PFT Live: Ross Tucker, PFT Planet calls and tweets


There’s no question that the Aaron Hernandez saga would dominate the airwaves at any moment in the year.

The fact that it happened at the sleepiest point in the NFL calendar means that there’s been little else to discuss this week in the world of football. Soon enough, we’ll be able to talk about how players look at camp and we’re not even that far from preseason action that will get the pedal pressed down for the long-awaited return of meaningful football. For now, though, we’ll be spending a little more time on the biggest story going.

Ross Tucker of NBCSN will join Mike Florio for a conversation about one of the fastest downward spirals in football history during Friday’s edition of PFT Live. From there, it’s up to PFT Planet to take us deeper in that direction or send us down other pathways. Florio will be answering your questions via Twitter — @ProFootballTalk — and on the phone — 888-237-5269 — so come up with some good ones.

It all gets going at noon ET and you can watch it live right here.