NFL declines to promote Obamacare


The President wants a favor from the NFL, unrelated to avoiding an international incident with Russia.  The NFL has told him nyet.

According to the Washington Post, the league won’t be assisting with the promotion of Obamacare.  The administration had asked the NFL and other sports leagues to help increase awareness of the details of the law, which sooner enters a new phase of its implementation.

“We have responded to the letters we received from members of Congress to inform them we currently have no plans to engage in this area and have had no substantive contact with the administration about [the health-care law’s] implementation,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Post.  (That’s a long, drawn-out way of saying, “We’re staying out of this.”)

The decision comes in response to efforts from members of Congress to persuade sports organizations to remain, yes, on the sidelines.

“It is difficult to understand why an organization like yours would risk damaging its inclusive and apolitical brand by lending its name to its promotion,” Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senator John Cornyn (R-Tex.) said in a letter to the NFL, the NBA, MLB, the NHL, NASCAR, and the PGA.

Hopefully, the NFL extracted in return for its decision not to promote Obamacare a promise from Republicans to leave the league alone on topics like stripping the NFL of its tax-exempt status and banning blackouts of games at publicly-funded stadiums.  (Dolphins owner Stephen Ross also would appreciate it if the party disowns Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford.)

173 responses to “NFL declines to promote Obamacare

  1. Correct decision. Politics needs to stay in politics and not invade EVERYthing. Liberals need to understand this.

  2. Obamacare’s one of the best things to come out of Washington in the past 40 years, but the NFL’s right to not promote it. Why would they? Even if it had a 100% approval rating, why would the NFL get involved?

  3. Translation: We won’t support any healthcare program as long as our benefits cover our own expenses.

  4. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican(and generally strongly dislike both), but this is pathetic on a new level. There’s pandering to the crowd, and then there’s not even trying to hide it anymore.

  5. Michael Jordan put it best: republicans and democrats both buy shoes.. why would the nfl take any kind of stance on any political issue and risk alienating half it’s fan base?

  6. this won’t be posted but…if obamacare was any good it wouldn’t need frickin sport leagues to promote it . . . . . fact is, this law is as pathetic as its namesake and nobody wants to be associated with it

  7. He (POTUS) asked and they (NFL) said no…no problem, no harm done.

    Oh…and the faint buzzing you hear in your phone’s earpiece is just your imagination.

  8. So Florio. Was the NFL asked to provide informative information for their millions of blue-collar, working fan base so folks can access features of the Affordable Care Act or were a bunch of millionaires not in need of the Act asked to support Obama?

    If the NFL is doing the Republicans a favor by not doing the working class a favor, then it will be a sad future for professional sports, in general.

    Openly engaging in partisan politics will destroy Goodell and team and push political opposition to hold accountable the lavish excess of professional sports leagues by taxing them like every other corporation.
    Oh wait. Under Republicans, corporations are people and they have voted not to pay taxes. Sheesh! Silly me.

  9. Yee-haw. Git r dun, NFL. Don’t tread on me! Soshalist muslim turrorist helthcare ain’t for my team! Damn welfare junkies!

    Now, where’s the revenue sharing check for my small market club and why hasn’t the city agreed to build a new stadium to entertain my fat arse?!!!!

  10. Smart move. Frankly, I’ve had enough political crap to last a lifetime.

    I certainly don’t want political crap mixed in with my football. Sports should be a “political free” zone….

  11. They shouldn’t use their influence to try propagate the new Tax being levied against us, but on the same note, shouldn’t be given tax exempt status for any reason.

  12. I’m glad the NFL decided to avoid this mess, but it would have been pretty funny to see players taken off the field on carts with “Obamacare” painted on the sides of them.

  13. As long as nobody paid with our tax money behaves childishly, I guess I’m ok with that.

  14. I applaud the NFL’s stance here. The NFL has ZERO responsibility on promoting the Affordable Care Act to the American public. The NFL needs to focus on it’s image after that bubblegum chewing, tatted up idiot that likes to shave lines in his eyebrows tarnished the shield!

  15. Are you kidding? Republicans? How about you hope Obama don’t be sending the IRS up the a$$ of the NFL now? Unbelievable.

  16. If it’s a matter of simply educating the players on what they’re afforded under the law, then why not? The republicans are simply doing everything in their power to stop the spread of people using the new services so that they can claim its failing.

  17. The media and entertainment industries are merely propaganda tools. To divert attention or to garner public support. Agenda-setting and framing: mass influence in a democracy.

  18. wow when was the last time the prez asked the NFL to support a plan. good for the NFL they arent a political supporter and shouldnt be stupid move

  19. I predict that in a matter of hours, this article will rise to the #1 most commented story on the power of PFTs healthy supply of anti-Obama trolls. 3–2—1 GO!

