Geraldo, Limbaugh use Hernandez case to rip NFL’s “gang culture”

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Geraldo Rivera and Rush Limbaugh are using the Aaron Hernandez case to tell their audiences that the NFL is contributing to a decaying American culture.

Rivera appeared on FOX News and said that the NFL and player agents should do more to keep players like Hernandez out of trouble.

“I don’t know why the league who recruits these kids from the inner city, how they don’t have minders, how the agents who are collecting 10 percent of $40 million, where are they in all of this?” Rivera said. “Why aren’t they mentoring these young men who are fatherless, many of them — Ray Lewis and all of the rest. Michael Vick. Uh, you can count them. There’s a ton of them. They sign them because they’re superb athletes and do nothing to preserve their character and put them on the right road toward manhood. It’s really pathetic.”

Rivera gets a few things wrong here: Hernandez isn’t from the inner city, he’s from a middle-class subdivision in Bristol, Connecticut. Hernandez’s father died when he was 16, but it’s wrong to call him “fatherless,” as Hernandez often spoke about the close relationship he had with his father. Also, Hernandez’s agent didn’t get “10 percent of $40 million,” as NFL agents can get a maximum of 3 percent of a player’s income, and $40 million represents the total value of the contract Hernandez signed last year — most of which he will never see.

And, of course, the NFL does do plenty to try to encourage players to conduct themselves like professionals not only on the field but off, starting with the rookie symposium and continuing with player development programs that are available to every player during and after their careers. The NFL’s track record isn’t perfect, but how could any employer be 100 percent sure that none of its employees get into trouble away from work?

Those problems aside, Limbaugh piggybacked on Rivera’s comments. Limbaugh has long criticized what he sees as ties between the NFL and gangs, saying in 2007, “The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips.” Limbaugh indicated that he thinks it’s unfair that he was criticized for those comments while Rivera will probably get a free pass, but Limbaugh added that he thinks the Hernandez case demonstrates the problem with a gang culture in the NFL.

“This guy is a star player in the National Football League, a star player for the New England Patriots. This has the potential to blow the lid open on the NFL and gangs and the whole concept,” Limbaugh said.

Rivera also decided that he wanted to bring Tim Tebow into the story and compare the two former teammates.

“Ironically a college classmate at the University of Florida of Tim Tebow — ironic, why? Because Tim Tebow, probably the most religious, straight-shooting ballplayer in the league,” Rivera said. “And Aaron Hernandez, a kid, an ex-hoodlum. You can take the kid out of the hood you can’t take the hood out of the kid. He was a Bristol Blood, he was a gang banger.”

Unfortunately for Rivera, The Onion beat him to trying to turn the Hernandez story into a Tebow story.

153 responses to “Geraldo, Limbaugh use Hernandez case to rip NFL’s “gang culture”

  1. I’m as conservative as they come, but this is garbage. Hernandez is the exception to the rule. Take a look at guys like RGIII, Russell Wilson, London Fletcher, and Tony Romo. These guys are the epitome of class and character. Hernandez is a terrible person, but the NFL isn’t to blame.

  2. What? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t want to jump on board the cuckoo train?

  3. I thought more guns equals less gun violence? Isn’t that the rights position. Guns don’t kill people, movies and television that show violence do. Now, lets attack Jim Carrey because he refuses to promote his new movie which contains gun violence.

  4. I genuinely don’t know what else the NFL can do to protect/educate the guys coming out of college.

    I also don’t know what point Rivera is trying to make here??? Is he saying that the NFL shouldn’t recruit players who grew up in inner cities?

  5. Well leave it to 2 washed up former radio and tv personalities to come up with this crap…where’s Jerry Springer and Maury Povich? Might as well have a full house…

  6. Middle-class, had a father until he was 16… sounds like another wannabe-gangster punk kid that finally achieved his goal in life. Save being “hood” for the people that actually have to grow up that way and have very little choice about it.

  7. Bob Costas agrees with said statement. In all seriousness though, Hernandez is a serial killer, he has possibly murdered as many, if not more than Tsarnaev. He would have killed those people with a knife or anything else if guns were outlawed. I was thinking last night, man no one knew this about Hernz, how many NFL players have been involved in crap like this that we THINK are upstanding citizens? I want to know

  8. Let’s see Rush a 23 year old Hispanic, a 27 year old Hispanic joined by a 41 year old Latin American allegedly killing their buddy a 27 year old African American. Not exactly the composition of the Latin Kings. The only gang I see here is the gang that couldn’t think straight.

