Former teammate: Sanchez “dumb while being dumb”

The Jets haven’t said much about the Mark Sanchez bare-butt video that made the rounds this week — largely because there might not be that much to say about it.

But one of his old teammates is taking credit for keeping more such videos off the internet, and said Sanchez is mostly “stupid” when it comes to his public image.

In an interview with Kristian Dyer of, former Jets quarterback Erik Ainge said he protected Sanchez from a similar incident in 2009, when he smashed a cell phone which someone was using to videotape a streaking Sanchez.

“There were numerous times when things would happen, when things would go down, articles of clothing would be removed,” Ainge said. “Mark is goofy. He played truth or dare. He was kind of awkward around girls, so he needed other people around him to help him out. I was good at that — there were other guys who were good with that. So we’d help him out and talk him through his awkwardness.”

Ainge, now a radio talk show host in Tennessee, described Sanchez as naive.

“He’s been a target in college and now he’s a target in the NFL,” Ainge said. “Now it’s become a thing to try and catch Mark doing something stupid. He’s never breaking the law. Look at Aaron Hernandez, Mark Sanchez is child’s play in the NFL, as far as off-the-field stuff. I’d know as good as anybody — what Mark does off the field is child’s play. He’s dumb about it. He’s stupid while being stupid. You have to be smart while being stupid, and he’s dumb while being dumb. Look at the butt video. He needs someone he trusts there when Mark wants to go streaking through his own condo.”

Frankly, Ainge doesn’t sound like the kind of wingman you’d want — primarily because he’s talking way too much, and generally overstating his own role in this thing. He’s also dealt with his own issues in his short NFL career.

And in the grand scheme of things, Sanchez isn’t really doing anything to harm anyone. There’s some wine, there’s some women, there’s a few bars of “Pants on the Ground.”

Until someone comes up with something that’s illegal or dangerous, it’s hard to muster up the appropriate indignation for this one.

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  1. I missed a chance to meet Sanchez when he was visiting Scotty McKnight in Boulder.

    Didn’t know he would be there when I said no. I wish I had watched “Yes Man” starring Jim Carry that day.

    Seems like an interesting character.

  2. He got naked with two girls in his own condo? I don’t see the problem. I am kinda jealous.

    He should know not to record it. But he wasn’t doing anything illegal. He’s allowed to have fun.

    Dancing like an idiot with a couple cute chicks isn’t hurting anybody. But it sure is funny.

  3. vikingsareandalwayswillbebetterthanyourteam says:
    Jun 28, 2013 12:27 PM
    Well, one of the girls appear to be taking a “toke” from what I’m told is a device used to dispense marijuana. So, there’s that.

    Oh the humanity! What are you 12?

    “Frankly, Ainge doesn’t sound like the kind of wingman you’d want — primarily because he’s talking way too much, and generally overstating his own role in this thing.”


  4. It’s called an electronic cigarette. There’s nothing illegal about it. It’s a device to help people quit the habit.

  5. Dude is full of himself. Hes such a charismatic ladies man and so mature in off-the-field activities and is such a trustworthy, dependable teammate…oh yeah and hes smart while being stupid. (wtf?) Get over yourself.

  6. It is a matter of record that he was arrested in 2006 for sexual assault, although the charges eventually went away. (He was disciplined by USC in the same incident forunderage drinking and using false ID).
    He put himself in an awkward spot in 2011 with news of a 17 year old girlfriendwhen he was 24.
    Bare-butt video, streaking video being destroyed, etc. raises the question “is there a pattern of sexual immaturity that may come back to haunt him?” He seems a little creepy to me – I wouldn’t want him around my daughter.

  7. Dumb? maybe off the field, inept and stupid on the field, that pretty much covers it for Sanchez.

  8. Stop and think about the great players there are in the sport of football, at any position and on any team. Then try to imagine them dancing with their butt in front of a camera–no less a home movie that gets upoloaded for all to see.