  20. Why wouldn’t you want to support this ?? Its from the same guys that brought you such classics as …

    The IRS.. now with more I !!
    Postal Service …soon to be on time!!
    EPA …Y do these guys have guns??!!
    Border Patrol…No Mongols since 1776

    It’s a train wreck waiting to happen …oh that reminds me

    AmTrack…cause who wants to be anywhere fast!!

  21. Hope and Change. I’ve got no hope, spent all my change. I don’t know which is worse -a ridiculous government program that’s bankrupt before it starts, or an opposition that relies on strong-arming instead of the truth.

  22. Good. Take your crap ass government ins somewhere else. But let’s penalize/tax the crap out of employers that offers their employees far better insurance. Cool! A lot of SMB’s are going to be adversely affected by this and no businessman is going to get behind this BS of a plan that gives more control to the government

  23. You’ve gotta be some kind of poor politic to ask someone else, ahem The NFL, the politic for you.
    Just another sign the presidency is leagues and leagues and leagues and leagues away from the common voter.

  24. Smart of the NFL to stay out of such a polos rising subject. While we are at it, keep all politics away from sports. Sports are supposed to be the outlets from the daily garbage we pleebs have to put up with… Let’s not muck up the water, shall we?

  25. If it were such a great idea, you wouldn’t have to make it a law and then ask sports leagues to promote it. This admin is on an even greater power trip than the previous one, which is a pretty scary thought.

  26. Very shrewd move on the part of the NFL. Obamacare, unless amended in quite a few areas, is going to stifle job growth and be an all around headache for the country for years to come. Glad they decided not to back this horse.

  27. A friend of mine is a CPA for high networth individuals and he once told me a story about a local athlete who was just drafted and signed his first contract. After showing him his take home pay, the athlete remarked “the government is taxing me how much?!” At that moment, he said he witnessed another person convert to bring a republican.

  28. Can you imagine millions of guys several beers in staring blankly while an announcer drones on about the finer points of Obamacare. Cue the Charlie Brown voiceover “Wa wah, wawa wah wa waah.”

  29. I bet they’re still butthurt over the letter concerning the R-word used to promote the team operated in the Nation’s Capitol.

  30. Yes, heaven knows the GOP the would never want government to help average Americans.

    The only thing that will make them happy is if only rich white males can vote, and everyone else pays their taxes. Oh, yeah, and more corporate welfare, please.

  31. The NFL has no business promoting a political issue. I would be beyond disgusted if any professional sports league actively promoted Obamacare. It would be unwise to do so because they would be alienating probably about half their fans who don’t support it. This law is probably the worst piece of legislation in decades. My father and other members of my family are business owners and I cannot even begin to describe why this law is bad. It is already having financial consequences on my family and will soon for my fathers employees. And all of the members of my family have way less than the required number of employees that they would be mandated to provide insurance. My father has 6 employees and already provides them insurance but this law has made increasingly expensive to continue to do so. The insurance company is having a meeting with some business owners and it will be interesting how much they will be willing to say about why premiums have gone up as much as they have as well as a whole host of other problems that this law has caused.

  32. I would love for Florio or some other lawyer explain to me how the League is able to operate as a “non-profit” and therefore avoid paying taxes? I’m sure it’s legal according to present laws, but doesn’t the mere fact of a Billion $$ enterprise qualifying for tax-exempt status suggest our tax codes are a joke?

  33. No place in sports for politics! !! There its enough with normal sports politics already

  34. Good for the NFL. It’s a league of owners that became wealthy because of our capitalist society, something the turd in the White House is determined to destroy. Obama will go down as one of the 3 worst presidents in history but all the sheep that voted for him are too stupid to see that.

  35. Great move by the NFL not to promote the (Un)Affordable Care Act.

    Most people in the U.S. have no idea of the brewing crap storm that is Obamacare.

  36. Ask anybody who has to make a payroll and has had to lay people off and wonder if their business will survive what they think of this President and this law. Guarantee it will not be good.

  37. But Premier Obama wants to insert his central planning into every aspect of American life. The NFL shall be DISBANDED and labeled a dissident.

    This president is a pompous jerk.

  38. johnnyoclock says:
    Jun 28, 2013 10:09 PM
    Correct decision. Politics needs to stay in politics and not invade EVERYthing. Liberals need to understand this.
    Like the bedroom?

  39. American politicians…keeping their eye on the most important issues of the day, like what sports teams do with their promotional dollars.

    Amazing that the greatest country on Earth can do no better than these clowns in Congress.

  40. Lol, since when does the NFL care about health care?

    Also, how is a $10 billion league tax exempt? Doesn’t that seem like a windfall? You and I have to pay taxes, but billionaires and millionaires don’t? Welfare for the wealthy, my friends.

  41. I think the NFL is wise to avoid taking sides on such a polarizing topic.

    That said…I see many comments here that I disagree with. First, those saying Goodell just earned points with them are lying. It is likely they will turn on him within just a few posts from now.

    Second, saying that a player signing a contract sees how much the government takes switches to republican is just stupid. Because the government took the precisely same amount or more during the previous republican administration.