    Maybe they were just a bunch of bad guys. These bad apples represent a small fraction of the 3,000 NFL players. Just like the Whitey Bulger’s of the world represent a small fraction of South Boston. Now if there is a problem it’s the fact that you represent a large portion of right wing idiots.

  9. I think the writter here needs to get off his soapbox. The NFL could do more, to many of these guys end up broke within a fews years of leaving the league.

  10. Oh yeah, and Tim Tebow is white.

    Meanwhile, Rey Lewis, Michael Vick, and Aaron Hernandez are gangsters?

    Their moralism is a transparent veil for their racism.

    Amazing that so many people actually listen to these guys. THAT makes me weep for our future far more than a few young men who play a violent game and then suddenly get millions dumped in their laps.

  11. I believe that they the way Geraldo(I agree Geraldo on certain topics btw) feels has more to do with the fact that Hernandez is Latino, more so than the greedy, evil NFL executives( almost an oxymoron btw). Hernandez more than likely killed several people. He’s scum. It’s more disgusting that Geraldo would put the blame on the same people that paid him millions of dollars to play a game he supposedly loved. Give me a freekin break ladies and gentlemen.

  12. Surely NFL players are human, and mistakes will always be made by humans, eapecially those in prominent positions who adopt somewhat of a sense of “invincibility” that comes with their stardom. Hernandez’s situation is surely more serious than a young man making a simple mistake, but I adamantly disagree with any claims that there is a prevalent “gang culture” in the league. The majority of players in the NFL happen to be of color, and if you want to make claims that there is a prevalent gang culture in the league because of a few isolated incidents…that’s pure ignorance if you ask me. I’m not saying that there is zero gang activity amongst NFL players…I’m saying that gangs aren’t exactly taking over the league quite like some people are portraying.

  13. You may recall Ice Cube does nothing short of celebrate gang culture and the old L.A. Raiders during that “3o by 30” special a few years ago.

    So are you sure both these guys are so wrong?

  14. It’s a shame that a few bad apples can put the NFL in a bad light. How many players are in the NFL, like two thousand during training camp? How many of those are arrested? It just seems like more because it makes the headlines.

  15. I am so sick of media types turning tragic situations into soapboxes. Congratulations, this is the post that made me quit looking at the news the rest of the day. Exploit an innocent man all you want I am tired of the tabloid journalism.

    Yes, I said innocent man, because he’s innocent until proven guilty, and that used to mean something in this country. Now it just means “dog pile and point your finger at others before the jury is even selected”

  16. Amazed that this is “newsworthy.”

    All of these media people and brainless “panels of experts”endlessly chattering and blabbering at top speed about something that affects only a miniscule percentage of citizens–while, oh I dunno–Reporting on Banksters that are Still Running Free after causing the most incredible financial calamity in the history of mankind, or the politicians who have continued to allow them to remain free of scrutiny.

    Thank Goodness this is a Sports web site, so we can take an occasional break from the garbage, right?

  17. Saying the NFL has a problem with “gang culture” unfairly lumps everyone together like saying all “journalists” have a problem with exaggerating every ounce of information on any subject if it benefits their reporting…oh..nevermind, bad example.

  18. Let’s use this ONE incident to say the NFL is enabling “gang culture” while ignoring all the good NFL players do for the communities. Btw, Rush Limbaugh is still salty because the NFL won’t give him a franchise.

  19. If anything is destroying America, there is no question that it is the media. Journalism is rare. It is all magnetic now…meaning the media only looks to put material out that attracts the most people. If it were not for regulation, we would probably see things that are unimaginable.

  20. We are talking about grown men right? It’s not the leagues, agents. Owners or coaches jobs to be fathers to these miscreants. My job doesn’t mentor me or make sure I’m not out getting in trouble heraldo and Limbaugh are idiots for even bringing it up

  21. waldoampere says: Jun 28, 2013 3:59 PM

    It’s not like Limbaugh has a vendetta against the NFL or anything.


    He was angry back in 2007(the original quote) about getting denied ownership of the Rams in 2009?

  22. This isn’t gang related? He killed the man because he disrespected him. Yeah Hernandez is a great guy! Only because they’re conservatives is this article written. Nice try on trying to be relevant, not working.

