Cowboys still don’t intend to release Josh Brent


Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent is in prison once again after another positive drug test while out on bond awaiting trial for the death of teammate Jerry Brown.

It’s the second time in a month that Brent has had his release revoked after posting bail. The Cowboys have steadfastly remained supportive of Brent in the wake of the car accident that killed Brown in December. It seems they intend to stick by him after his latest incident as well.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Cowboys have no immediate plans to release Brent from their roster.

Brown’s mother has asked for forgiveness for Brent and the Cowboys have obliged by refusing to jettison him from the roster up until now. However, at some point there has to be a breaking point and Brent may be getting close to the Cowboys having no other option but to let him go.

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  1. Come on Jerry. This guy does care about himself or your Franchise. Some people just do not want help. Hopefully he can turn his life around before it is to late. There is nothing wrong with helping him, but he should not be employed by an NFL team.

  2. Holy crap Jerry…the man who killed one of your players can’t even stay sober long enough to defend himself. I don’t care if it’s legal or not, if you’re not supposed to smoke pot for a specific amount of time, don’t smoke it. What does this dude do to have to prove that he isn’t good enough to be on your team? He’s not Warren Sapp. He’s Josh frickin Brent. Cut him.

  3. I dont support drugs, but dude did just kill his friend. I know he was drunk when he did it but I can see him using drugs to be able to sleep or not kill himself. WOuld be hard to live with knowing you took out a friend.

  4. Cue all the comments about the patriot way which includes smashing videos and how their so awesome.

  5. I know it’s the American way to say “innocent until proven guilty”, but the facts of this incident seem pretty clear-cut. I guess I don’t fault Dallas for hanging onto him, and any support they give Brent is fine, but at some point I’d think they’d realize he’s going down and there’s no way he’ll be a free man for the extent of his football years.

  6. Wow. The Patriots and Cowboys could be the most despised teams in the NFL, but this week one is looking much more respectable than the other.

  7. How embarrassing. Yet another example of Jerry’s “so sayeth I, so it shall be” vanity taking precedence over what’s best for the team, its fans and the overall league. I hope Goodell shoves Jerry aside and cuts Brent on his own.

  8. This is one of those times where people can actually say “Typical Cowboys.” At least the Patriots had the decency and common sense to release Hernandez. This is just another chapter in what could be the worst off season in Jerry Jones’ history (worst draft ever).

  9. Of course not, Jerry would never throw stones while he lives in a glass house.

  10. You aren’t taking anything into account here. You are just making it look like the Cowboys don’t care that he’s in trouble. They do. At this point though, he can really do no more damage to the team and the ONLY reason he is still on the team is so they can recoup some of his money once he’s suspended.

  11. He would be cut loose by 31 other teams but then those other teams have legit GM’s.

  12. At this point he is making it clear that he won’t stop getting high or drunk. The idiot could’ve smoke fake weed and pissed clean, chose to use something he knew would make him piss hot. SUSPEND THIS MORON AND MAKE HIM ATTEND DRUG COUNSELING BEFORE HE CAN EVEN PRACTICE.

  13. Holy crap please cut this guy.. I love the cowboys but this guy has a problem and clearly needs to put his focus on something other than football. This is not what this team needs right now.. Garret always talks about accountability and responsibility and the “process”… Character guys and how important they are.. This guy needs to go.

  14. I bet Jerry would feel MUCH differently if HE lost a loved one to a person that had 2 DUI’s in 3 years with the second one killing one of HIS family members. The Cowboys have become the NFL’s biggest joke of a franchise.

  15. I am so embarrassed as a Cowboys fan that were keeping this clown on our roster. We should have 100% dropped him last year. I know we’re thin on D-Lineman but this is getting ridiculous, Mister Jones.

  16. How on earth can you justify keeping this idiot around, Jerrah?

    Not only did he kill (unintentionally, but ignorantly) another player on the Cowboys, but he refuses to see the error in his ways.

    Drop him or look like an even bigger fool than we all know you to be!

  17. Gotta love Jerry Jones!
    Hopefully one day Jerry decides he wants to coach.
    When that day comes, may he live forever.

  18. Who gives a flip what his momma wants. Sounds like momma supports murder and weed. Great role model. The apple doesn’t fall far….she’ll just miss out on the gravy train..

  19. Jerry Jones needs to cut this guy…NOW. He obviously hasn’t learned a lesson. Brent Jones has 2 DWI’s in the past 3 years, with his most recent one killing someone. Brent is facing jail and being suspended by NFL, yet has violated his bond on at least 2 occasions. Brent doesn’t deserve any more chances, not uuntil he’s proven that he has changed. Keeping Brent on the roster while he repeatedly breaks the law sends a horrible message and is utterly lacking in class…even for jerry Jones. By the way….the debate on whether pot should be legal or not doesn’t apply here. The fact remains that pot IS ILLEGAL. When you are charged with a crime and released on bond, there are specific rules…namely that you refrain from breaking the law. Period.