    Thirdly, everyone wanted cuts in spending. Especially republicans. Ironically, those saying Obamacare has hurt them are complaining as a result of cuts in spending. Not because of Obamacare, which is barely imemented in all but two states thus far (and both of those states operate in a surplus as a result).

    See, people listen to the media and pass judgement according to what they hear. They listen to guys like Rush and Glen Beck and buy into their lies and deceptions. Everyone “knows” someone that Obamacare has directly hurt. Even though it isn’t really implemented yet.

    Employers use Obamacare as an excuse to stop paying for healthcare, telling their peolle they can no longer aford to pay health insurance. Its a crock. Because it hasn’t been enforced on businesses yet. They are lying thru their teeth.

  42. if this program is so great then why doesn’t congress and the people who work in government not have to be covered by it? and if they are why are they seeking an exemption for themselves? things might work allot people in this country if lawmakers had to live by the same rules they want us to. that would mean no cushy health care and pension plans for them. also why doesn’t anybody know what’s in this law? why do they need 2,000 pieces of paper to pass a law when the constitution is like 5 pages? and why is the liberal douche that runs this site always pushing his left wing gay agenda on those of us who come here for FOOTBALL!

  43. eshine76 says: Jun 28, 2013 10:58 PM

    A friend of mine is a CPA for high networth individuals and he once told me a story about…”

    This makes my case. It’s always “…a friend…”

  44. I am perversely entertained by conservatives’ discontent by Obamacare. I kinf of enjoy the fact deprived rants, and resolute objection to its implementation. It makes me feel good to know that at least I side with reason and not parinoia. It’s evident that by the comments I have read by those that disagree with the Afforafable Healthcare Act, that the majority don’t have a clue what is actually in the law. I just read regurgitation of right wing talking points. Basically, the talking points of people that have a vastly different interest than those that do the regurgitation. Entertaining.

  45. thank goodness. I was a bit worried on this one, I don’t care what your political views are, because we are discussing FOOTBALL.

    so glad they will keep the two separate.

  46. Considering how much the left-leaning politicians give the NFL crap over the name “Redskins,” I don’t blame the NFL for telling those same pols to pound sand.

  47. Fact: The top ten states in level of education per capita are all blue states.
    Fact: The bottom ten states in a adult literacy are all red states.

  48. seems like a waste of time for both parties

    Democrats – Really?! These guys dont need any help with their healthcare package. There is more than enough money in the NFL to get them the best haethcare possible. Its like asking Trump to use the system, he doesnt need it

    Republicans – Really?! Dont you have anything better to do than run around saying no? Where are your ideas?! Mitch McConnell is connected to China espionage somehow…

  49. Interesting, a move in the right direction, where we can provide widespread affordable healthcare for the nation at large, gets negative comments. Possibly a lack of education. More likely a bunch of selfish individuals who want to gain from a society, but not contribute to it!

  50. It would be great if the NFL stayed out of politics, but the fact is they are VERY much in bed with the GOP and have been for a long time. The NFL is owned by billionaires and their interests are best met by Republicans and the upper 1%. Its no shock the NFL would pass on this.

  51. I not worrying myself on nothing man say or do because they not in control of nothing. Because what’s for the people’s that needs it a way are going to be made, we don’t own anything know way. If the plan is right for the people’s it going to work with or without the votes, because it already been set in motion.

  52. Obamacare is great for those who aren’t paying for it. Unfortunately every hard working taxpayer is paying for it… which is why only partisan organizations and the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z support it. Everyone who cares about the opinion of tax payers is opposed.

  53. The NFL is right on this one, whether you’re a supporter of the Affordable Health Care Act or not. Politics should be kept from the game; we already get the veiled patriotism and military industrial complex shoved down our throats.
    Can imagine having the blowhard Rush being a franchise owner? Just imagine where the league would be if he was in on the collective bargaining a couple years ago?
    Heck, imagine if Bush succeeded in privatizing social security before he bankrupted America along with Congress?
    Football and retirement would’ve been over as we know it.

  54. The NFL is probably right in choosing not to allow advertising/awareness ads for Obamacare. Many people, such as 90% of the people commenting on this story, would construe it as political promotion. However, this is precisely why awareness for Obamacare needs to be raised.

    “Ads” for Obamacare in NFL or other major sporting leagues would not be for the sole purpose of raising support. Rather, the primary goal would be to raise awareness about the changing laws, such as Medicaid expansion and the healthcare exchange beginning enrollment in October 2013 and taking effect 2014. Many of the people who are currently uninsured are unaware of how the law is supposed to help them, and major sporting events would be an effective way to spread awareness.

    Healthcare in the US is a mess and unsustainable. Obamacare doesn’t fix it, but at least its progress from where we were. Face it; it is a law. Whether you agree or disagree, why not try to enlighten some folks about what is does?