  23. There is CLEARLY an abundance of edgy, dangerous kids being drafted into the NFL. Whether they were in gangs or not, many of them LOOK and ACT as though they are at least WANNABES. I do not blame NFL teams for drafting from the available pool of players, and I really do not expect the teams to provide “baby sitters.” Their are programs, symposiums and teammates that provide SOME of the structure/role models for the kids coming into the league. To me, the TRUE culprits are the NCAA and universities and colleges who actively recruit and accept SO many kids who have NO reason being accepted, who attend no classes, who remain in the universities strictly until either their eligibility is up, or until they are deemed READY to enter the draft. They are coddled and enabled by a cadre of coaches, boosters and babysitters and THEN turned loose on society. The “C” in NCAA should not, but, sadly, frequently DOES stands for CRIMINAL. Until the NCAA and universities STOP recruiting and sheltering brutes and social outcasts, the flow of criminals will continue into the NFL, where the only condition that will change is that these kids will be CRAZILY wealthy, and filled with a DANGEROUS amount of hubris. The NCAA is the organization that needs fixing and perhaps abolishment, as it is currently structured, the sooner, the better.

  24. vdogg says: Jun 28, 2013 4:05 PM

    If any sport should be tagged as a gang culture its the NBA…..
    That’s ridiculous. An NFL player is arrested every 2 days.. How often do you hear about NBA players getting arrested or getting into violent situations? Especially when compared to NFL players.

  25. Read the book ‘Pros and Cons’..finally their are many athletes who have criminal backgrounds way before they come to the NFL. I love the game. But when I see a guy like Pacman Jones speaking at a rookie symposium warning rookies about the trials of being a nfl player it makes it me sick. This guy I believe was part of the reason why a bouncer in Vegas is paralyzed. Jones, Ray Lewis and even LT back in the day were known as people having records or involved in crimes. Hernandez had a shooting in 07 squashed. Who are we kidding their are many players with criminal backgrounds we just dont know about them because some of the them stay out of trouble. And finally when the do people come to their defense saying they are not the norm..

  26. I like how limbaugh is such an insecure slob that sports actually make him angry.

    someone should use limbaugh to rip america’s cheeseburger culture.

  27. Good job by MDS for setting the facts straight. Rivera fails for not doing the basic homework. The league does tons to protect the shield. What he is suggesting is that they place babysitters with every bad egg that gets drafted. So the responsibility of being a human should somehow shift to the league? or your employer? Personal judgement should not be the responsibility of anyone but yourself. The does not mean league should not turn its head and bring in bad apples. The NFL does have a responsibility to the cities and communities where it generates billions of dollars in revenue from. But there is a fine line there and people like Rivera would be the first to cry foul when the league stopped someone from gaining employment for having a checkered past. The best thing for teams is a strong locker room presence that pulls guys like Aaron away from the street life. By the way, he is innocent until proven guilty, so as bad as it looks, we still should keep in mind he may not have killed anyone.

  28. I’m surprised no one is calling out Urban Meyer about Hernandez, who failed numerous drug tests at Florida and Meyer never suspended except for one game his entire college career. Meanwhile Tyrann Matheiu was kicked off of LSU’s team for his violations and forced to clean up his act. While Miles made the difficult choice it may end up saying Mathieu’s life, Meyer made no such decision and just went to show you he was more about winning. Hernandez was never discouraged from his behavior, allowed to act a fool and it cost him, along with his victims..

  29. He’ll gain the attention of Republicans for having a hispanic background. They’re probably hoping he’s an “illegal alien” so they can attack on Immigration. It’s all political. They’ll say he crossed Mexican boarder. You know that’s the only way criminals get into America (they aren’t born here). Fox is all over this case along with the Travon Martin case. Dog whistling… But people hear them loud and clear.

  30. LOL. Clearly they are big sports fans. “They recruit these kids from the inner city” The inner City called the NCAA. Its no one but Hernandez’s fault that he is a piece of garbage.

  31. ignorant comments from 2 men that are speaking outside their realm of specialty.
    imo geraldo lost all credibility when he opened “al capone’s vault”

  32. Maybe Geraldo should just go back to looking for treasure in Al Capone’s secret vault.

  33. 13forgbp says:

    “..Uh…rush Limbaugh is far from washed up buddy…..20 million listeners…..not vary bright comment…”

    Just goes to show you how many ignorant, racist, misogynistic drug addicts there are out there…

  34. Their blowing the dog whistle…. If you follow politics you’ll know why their interested. Hernandez and Travon Martin is all they are talking about.