    This kind of shenanigans (harmless when compared to Hernandez’s off-field activities) suggests that his personality may not be well-suited to be a leader. That Sanchez is in the QB position, speaks volumes to the troubles the Jets have in their locker room and on the field.

    He’s Jethro and Uncle Jed needs to “have a loooong talk with that boy”.

  9. Trying to catch Mark doing something stupid is not that hard. Catching him doing something smart is much more of a challenge.

  10. I’m no Sanchez fan, but isn’t the guy condescendingly spouting off nonsense about “being smart while being stupid” the heroin and coke addict who got hastily ushered out of the NFL and was left to practice being “smart while stupid” in rehab?

  11. This guy is just cherry picking instances to enhance himself over Sanchez in any way he can. Not that it’s that hard but get over it.

  12. If you think that was tabacco being despensed in that smoking device you are the neive one and Sanchez can also be seen blowing smoke in one of the quick cuts.

  13. The only pass I remember Eric Ainge throwing is the one he made to Johnny Knoxville in Jackass 3. I don’t remember Knoxville catching it but I do remember Jared Allen hitting him as soon as the ball got there.

  14. Well vikingsarebetterthanyourteamandalwayswillbe, I’m told you have an empty trophy case. So there’s that.

  15. Sanchez’s behavior is deplorable. I highly doubt any man who reads PFT would ever expose his bare bottom while partying with three smoking hot 20 somethings in his own house.

    When stories like this come out, it makes me yearn for the upstanding glory days of the NFL. You know back when Lawrence Taylor was a dominating while sniffing and smoking enough coke to kill a heard of elephants. Or when the world champion Dallas Cowboys rented a White House and filled it with drugs, booze and hookers. Things uses to be so much better and players used to be so much more mature.

  16. Yeah, Ainge is a jerk for throwing Mark under the bus, but it just goes to prove what I’ve always known: getting girls is mainly about game. I mean, Sanchez is a super-rich, good-looking pro quarterback, and he’s . . . playing truth or dare with girls.

    Dorks will always fail with girls.

  17. These kinds of things make me like a player more. The typical “I agree with coach and i only ever think about improving my game” avoids criticism but its boring and fake. Gronk and this guy would be drafted for my all party team. Shady McCoy can join, but his drinks have to have a sports lid.

  18. I don’t really care about Sanchez’s party habits. But he knows (or should!) by now how it is living in the fishbowl as the QB of a NY team especially, and how the media vultures can swoop in over the smallest scraps. It’s an unnecessary, self-inflicted wound. And yeah, kinda stupid.

    Even if a lot of people don’t care, I bet his agent and the team’s PR department did the old forehead-slap when this video came out.

  19. I saw a guy who was having fun in his own house with a couple of hotties. If he was a pro-bowler it would be considered that he was doing the right thing. Well he still was. This doesn’t effect his play on the field, he will never be a great QB so enjoy what you can when you can.

  20. Note to Eric Ainge:

    Richard Sherman thinks Sanchez is better at life than you, so buzz off.

  21. Sanchez should beg his way out of NY.

    It sure seems like all they do is ruin players where the Jets are concerned. Getting out would give him a chance to salvage something of his career.

    I suspect he can be better than he is currently if he goes to a better team.

  22. An NFL player was arrested this week as the possible murderer of someone who might have known “too much” of another two murders involving this now former NFLer arrested.

    But in keeping things in perspective, writing about Mark Sanchez and his albeit dumb, but harmless partying, seems to reign.

    It’s like Pennysavers trying to compete with a major newspaper.

  23. petedutcherjr says:Jun 28, 2013 3:38 PM

    Sanchez should beg his way out of NY.

    Good point! Teams are lining up to give him his guaranteed $8.25 mil for this season.
    Why didn’t he think of that?

  24. From the photo, apparently this guy is good at being dumb while his hair is being dumb. Are those racing stripes? You know what they say, birds of a feather….

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