  55. Does this site have any way of knowing if I simply read articles and comments, without “signing in”? Like the gov’t. listening in to my highly subversive phone calls to Domino’s for a pizza? Or the mysterious freeze-ups at my home page?

    They can’t know? Great!

    I’m outta this socialist utopian website.

  56. People,need to be aware of,what Obamacare will do to this,country. Lot of folks of here are giving first hand accounts already, The USA as we know it will be destroyed by this president. He is a Muslim radical, voted in by black,people just ” so one of their,kind” can be president and give them handouts. What is interesting is all the educated black people are republicans and hate this president because they want to keep what they have worked for and realize the middle class is being destroyed by Osama Ben Bama simply because he is unqualified to be president ….has n leadership skills…..

  57. I love my President, when we stop bashing people and see that it’s the benefit of us ALL. Canada has free health care for all, it’s about other people not yourself. NFL stands for other things why not support health care for all people seriously put politics aside and understand people lives are at risk

  58. I guess then the NFL definitely won’t be going forward with his plan for the “Sack Tax.”

  59. Well I can tell you that the NFL owners, administrators, players, and family members will all soon be receiving a visit from the IRS. When you don’t tow the line with this administration, there are things they can do to make your life VEEEERRRRYYYY shall we say……..uncomfortable.

  60. There is only one thing that will be even better than Obamacare, and that is Hillarycare in 2016. Read ’em and weep, losers.

  61. Obamacare is one of best things ever for future of our Country. You conservative nut jobs must think our healthcare system is great the way it is.
    Get of the comedy channel which is Fox news and learn something.

  62. Obamacare…anyone who actually thinks this is a goodthing is (in my opinion) a blind Democrat and believes what they are told to believe is right.

    Nevermind the fact of what he is doing to our own military and their health benefits/insurance.

    The NFL is the most popular thing since sliced bread and a fake chest. They want the NFL to help make them out to be the good guys. It makes me happy to see so many downvotes on here to Obama and his health plan. It gives me hope that my nation is going to complete garbage.

    Sorry for being political… I hate politics. I just want someone I can trust to lead this country.

  63. Sad that the Prez has to try and get the facts out to the masses this way, because they are to lazy to look it up.

    I love how people just shoot down Obama care, Same people who voted for Romney, who had a very similar plan when he was Gov. Not saying I love Obama care, but people shouldn’t go broke if they get sick or injured. We ultimately get judged by how we treat the old, young, sick and poor.

    The outrage should be at insurance companies and the greed at which they operate.

  64. Note the top two comments: one supporting Obamacare and saying the NFL shouldn’t be involved. One blaming liberals for politics being engrained in society, and saying the NFL shouldn’t be involved.

    And then look at the likes.

    Two people hold the exact same stance, as it relates to the article.

    But somehow it’s liberals that take politics too seriously?

  65. johnnyoclock says:

    “Correct decision. Politics needs to stay in politics and not invade EVERYthing. Liberals need to understand this.”

    You had me until you showed you subscribe to political labels..that mean nothing.

  66. Guys, I’m starting a new campaign.

    It’s called K-POOF!

    Keep Politics Out Of Football!!!!

    Hear that Bob?? Now POOF be gone!

    We ….just…..want…..some…..dayum….football.

    I work my ass off all week. I get hell from my ex wife, bills just keep climbing and you know what? Football is my little escape from life. I just want to crack open a cold ass beer, sit on my couch next to my dog with surround sound and drink a few beers while watching the game I love. Seriously, is that too much to ask?

  67. Economic trainrecks are usually a tough sell

    Amen. That’s why the administration is handing out obamacare exemptions left and right to their buddies.

  68. I met Goodell. He is not the man people make him out to be. His rules and regs are based on the lawsuits being thrust on the NFL. He is a great guy, unbelievably nice, funny, and engaging. He has a way about him that is almost lovable. This right here, not promoting Obamacare, is evidence that he is only doing what he has to do to keep the NFL running smooth. He is a smart guy, way to uppercut the worst President of all time, Roger. PS-Im sure they are tracing my IP address back to my phone. Nanny government is poop

  69. Chairman Obama must be,real angry…dont worry socialists. You always have that mindless crowd from hollywood that will support anything liberal especially if it doesnt,effect them and hurts our country!

  70. @beastfedted—Other than a brain implant, there is no medical procedure that could possibly improve Mitch McConnell.

  71. ……..OMG ……this obamacare really sucks!!!!!

    • As of September 23, 2010, prohibits insurers from denying coverage to children under age 19 based on pre-existing conditions.

    • Prohibits insurers from searching for errors or other technical mistakes on a customer’s application and using those errors to deny payment for services when the customer gets sick.

    • Creates a nationwide program for background checks on employees of long-term care facilities and providers

    • Beginning January 1, 2014, prohibits insurers from excluding people from group plans based on preexisting conditions. Provides $5 billion in subsidies for uninsured people with preexisting conditions (the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or PCIP).