  35. The first two words in the headline tell you all you need to know. Geraldo, Limbaugh… Does anyone really give a crap about anything that comes out of their mouths?

  36. The league “recruits” players? More breaking news from fox… of course that damn liberal media wont report it…

  37. Limbaugh is an idiot speaking of which should also be in jail for his Oxicodon incident. Just check into a rehab real quick and get a good lawyer. Geraldo just crawl back under the rock you came out of. You are no longer relevant.

  38. Oh and the NBA and gang culture go together like oil and water.

    There are many reasons for this but I know nobody here wants to understand anything.

    Cultural factors explain murders. Industries do not.

  39. adoombray says:
    Jun 28, 2013 4:19 PM
    “Yes, I said innocent man, because he’s innocent until proven guilty”

    In a court of law, certainly. But this is the “court” of public opinion, an entirely different animal. We don’t know the full extent of Hernandez’s involvement in the Lloyd murder, but if you don’t think that he’s in this up to his eyeballs, you haven’t been paying attention.

  40. Rush should blame the Conservative universities in the most conservative states (ie., the SEC) for creating this culture of entitlement where they value money and winning over integrity and doing the right thing by holding them accountable for their crimes.

  41. These bums (rush and Rivera) have to make up something to call attention to themselves. This is lubricious. The nfl has plenty of support for these guys. It’s their own fault when a bone head like AH pisses away opportunities most of us would give almost anything for. How about talking about grown men having personal responsibility for their actions? We really don’t need to hear from has been pseudo journalists on this topic.

  42. Wow lots of people in denial. 29 arrests in a 4 month period? A player possibly killed at least 3 people and shot at least 4. Rush is on to something. The truth hurts.

  43. And to all the anti gun people I ask you this. What you want the US to do is get rid of guns right? Nobody but military and police need weapons right? How did that same mentality work for the anti drugs campaign in the Regan era? They decided they were going to lock up all the dealers and users and not focus on the core issues. Know how well it worked? *It increased the users and dealers numbers tenfold. Fix the core issue of people valuing others and others lives. And fix mental health first and foremost. As I can guarantee you that Hernandez had mental issues. It’s not a coincidence that his father died at 16 and he was in a gang at 17. Had he had proper mental health services beyond the facade we call healthcare in this country, he would not be in the place he is now. And more importantly, neither would his victims

    *Numbers not exact and used as a blanket statement

  44. I didnt even read the article, the headline says enough. That’s why Geraldo and Rush are the butt of all jokes because of their stupid brain farts of an opinion. Baseless and short sighted!

  45. The reason why there are more arrests in the NFL is simple… # of athletes in the NFL > # of athletes in the NBA.

    Are there any gang problems in the NHL?

  46. Geraldo Rivera, the Role Model –

    Spouse(s) :
    Linda Coblentz (1965–1969)
    Edith Vonnegut (1971–1975)
    Sherryl Raymond (1976–1984)
    C.C. Dyer (1987–2000)
    Erica Michelle Levy (2003–

    Children :
    Gabriel Miguel
    Cruz Grant
    Isabella Holmes
    Simone Cruickshank
    Solita Liliana

    Do something useful and sort that bloody tash out!

  47. Its not an NFL issue. Its a societal issue. Gangs exist in society. Have you ever worked construction? In a kitchen? A warehouse? Music recording? Hell, any job? Gang members exist there too. It must certainly not be the fault of any specific employment organization that gang members have jobs. If anything the NFL provides that beacon of hope that those born into the inner city and other places of impoverishment and crime have a chance at bettering their situation. Its the American Dream. If the NFL refused to select men from the inner city, then further down goes the inner city and the hopes and dreams of men. Further down we all fall as a free society. I’m sure Mr. Rivera and Limbaugh are just fine with that.

  48. Limbaugh confuses me. He is all for the “gun culture” in America but the “gang culture” irritates his good senses. Rush, if you did not know this guy was a stone killer, you would be all for him being able to own multiple guns, multiple shot clips and the right to ‘defend ‘ himself with said arsenal.

