Kluwe makes a Hernandez joke on Conan


As part of his tour to promote his new book, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, Raiders punter Chris Kluwe appeared Thursday night on Conan.

Kluwe explained his public support of same-sex marriage, which was sparked by the efforts of Maryland Delegate Emmett C. Burns to compel the Ravens to quiet linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo.  Kluwe has used that moment to become a vocal advocate of the cause.

“What about the NFL?” host Conan O’Brien asked.  “Where’s the NFL in all this.”

“They pretty much left me alone,” Kluwe said.  “As long as you’re not out shooting people . . . .”

“It is like you you’ve got a pretty easy bar to clear there,” O’Brien said.

It was a pretty easy grab for low-hanging fruit, but the whole topic still seems a little too fresh for late-night jokes.  Still, Kluwe always speaks his mind, and he definitely spoke his mind on Conan.

49 responses to “Kluwe makes a Hernandez joke on Conan

  1. This guy is such a clown lol. He thinks he deserves everything in the world and if somebody tries to provide a opinion different than his he freaks out

  2. Marquette King is going to won the job anyways, so who cares about his time with Oak.

  3. He better hope Hernandez doesn’t win his bail appeal, lest he be found in a lake somewhere.

  4. At first I liked kluwe for his outspoken nature. Now I just wish the punter would know his role and take Brian Cashman’s advise for A Rod. He went from respectable to annoying real quick.

  5. Kluwe only arms himself with the sidearm of love, the rifle of understanding, and the bazooka of equality. All selectable weopons on Sparkleponies the video game.

  6. Not too soon. It was directed at Hernandez, not the people who died. Whether or not Hernandez actually killed anybody, he rolled with the wrong people, conducted himself in a bad manner, and has made himself the target of jokes and ridicule.

  7. I’m tired if hearing about Chris Kluwe. Why does he get to go on Conan? I’d be a good guest. I’m probably the world record holder for time spent smelling my finger.

  8. Too fresh for what? He’s making fun of a guy who flushed his lottery ticket down the toilet before he even turned a quarter century.

    This guy deserves to be the butt of all jokes from now to eternity.

  9. I’m a naive 20something and I know better than to EVER say anything like that. I don’t watch Conan much since he left NBC, but I hope his audience booed this clown. Making light of someone’s murder is beyond insensitive; in fact it’s evil. I wouldn’t expect to keep my job, Kluwe, you hypocritical idiot. Cut him Raiders!

  10. Stay classy Krissy. I don’t understand why anyone would care about what this punter has to say about his liberal agenda. Only the Raiders would pick up a clown like this.

  11. Full disclosure…

    I’m a long suffering, die hard Raider’s fan.
    That was in poor taste, and the door can’t hit Kluwe
    in the rear soon enough for me!

  12. Any idiot can speak the useless garbage of an even less useful mind. Kris Klueless is going to talk himself right off of the platform he would in no wise have without the NFL.

  13. I stand by my belief that the only two ways a punter should be on a late night talk show is if he just took home Super Bowl MVP honors or saved people from a burning building.

  14. It seems his stance on gay marriage is more of a look at me, look what I support, than for the real cause. Nobody cut you, the NFL isn’t going to fine you because of this. Get over yourself.

  15. Why is the guy criticized so much for speaking his mind? He said nothing wrong. In fact, his statement didn’t mention anyone’s name specifically and that kind of statement is made ALL THE TIME. Just because 1 NFL player is in the midst of being a murder suspect, doesn’t make Kluwe’s statement more or less wrong thatn it was before. Harmless statement that will now be taken out of proportion by the media.

  16. kinggator
    Jun 28, 2013, 4:39 AM MDT
    Sadly some fans will have a bigger problem withKluwe’s views over Hernandez’s actions.
    Even more sadly, people like you will automatically assume that if anyone disagrees or denounces Kluwe’s views. Love how everyone is supposed to be tolerant of everything nowadays. Except we can’t be tolerant of those that disagree with the current en vogue social issues.

  17. General comment, the NFL clearly would rather players do just about anything than killing people. Call it a jab at Hernandez, but truth is truth.

  18. My issues with Chris is that he is in favor of disarming every american…

    (@ChrisWarcraft) wants to ban guns “solely designed to kill people,”

    Last time I checked all guns are designed to kill…

    I respect your right to the 1st amendment NOW please respect the rest of ours to the 2nd

  19. This guy is tiresome.
    …and for your own well being, and you may not want to poke too much fun at Mr. Hernandez right now, capeesh?

  20. Surprised Kluwe was calmed down enough to go on Conan after being hung up earlier yesterday. Brotherhood 2000 +13!!!

  21. Yeah, don’t like this guy, not for his beliefs or political views, I just can’t root for him.

    Don’t care if he punts the ball 90 freakin yards. There is just something about this guy that says “controversy”. He has his own agenda and we don’t need him involved with the new direction we are going.

    He’s the kind of guy that will cause problems in the locker room. you can just see it in him.

    WTF is a “sparkle freakin pony?”

    Hope King shows up strong in camp! I am already tired of his Shtick…


  22. Too soon for an aaron Hernandez joke??? Are you kidding me, Hernandez is a joke.
    To think that this guy is a pro and like it or not, some kid somewhere looked up to this clown. A guy who also calls himself a father shouldnt be anywhere near this situation, I dont care about your past.
    I’m tired of hearing about these out of control athletes.

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