    • Starting January 1, 2011, requires drug manufacturers to give a 50% discount to Part D beneficiaries for brand-name drugs purchased during the coverage gap (also called the “donut hole”).

    • Requires all health plans to cover preventive services and immunizations.

    • Provides $5 billion to reimburse employers for health benefits to retirees and their families.

    • Expands eligibility for Medicaid coverage and extends certain Medicare payment and reimbursement programs.

    • Pays physicians bonuses for providing quality-of-care data to the federal government.

    • Requires individuals who can afford insurance to purchase a policy via a state insurance exchange or other method by January 1, 2014, or face a fine equal to the higher of $695 or 2% of their income.

    • After September 23, 2010, prohibits insurers from establishing lifetime or “unreasonable” annual limits on the dollar value of “essential” benefits.

    • Beginning January 1, 2014, requires insurers to provide coverage for non-dependent children up to age 26.

    • Prohibits employers from limiting eligibility for their company coverage based on wages of full-time employees. Allows employers to vary premiums by up to 30% for participating in health or disease-prevention programs.

    • Through December 31, 2013, requires insurers to refund portions of premiums if their “non-claims” costs exceed 20% (for group plans) or 25% (for individual plans).

    • Beginning in 2014, requires employers with more than 50 full-time employees to provide “affordable” coverage to those employees or pay an annual fine of at least $2,000 per employee — after the first 30 employees. That means that a company with 51 employees would pay $42,000 (21 employees X $2,000 = $42,000) in annual fines.

  72. Does ANY currently profitable business, other than healthcare providers who hired the lobbyists who wrote this bill, want to support this piece of socialist legislation?

  73. There would have been a revolt among the fan base if we had to be subject to government propaganda in the middle of a football game.

    The mainstream press is quite willing to roll over and pee on themselves as part of their worship ritual but the NFL is a business and as such, they made a business decision for what is best for their long term survival.

  74. Most of the comments here tells me it would have been a good idea for the NFL to help spread a little education. Just because you don’t like Obamacare for whatever reason doesn’t mean you won’t need to know how everything works.

  75. jhkayejr says: Jun 28, 2013 10:09 PM

    Obamacare’s one of the best things to come out of Washington in the past 40 years, but the NFL’s right to not promote it. Why would they? Even if it had a 100% approval rating, why would the NFL get involved?

    Obamacare is the best thing to come out of Washington in 40 years? If someone doesn’t have health care they have to pay a $2,500 fine (great policy). If someone is out of work and can’t afford Obamacare how can they pay a $2,500 fine? There’s no logic in this what-so-ever. What happened to the right to choose not to have health coverage? I haven’t had heath coverage in five years and I haven’t been sick once. Funny when I had heath coverage, I was sick every year while getting a flu shot. Again, I haven’t been sick since boycotting the Health system and flu shots all together..

  76. The people who need healthcare are not the NFL base.(at least the ones who can afford to visit games)The rest of us couldn’t care less. Many of us vote against out best interest anyway.

    Of course the owners wanna stay out it. They have a sweetheart deal where citizens pay the freight for stadiums etc. and they get anti-trust exemptions. The rich get richer and they don’t wanna upset the golden goose.

  77. Thank you, National Football League. For those choosing to take this forum to slam the Republicans, you obviously haven’t researched Obamacare, and the absolute disaster piece of legislation it is.

    Remember when BHO told all of us if we liked our health plan, under Obamacare we could keep it? Well, for starters, the one that I liked, and paid for, was eliminated January 1 of this year. I had no choice. I liked it and couldn’t keep it.

    Should I go on? There are many more negative examples I can cite.

  78. Good, he doesn’t realize he is the president, not a marketer. If the law was good, it wouldn’t need to be sold.

  79. lostsok | Jun 28, 2013, 11:07 PM EDT
    Yes, heaven knows the GOP the would never want government to help average Americans.

    The only thing that will make them happy is if only rich white males can vote, and everyone else pays their taxes. Oh, yeah, and more corporate welfare, please.


    Might want to find your sock, it must be where your brain is hiding.

  80. This is not a political issue, well except for the fact that the Republicans can’t let it go. The House Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare 37 times this year alone. Talk about wasting taxpayer money. How about you do some real work and pass a jobs bill that actually helps people get back to work…and no tax cuts for the wealthy does not creat jobs, if it did we’d have full employment.

    This is not “promotion” this a PSA. The NFL and other leagues would be informing people on how to enroll in the health plans…not promote it as a bad thing or a good thing. Whether you like it or not it is the law of the land and it will be implemented.

    I bet half the people ripping Obamacare on this forum will benefit from enrolling but their too stupid to get past their blind ideology and lack the intelligence to understand that the party they love is taking advantage of them.

    The ONLY reason the GOP doesn’t want the NFL to perform this service is so that fewer people enroll and when fewer people enroll fewer people will see the benefits of the health care program. After all the Republicans hot air blowing the last thing they can have happen is for people to realize the truth about Obamacare and realize just how much of a waste of time those 37 votes were.