  49. I’m still waiting for the secret stash in Al Capone’s vault. So far, they’ve only found Limbaugh’s training cage.

  50. Limbaugh can go hide under a sheet like we know he will do anyway. and Geraldo can go choke
    on a Taco. this is the NFL and this is our game.

  51. Normally, I’d say “who cares?” because like many people, I take in the information from a variety of sources, cut through the BS, and make up my own mind. Politically, in most cases, that makes me Purple.

    But it’s hard to say “Who Cares?” because the core audiences of both of these guys are the people who, for the most part, drink every single drop of the Kool-Aid these guys provide, and then beg for more. They do not think for themselves, and they allow their minds to be made up for them. That is incredibly dangerous, and part of the reason why the country is so polarized now….why present facts when fiction tells such a better story, and supports your ideology?

  52. The problem is that we, as a country, have a gang culture to begin with. It does not matter who the person is that points that out. And as a Raider fan and son of a former San Francisco Homicide Inspector, I wish the Raiders would not associate itself with or market to people who embrace the gang culture. The gang culture needs to end, it really does.

  53. The league does not recruit these kids from the inner city as Geraldo claims. The NFL gets them from unGodly places like Harvard, Stanford, Oklahoma and Univ. of Alabama, Ga Tech. And “can’t take the hood out of the kid”… so university recruiters should visit white suburbia only? and leave the hood to the hoods?
    But Geraldo is a liberal … so I’m sure he is right.

  54. Rush will be right about this, and all of his detractors will conveniently forget they disagreed. Add this to the concussion problems and opposition to the NFL will build. I am, BTW, a diehard Eagles fan who loves the NFL, but I think too many people are sticking their heads in the sand.

  55. Geraldo peaked when he was singing “Rico Suave”. Oops, wrong character!

    Still, these two pinheads are saying the whole is rotten because of Hernandez? Thanks for not generalizing, boys!

  56. Yes, I said innocent man, because he’s innocent until proven guilty, and that used to mean something in this country.

    whoever said “innocent until proven guilty” was part of the moral backbone of public opinion. I have no problem picking a side and then admitting I was wrong if need be..

    Casey ANthony was found not guilty but 99% of America “knows” she was guilty.. Are we all wrong on that one?

  57. What Geraldo and Limbaugh over looking facts, wow that is highly unusual for these idiots. Also contrary to the preferred narrative, many players of color are no more ” inner city” than any one else. I guess Geraldo was right mommas don’t let your kids wear hoodies

  58. Hernandez doesn’t come from the inner city. These two idiots are mostlyusing inner city as code for black and in the case latino.

  59. Rivera hit the nail on the head again. He’s right. It’s only a matter of time before gang members like Romo, Brees, Brady and Adrian Peterson get exposed. Wait until all of the gang activity of Peyton Manning makes the news. I hear Manning makes Hernandez look like a choir boy with all of the caps he busted in people’s ass. Alledgedly…..

  60. Geraldo is far from a conservative hack. He often takes quite liberal positions. People who actually watch Fox News would know that instead of getting their knowledge from media matters and more commonly John Stewart. I don’t agree with Rush’s statement but you really are splitting hairs picking apart Geraldos statement. He’s trying to make a larger point. And he is correct when he says many of these players are fatherless. I don’t see the issue here with his statements besides being incorrect on the 10% remark.

  61. That’s right, when people speak out against bad people and issues, let’s trash them politically on a blog post. Real smart.

  62. Just because you have many guys that are good in the NFL doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge problem with guys like Hernandez in the NFL. You don’t need a majority for it to be considered a problem.

    remember sam hurd?

  63. the vast majority of people in Chicago are not gang members, so does that mean there isn’t a gang problem in Chicago?

  64. It’s MORE than that. it’s a culture of no respect…whether a linebacker or safety wants to rip a quarterback’s head-off or injure him to put him out of the game. there’s NO RESPECT for another’s well-being. until that is regained…this problem will only get worse

  65. Geraldo and Limbaugh are tools. They are irrelevant and no one cares about them. They’re just trying to get publicity. A guy I work with is a gang banger. Subsequently, everyone else employed by the company must be a gang banger. It’s common knowledge.

  66. Corporate business has a insider problem
    Sports–has its big money problems
    People are generally not at a advantage–for those two things..
    If Hernandez made any mistake–its that he got caught up in image–rather than learn about reality..
    The Hernandez story has all the ignorance of mob tactics.

