty. He will become a start kick off returner that will leave hapless Broncos ST players on their faces.

  5. I think they’re sending him to that “Seinfeld” rehab clinic that the woman who didn’t swing her arms used.

  6. Davis is a beast. last year at Arkansas with the buffoons coaching…they decided to make Davis a no contact player prior to the season in practices coming off his devastating injury the year before. the results of that idiotic coaching decision was apparent. he was tentative in hitting the holes and stutter stepping in the backfield…a recipe for disaster in the SEC. he started fumbling and becoming more tentative as the season progressed and the team as a whole lost confidence. if the coaching staff would have manned up and let him take some hits before the season began we would have seen the back that was there prior to the injury….the chiefs got a steal

  7. I live in Fayetteville and love Knile Davis as much as anyone but the fact is the guy has only finished 1 season in his career without getting injured, high school included. That being said, that season was a whole lot of fun to watch. Wish him well.

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