    You are just a bunch of pawns for rich Republicans and you are proudly serving your master. Nice job idiots.

  81. Kudos to Goodell for making a wise decision, but I find it hard to believe that the commissioner will be able to stand by this under the pressure of the “Almighty King”…….

  82. We missed our chance at a decent presidency when the republicans railroaded Ron Paul out of the nomination. Instead we get the illusion of choice between romney or obama. Lose/lose for us all.

    Glad the nfl stayed out of this mess. I guess Goodell isnt so much of a moron after all!

  83. You know it’s a bad law when you have to ask people to promote it. Asking all of America’s sports. Then I hear now that they are going to get kids to promote it to their parents if one of my kids came home and tried to promote Obamacare to me I would be going to the School to ask them where do they get off trying to use my kid as a Political tool to promote any thing Governmental. To me Obamacare is ruining America because a lot of Americans are looseing jobs or being cut back to part time which is BS.

  84. Obamacare is the worst. What’s worse is that it’s scheduled to slam us only after this guy is out of office. He’ll be sitting their laughing his butt off with someone else in office.

  85. I’m an insurance agent who deals with Obamacare M-F, my football Sundays are my sanity. The last thing I want to see is that. There will be enough propaganda paid for by taxpayers promoting this mess.

  86. I think the leading Democratic Senator who helped write this communistic ObamaCare stated “Obama Care is a train wreck waiting to happen” Der Fuher is still attempting to hit us up side the head with this wasteful bill. Obama has already inlarged our dept to 17 trillion, we’ve borrowed money from Red China,,,unbelievable but he did, and now Obama Care will cause thousands of jobs and health care will rise beyond what a normal American can pay for and the Supreme Court said it was a tax. But after the IRS scandal Obama Care wont get off the floor. Impeach Obama.

  87. Good, Obama and his socialized healthcare is the last thing I want to hear about all season

  88. Meh

    Obamacare will go down as one of the best laws ever implemented and they’ll be carving a 5th spot on Mt Rushmore for him someday.

  89. Obamacare one of the best things to come out of Washington? I didn’t realize Obama was a poster on here. What a disaster.

  90. It appears that over 99% are happy with the NFL’s decision not to get involved and against this mandated healthcare. How in the world did this guy get re-elected?

  91. Polls show about 60% of Americans want Obamacare to be repealed. Based on the comments here, a higher percentage of football fans are against it. I can’t believe the NFL waited this long to tell them no.

  92. Obamacare is pathetic! If its so good why isn’t the President & congress going to get on it? Why are they exempt from Obamacare? Kick that man outta office!

  93. Cowards. Of course what do you expect they are part of the 0ne percent. @footballady52 🏈

  94. I thought Nancy Pelosi said we would all understand the health care act once it was passed.

  95. Well, maybe next time the Federal Government should come up with a better plan that they don’t need to beg sports leagues to promote for them!

    Good on the NFL for staying the heck out of this mess. I watch the NFL for an escape from politics and all the idiocy of Capital Hill, not to hear advertisements promoting new legislation by the brainy members of congress.

    Just my opinion, I may be wrong 🙂

  96. Note to NFL….. You and anyone associated with you will now be subject to IRS AUDITS until you conveniently Chang your mind……. to be continued!!!

  97. Politics would be the death of the nfl. It’s a getaway from the real world every Sunday.

  98. Correct decision. Politics needs to stay in politics and not invade EVERYthing. Liberals need to understand this.

    Its not about politics, its about increasing people’s awareness to their acess to healthcare that they are now legally entitled to. Thats whats wrong with this country today, everyone thinks every issue is about Republicans vs. Democrats, including obviously the NFL commissioner who I might add is married to a female host of a show on Fox News. So this is no surprise. Funny how that important fact is not mentioned in this article.

  99. Obama has lost his moxy……from chants of “OBAMA, OBAMA” to being laughed at and mocked.

    Oh, how the mighty one has collapsed.

  100. I had my hours cut back to under the limit for the “OBAMACARE” law because the small business I work for couldn’t afford it.

    I get angry when I see people with his bumper sticker still on their cars and have to control myself so that I don’t take out my worsening financial situation on them as targets.

  101. What do you call a law that purports to help the middle class and poor and does neither? I’d call it fraud…but maybe that’s just me. One example:now that kids can stay on their parents’ plans until they are 26, who do you think businesses will hire? The single mom who is 27 and needs a job or the 21 year old living at home who has no expenses and no healthcare penalties associated with hiring them?

    One way they are “paying” for the ACA is cutting payments to the doctors of old people on medicare, and those payments are low to begin with.

    I have read a bunch of stuff on this law and anyone who actually likes it is usually naive, knows only a little of what this plan entails, doesn’t work and/or pay for any healthcare anyway or is for it because they are for the president and or his party.