  67. Have you ever studied the political affiliations of those who commit murder and similar crimes? The overwhelming majority of those convicted of such crimes identify themselves as democrats. Bill Maher suggested that rednecks vote republican. I would suggest that over 95% of those in Federal prison are democrats………..not politically correct, but true.

  68. I’m still trying to understand why there always seems to be someone else to blame for one’s actions it don’t make no damn sense.
    people do what they do and they should be held accountable for their actions.
    wtf is this nation doing? this sort of media reporting should be banned

  69. I come here for Football Talk. Period. If I want left wing spin I’ll go to CNN, ABC,NBC,MSNBC, etc.. Like any small sample of American society there is Good, Bad, Ugly, Self Centered, Ignorant, Self absorbed, or Criminals, parasites, entitled, and of course Enlightened etc.. BUT if you want to push an agenda subtly… I’ll take my business elsewhere. Coming to you from the most corrupt state in the Union- Pennsylvania

  70. Does anyone else find it funny,
    I don’t agree with what they said, we make our own fate, and dirt bags like Hernadez are just a small % of the 1600 players on the regular season rosters and 2700 players on the training camp rosters.
    But the bashing of Limbaugh, Rivera and Tebow on this site seems strange next to the defending of Ray Ray and Vick and company here,
    Go figure…

  71. Seems pretty short-sighted to take one fragmented piece and say it embodies the whole.

    Limbaugh is a white male – so I guess he’s part of a culture that contains the KKK, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Neo-Nazi groups, etc. So does that make the white culture guilty for the acts of the lunatic fringe?

    Geraldo is a hispanic male — so what about Richard Ramirez, the Mexican mafia, East L.A.?

    Thing is — this was not an NFL thing. It was an idiot thing — that can be traced to one moron: Hernandez.

  72. I never agree with anything these two men say, but today hell freezes over because the NFL is a gang-infested bastion of less than admirable and honorable men who bring their love of murderous violence to our TV screens every Sunday.

  73. What the hell do these two idiots know about the NFL. Especially that fat blob-. They don’t play the game nor have they (by the looks of them) ever played sports beyond pickup games. For every Aaron Hernandez there are ten or more players who have foundations to assist people. Example would be Ladarius Webb of the Ravens with the time and money he spends on police boys clubs. If these two clowns (and I mean clowns since they are not journalists) would focus on issues instead of the arcane and the mundane. Rivera has been married 5 times plus fathered children out of wedlock and Limburger of course is the fat dady of cocaine-real men-laughable! They too belong to a gang-a gang of idiots.

  74. There are definitely issues with a number of NFL players and their inability to keep out of trouble – although the most common offense by league players tends to be DUI-related. In fact, your average NFL player has a fewer number of serious criminal charges filed against them in their lifetime than, well, Rush Limbaugh.

  75. Jim Carrey may not be promoting Kickass 2, but I bet he’s still cashing the paychecks.

    Limbaugh was right. Aaron Hernandez may be an exception to the typical NFL murderer rule, but gangs are a problem in and around the NFL and nobody knows it more than… Darrent Williams and Sean Taylor. In fact a few years ago the NFL felt so strongly about it they addressed players throwing gang signs. They hired experts to watch game tapes and identify signs and players that were using them. “There have been some suspected things we’ve seen. When we see it, we quietly jump on it immediately, directly with the team and the player or employee involved to cease and desist. Period.” – Milt Ahlerich, the league’s vice president of security.

  76. Limbaugh will use any opportunity to make veiled racial comments. I can guarantee if this situation happened in hockey, he wouldn’t say anything. Heck, I bet if it was Tom Brady who was accused of these crimes, we wouldn’t have anything to say.

  77. chiselmonkey says:
    Jun 28, 2013 7:48 PM
    I’m just guessing that Hernandez has “Blood” tattooed on his hand because he’s donor, and he’s a selfless advocate.

    It actually says “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.”

  78. Limbaugh and Rivera – two of the worlds biggest loudmouths. They yap excessively and generally say nothing. Best if ignored.

  79. Mostly drivel from Limbaugh and Geraldo, but I will guarantee you it’s going to come out that plenty of people within the Patriots organization knew Hernandez was on the wrong path and did nothing about it because their culture is to keep things quiet and because he was a star on the field. Virtually impossible that he was hanging with a crowd like that, doing those sorts of things completely unnoticed.