  20. Brown’s family requested that Jones keep Josh Brent and support him. So I will cast no stones at Jones respecting the families wishes to a certain point. But Brent sure seems like he’s making it difficult for himself.

  21. He’s not gonna play for the Cowboys ever again. That much is obvious. Cutting him loose cuts him out of whatever help they can give him. Keeping him around is a selfless move. Even if fanboys don’t like it. This is like Jones putting his personal jet at Larry Brown’s disposal in 1995 so he could attend his son’s funeral on Saturday and honor his son by playing on Sunday, as he was determined to do. This is like keeping Erik Williams on the active roster payroll after his DUI accident in 1994 when they could have put him on the non-football injury list and saved money out of pocket as well as against the salary cap. This is like trading for Charles Haley when most of the rest of the league including another “genius” team, the 49ers who drafted him turned their backs. Exercising the patience that turned him into the only player to ever be a part of five, coun’t em, FIVE Super Bowl winners and a very likely future Hall of Famer. Yeah, that trade provided the missing piece of a bonafide dynasty puzzle, as everybody knows. Good investment. Even if he’s nuttier than squirrel poo, he’s not Aaron Hernandez.

    But yeah, compare Brent it to a guy like Aaron Hernandez and how the “classy” Patriots are handling him… a man who will likely never again see the sun from anywhere but a prison yard because it’s starting to look like he’s the NFL”s first triple-tap serial killer, who by choice gets his support from his homies in the Bristol Bloods. There are people that may be worth helping and there are people that would serve the world better by shuffling off of it as quickly as possible. Don’t confuse them.

  22. You can say all the things you want about Jerry Jones, but he cares about his players. I bet everyone on this page has driven under the influence of something. If all the allegations against Hernandez are true, how could he have been so under the radar? If a person can kill someone so cold blooded, and go on with their everyday life, he should not be compared to Josh Brent. This is a young man suffering, and has an alcohol, a huge problem apparently. Sometimes jail saves a persons life, and his is worth saving. Hernandez, if all allegations are true, he deserves to spend his life behind bars. I believe Josh is punishing himself on a daily basis, and I pray he finds peace again. I also pray for Hernandez’s mother, child, and those who love him. This is a horrible situation for everyone involved. My prayers go out especially to the family of Odin Lloyd’s, because he did not deserve to die in such a manner. God help everyone!

  23. Look, Josh’s behavior is terrible. But to experience what he has, is more than we as fans can understand unless we have been there. He did not kill anyone.. He had a terrible accident, and his best friend died in it. He was a dumb ass fool in this, and he knows it. What Josh needs is a focus.. And no one is helping him with this. He is left to himself, and he is depressed. He has found a false comfort in pot, and this is where the team has let him down. If they are going to keep him on the team, then give him a focus. He should have a job, and a workout regimen. He should be working so hard that he is exhausted every day, and in church on the weekend. Ministering to others is a great way for him to show he is sorry. So, once again, the GM is doing a lousy job.. Commit, or get out. Don’t half ass it.

  24. dadsource says:

    “Who gives a flip what his momma wants. Sounds like momma supports murder and weed. Great role model. The apple doesn’t fall far….she’ll just miss out on the gravy train..”

    It was BROWN’S Mother who was quoted in this article, not Brent’s Mother Einstein. Reading is fundamental – try it sometime.

    Brent needed to keep his nose clean from a legal standpoint, but unless you are Brent, you don’t know what he is going through. It is easy to point the finger and act holier-than-thou while up on your high horse. The guy made a huge mistake, and I know he would change it for anything, but he obviously cannot.

    At this point Brent is likely not caring too much about anything, and that includes himself. It is obvious to me he is medicating himself, and it just so happens that he is using weed to do it, even though is illegal. Yet, the alcohol that he drank that night wasn’t illegal, even though it should be. It is well known people don’t make intelligent decisions while drunk. How many people die from weed-related occurrences? And how many from alcohol-related occurrences. It isn’t even close.

    The logic regarding what is and isn’t a legal substance for many substances is arrss-backwards, and anybody with half of a brain in their skull knows this, yet the ineptitude continues.

  25. Josh Brent sucks as a person and as a player ….. Aaron Hernandez is a much better player “100 times better” and the Patriots just cut him … Jerry Jones is a rich clown ” money has overpowered his correct decision making ” Robert Kraft is a classy team owner and much better owner and smarter than wacky Jerry

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