  102. They might not have dentists in the south but from reading these comments it’s clear that the Internet connection down there is stronger than ever.

  103. actually if you read the fine print of ObamaCare, it is free for registered Democrats, carries a hefty fee for registered republicans and the fee is doubled for Tea Party members.

  104. As time goes on and more of this law is implimented, people will realize that they are getting hosed by our government again.

    The hardest hitting stuff in the law doesn’t even take effect until there will be a new President in the White House.

    Just wait until you find out you have a “Cadillac” plan and get taxed 40% income tax on it (And you might get bumped into a higher tax bracket if your insurance premiums are high enough). Or when you realize that you no longer get tax exempt status for your self paid premiums. Or even next year when you find out that you may not be covered on your spouses plan because of a provision in the law that states you must maintain your own coverage if you are covered under a plan now. Example : You get laid off from your job and lose your insurance, but your wife/husband has a plan. You cannot be added to their plan if you were covered in 2013 by another plan. You must buy another plan for yourself.

    Anyway, The list goes on and on. Not much good in it. Especially if you know what is bad in it.

  105. Glad the Prez has time to ask the NFL for help pushing his nightmare plan while ignoring Benghazi and the IRS and AP debacles. Still can’t believe we as a country watched him for 4 years and gave him 4 more. Makes me really wonder about the intelligence of the US.

  106. Eagles512….My feelings exactly…..It makes you wonder where we are headed as a nation after watching for 4 years, not getting the results that were promised, and then people still vote him in again…

  107. First smart thing roger has done since he took over. Tell O-Bummer when he and our useless politicians in Washington use the same healthcare as us citizens, then maybe!!

  108. “Fact: The top ten states in level of education per capita are all blue states.
    Fact: The bottom ten states in a adult literacy are all red states.”

    Ah…the conservatives are uneducated card. No one saw that coming!

    Nevermind the fact that those states also have higher rates of illegal aliens, minority students (not bad, just they tend to do poorly in public education settings), and a different attitude about life then someone from NY or California.

    But those facts don’t matter to lefties.

    Now please tell me I watch Fox News all day long and complete your predictable cycle of garbage.

  109. Reidstinks… are doing on here what Obama is asking the NFL to do…promote moron….Obamacare is being shoved down the peoples throats and the funny thing is…..a very large majority of the American Poeple don’t want it…

  110. exnavysub says: Jun 28, 2013 10:36 PM

    “Good. I dont need any propaganda when im watching football.”

    Then you must be really upset about all the military recruitment that goes on during football games. Not just the commercials and military flyovers, but the announcers praising the troops endlessly and featuring them in the broadcast so that they can sign up the next generation of cannon fodder. If that’s not propaganda, I don’t know what is.

  111. Isn’t it ironic how the NFL cares so much about the health of Americans that they devote an entire month to breast cancer awareness and force all 32 teams to incorporate ugly pink accents into their uniforms and hardly a word of complaint from the fans.

    Yet when asked to help get the word out about how folks should actually obtain TREATMENT for their health issues, suddenly everyone sings an entirely different tune. It seems there’s a huge difference between being AWARE that people are dying, and actually having enough COMPASSION to do anything about it.

  112. The correct decision… keep politics out of all sports… there is no room for the dishonesty of politics in sport… Mr. Goodell for once we agree!!! Thank You

  113. The NFL doesn’t feel like promoting Communism, first wise decision Goodell has made as commissioner.

  114. Every time there is a political post on PFT, the comments make me feel despair for what’s happening to our country. The right and left have both moved so far right in the past 30 years that if the people here really believe what they’re saying they believe about policy, they’d have considered Ronald Reagan a socialist leftie.

  115. ustintuckrule says:
    Jun 29, 2013 12:43 PM
    They might not have dentists in the south but from reading these comments it’s clear that the Internet connection down there is stronger than ever.

    LOL. Ten extra style points for that comment.

  116. I’m a physician who lost his healthcare because of Osamacare. I thought if you were happy with your health care you could keep it? But as an employed doc I had no control.

    For all you liberal yahoos quoting statistics right off the socialist website from the potus, I dare you to read the bill. I tried and I have a BS, MD and am no dummy. It is a cobbled together list if progressive wishes designed to force is to a single payor system. Yes, like the moron hyping Canada care where you wait 6 months to get am MRI for for brain tumor and 9 months for your prostate cancer surgery. Did you know that once implemented it is designed so that it can’t be repealed? Did you know that death panels made up of non specialists will decide what treatments are cost efficacious and at what age you are no longer eligible for treatment?

    You see, our progressive compatriots on this board don’t want to tell you about that. They want to convince you how wonderful it is that your kid can stay on your policy until he is 26. That’s just great!!! At 26 I want my kids married out on their own and working, not sponging off mom and dad.

    Osamacare is the death knell for American medicine as we know it and it is already started. Practices are all selling out to hospitals because they can no longer make ends meet. There will be no more solo practice docs unless you are in a rural area and then there may be none.