  80. Let me make sure I understand this – Geraldo Rivera and Rush Limbaugh are sharing with us – the gum chewing public – the deeper meaning of this sad little tale.

    This is a joke, right?

  81. All I have to say is that Massachusetts has the most restrictive gun laws in the country…how did that work out for Mr. Lloyd?

    Hey..Lagg1, Hernandez gave 50k to the My Kraft I guess that makes him an awesome dude. Lets see where Ladrarius Webb is in 10 years before we sanctify him for giving to the boys club.

  82. Its hard speak on being in gang if u never lived that life style sum people grow up n different place sum chose different path sum can never let go money make u have more friends give u more power….in realty your just a person makeing wrong moves….

  83. chi01town says:
    Jun 28, 2013 5:23 PM
    Limbaugh can go hide under a sheet like we know he will do anyway. and Geraldo can go choke
    on a Taco. this is the NFL and this is our game.
    whose game Chio? A bunch of murdering animals? Nice post, and by the way I’m Mexican and I love Tacos. Maybe you can choke on Blunt or so Syzurp.

  84. I listened today, Rush was simply commenting on what Gerlado said, not making a statement on his own. Wish you would either pay attention or not just stir up crap Smith… so irresponsible and lame.

  85. How are they going to blame Hernandez’ murderous rampage (ALLEGEDLY) on the NFL. When you consider ALL of the players and the number that get arrested (let’s say convicted because you can get arrested for a lot of things, but that doesn’t make you guilty). As long as I’m not working at another company doing the same line of work as my primary employer, my employer can’t be held responsible for my actions OFF THE CLOCK. That would be like saying ALL talk show radio hosts are drug abusers and ALL FOX News employees are alduterers. Or, some of them. Of course not the ones that come from a 2 parent home living in the suburbs, just the other ones.

  86. I mean if you really think about it… there’s this one derelict out of, what… 1,600+ NFL players? Looking at statistics from a societal standpoint, I think Rivera’s statements about raising ‘kids’ once they get to the NFL are uninformed. Sure this one deranged lunatic potentially killed at least 3 people, but what about the other 99.9% of active NFL players who manage to stay out of trouble? I just think it’s a weak argument.

    Hernandez deserves the apparently imminent life without parole sentence he’ll receive and it’s all truly a shame.

  87. There are about 2000 players in NFL and just a handful get in trouble each year. Hundreds of players are involved in their communities and work with kids. Why doesn’t Rush and Geraldo talk about those players!

  88. Uh aren’t these two morally corrupt fools now trying to make their own money off of Hernandez and the situation ?

  89. Rivera actually contradicted himself by bringing up Tebow, because Hernandez wasn’t just his teammate, they were even roommates for a time. Hernandez was also surrounded by mature men who backed up their lifestyle with great success like Brady and Belichick…yet it still didn’t keep him out of trouble. So what is the NFL magically supposed to do? Babysit him 24/7?

    I’m not saying there’s NOTHING more they can do, but placing the blame on the league is insane. Ultimately the NCAA is much more responsible for these types of “not maturing” issues for the way that they’re pushed right through with no education, but even moreso the blame goes directly to the individuals. Difficult circumstances such as his father dying or growing up in a certain neighborhood can make things much more tough for some than others, but ultimately we’re all respnsible our own actions. Those circumstances can describe us, but they don’t have to define us.

  90. Welcome to Corporate America … yes, the same Corporate America that Geraldo & Limbaugh are owned by. Yes, the same Corporate America that Geraldo & Limbaugh promote with every fiber in their beings. I can’t think of two bigger hypocrites on planet Earth.

  91. Rivera hasn’t been caught LYING on air in a while so whatever. Let’s ask Rush how he feels about black quaterbacks and the media, I bet we still get the same hate he spewed at ESPN.

  92. Rush should blame the Conservative universities in the most conservative states (ie., the SEC) for creating this culture of entitlement where they value money and winning over integrity and doing the right thing by holding them accountable for their crimes.

    Don’t think University of Florida would ever be considered a “conservative university” and last time I checked Florida is a swing state so saying that it is a conservative state is not always accurate. Facts are stubborn things!