    You all don’t know what is about to hit you. I was a highly successful surgeon and just medically retired because I couldn’t take the nonsense anymore. I am 52 years old. Enough said. 2016 can’t come soon enough for me.

  117. The only people who call Reagan a socialist leftie are progressives.

    I’m glad the NFL did what they did. It says all you need to know that the WH feels they need to get the NFL to help them promote a bad piece of legislation.

  118. @ppdoc – Great commentary, and your story is happening all around the medical world. Early retirements, forced mergers, and the overall unintended consequences of this disaster will be seen for the next few years.

    Everyone agrees that “something should be done” to improve Medicine as we know it (keyword: “improve” not “overhaul”). Unfortunately, this bill was not written by providers and physicians closest to the patients, but by insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and most-importantly bureaucrats with socialistic tendencies.

    If anyone truly believes that everyone will now magically be covered and receive quality-care under this law, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Oklahoma to sell you.

  119. 178 comments on this story, mostly praising the NFL for staying out of politics, and I am surprised that not 1 pointed out how the NFL players union, which players like Matt Birk and Adrian Peterson who are outwardly against gay marriage have to put money towards, give money to help legalize and promote gay marriage. That’s not staying out of politics.

    To put my two cents in about Obamacare as well, a lot of people on here just say how terrible it is without actually giving any evidence. There were a few that gave valid points. All I gotta say is that 40% of Americans are either on government sponsered Medicaid or don’t have insurance, which means that I have to already pay for their butts when they get life threateningly sick because the hospitals are forced to treat them. Which is dumb. I see nothing wrong with making them pay for health insurance. Otherwise, I propose that if you don’t have health insurance, you should have to pay up front for your injuries, otherwise they should just let you die. I’m sick of people on here saying how they don’t want health insurance, but as soon as they get in a car accident, they rack up $50,000 in hospital fees that just have to be eaten by the hospitals because they can’t pay for it, which in turn gets put on the people who are actually paying for insurance. So either make them pay for insurance, or let them die I think.

  120. There has never been a government run anything that has been cost efficient. Costs will go up. However, Obama knows he can get the votes if he gets enough stupid people that do nothing but watch TV. He started with propping up some doctors on TV, now he is resorting to football players.

    I don’t blame Obama. Democracy will always feel threats from Socialists. I blame the stupid people that vote for the timeshare salesman tactics.

  121. PULEEZE. Democracy is under attack by FASCISTS in the true, Mussolini sense of the word. When corporations get together with Dick Cheney to write laws, that’s Fascism.

    I know they like to tell you on Faux News that “there has never been a government program that is cost efficient.” PULEEZE again!

    Social security has a 2.7 trillion surplus – has never missed a payment to a recipient – which is much more than you can say about the failed 401k system Republicans shoved down out throats so their Wall Street benefactors could get richer.

    Social Security is our most popular government program – is not going “broke” – which is why billionaire Pete Peterson has waged a decades long propaganda campaign spending millions of dollars to convince dupes that is IS on its last legs and only “he” can save it. Yeah… such a “benevolent” billionaire… to want to “fix” a program that’s going “broke” out of the goodness of his princely heart.

    As for health care – the rest of the industrialized world figured it out LONG ago – and NOT A ONE has a “for profit” system – because that’s the worst system.

    Unfortunately, Obama likes to “welcome” the same “Republican ideas” that destroyed the American worker, the American manufacturing base and the American Dream to begin with.

    We need Single Payer and a New, New Deal for the American worker – NOT to beg 30 more years for our billionaire transnational corporate masters to trickle on us.

    Hey! Here’s an idea! Let’s go back to a top marginal tax rate of 90% like under that filthy Socialist Eisenhower! That’s when the working class was strong, the American manufacturing base was the envy of the world, we BUILT and maintained things like “infrastructure” and we even had the money t0 send people to the moon!

    Under today’s CON policies, all we have the money to do is watch China send their people to space, build high speed rail while John Boehner and the Republican Regressives vote to defund ACORN for the 3rd time – an organization that HASN’T EXISTED in 3 years!

    Yeah, right…. it’s the Democratic voters who are “stupid.” Why don’t you “Go Galt,” already? There’s plenty of CON societies on Earth with no “Big Government” to hold you down by your bootstraps. Try Somalia… or Pakistan. Pakistan has it ALL (if your a CON) – LOW taxes on the rich… women know their “place” – gays are in the closet – NO filthy Socialist social safety net – the military can do no wrong and eats up the majority of the budget – no “government” schools… Religion and government are intertwined – NOTHING to hold you down? Why stay here with all this pesky (yuch) civilization getting in the way of your growth? Go Galt! Just… go. Leave the normal people (non-Republican Regressives) alone to build the civilization you suck on daily without the maturity or manners to say, “thank you”

    CONservative policies = Great Depression I & Great Depression II”
    LIB policies = The Great Prosperity.
    Know them by their fruits!

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