  93. I don’t think there’s much “conservative” about any academic institution that is public.

    nyyjetsknicks says: Jun 28, 2013 4:04 PM

    I thought more guns equals less gun violence? Isn’t that the rights position. Guns don’t kill people, movies and television that show violence do. Now, lets attack Jim Carrey because he refuses to promote his new movie which contains gun violence.
    If Carrey really wanted my respect on his anti gun agenda, he’d walk the walk by refusing ever to be in any movie with guns in them. But no..he’s a hypocrite like a lot of people who scream their opinions on Twitter, etc. but don’t prove it with their actions.

  94. Geraldo and Limbaugh are right. I’ve been saying for decades that NFL and mob/gang in one in the same.

    The Manning brothers and the Brady Gang (aka Brady Bunch) are rival gang members secretly using the NFL to distribute drugs and prostitution. Farve, on of their customers, was caught only a couple of years ago with some hoochie named Sterger.

    Its all a front man. I’m glad this Hernandez guy got busted. Now we can just the whole operation down and ban football across America. We are only recruiting new gang members. Something MUST be done. Think of the children!!!!!

  95. Of course this is only my opinion but Rivera and “Limberger” are NOTHING more than hot air bags… NOTHING MORE !!!
    That said, I had heard about the idea of the NFL doing more to mentor new players into the league is definitely needed.
    In average , every day, sports talk with fans here I have heard some great ideas for programs that would help but the problem is that the owners, the league and the players association would not work together… and this is where a lot of it gets tricky because it would involve a LAW or two by the Federal Govt. to MAKE all three to follow the laws and rules or get penalized VERY HEAVILY… Punishment WITH A HARSH BITE to it… Ahh, heck, nothing like that or anything else that would actually do any good is going to happen anyway and we will have to continue to suffer with Rivera and “Limberger”… and a continuing rise in crime in the NFL and now the college ranks as well…

  96. If one reads the links to Limbaugh, one will see that Limbaugh is mainly talking about how Rivera wasn’t being hammered in the press for his comments like Rush was in 2007 (date of first link above). Interesting how Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports who wrote on July 1, 2013:

    ” Athletic culture trumped Hollywood culture.

    This is no longer the case. Jay-Z, a rapper who glorifies his former life as a drug dealer, has far more cultural influence than LeBron James. Jay-Z is this generation’s Joe D, and Beyonce is Marilyn Monroe.

    Al Capone is a bigger deal than Babe Ruth.”

  97. As a criminal lawyer who tries cases involving gangs, gang shootings, etc., I must say that neither of these opinionated ass…. know a damn thing about gangs. I’d love to hear if Limbaugh knows a damn thing about Bloods and Crips except they’re the names of black gangs. Would either of these douche-bags venture a guess as to Hernandez’s gang? Well, according to these geniuses, Hernandez must be in a gang because he has a lot of tattoos and he’s Latin, so what is it, fellas, Surenos or Nortenos.

    These stupid haters are just like their listeners, closet-case fascists and racists whose favorite form of exercise is jumping to wild conclusions. Why anyone except the very dull-witted would ever take them seriously is beyond me.

  98. 98% of NFL players do not get in trouble with the law at all. In fact the percentage of American citizens who are not pro athletes that get arrested is higher than the number of pro athletes. When people like Rush and Geraldo get on their soapbox spouting this nonsense they expose their intellectual laziness and instead want to lump the entire league and the overwhelming majority of law-abiding players and team personnel with the actions of a very small percentage. They confuse the degree of attention the offenders get with the prevalence or lack thereof of total offenders.

  99. 29 arrests since the Super Bowl. Now if we assume that is 29 different players, although we know that’s not the case when you look at Titus Young who accounted for at least 3 arrests himself, that still leaves 1667 NLF players who haven’t been arrested or 98% of the players in the league. So that clearly indicates that the overwhelming majority of players get into no trouble at all. Now if we compare that arrest rate to the general public the rate is 3% (9,537,673 of 311,591,917 in 2011). So their assumption are not only lame but completely ignores the truth.

  100. Geraldo Rivera is a blowhard POS that doesn’t pay his bills. I worked for a company that did work for him on his home in Bernardsville, NJ & after accepting everything as acceptable & never complaining, he stiffed us for the $1,500.00 bill. This guy has zero credibility & is a scumbag.

  101. @ miguel3557

    Right you are a criminal lawyer with your grammar & writing skills. You passed the bar?? There is hope for everyone if that’s true.

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