PFT on NBCSN: Hines Ward, Steelers Mt. Rushmore

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There have been no shortage of great players in the history of the Steelers franchise, which should mean that the choices for their Mt. Rushmore will leave plenty of people wondering how their top pick could miss making it as one of the four faces of the organization.

One such person could be former Steelers wide receiver and current Football Night in America contributor Hines Ward. Ward will join the Pro Football Talk on NBCSN crew on Friday to discuss the biggest names in Steelers history and tell us which four he believes should be given the nod as Rushmore ready.

Erik Kuselias, Mike Florio and Shaun King will also give their thoughts on the Steelers monument and, as we’ve done with the other 31 teams in the league, walk us through some of the most crushing defeats in franchise history.

It all gets started at 5 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

30 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Hines Ward, Steelers Mt. Rushmore

  1. Steelers Mt Rushmore should include 1 player at every position. Just to cover “some” of the greats. And I’m a Redskins fan through and through. HTTR!!!

  2. Lot of Hall of Famers on that club. Not sure why Whines Hard matters though, he’s not deserving of the hall. Was never the best receiver in his division let alone the NFL.

  3. Ward has 2 rings and a SB MVP award. Over 12000 career yds and #8 all-time with 1000 catches. Tied at #13 all-time in receiving TDs. 6 seasons over 1000 yds, 4 pro bowls.

    That’s why “Whines Ward” matters, and why he should be in the HOF discussion.

    I’m a Raiders fan, so I can assure you there’s no bias going on here.

  4. Hines Ward was one of a kind… I watched every game he played in.. and he amazed me every time.. with that being said what about Big Ben? there would be no 5th and 6th rings without him

  5. I’m going to get ripped for this, but who cares. I would rather have Hines Ward then 95 percent of the WRs in the history of the game. Over T.O, over Moss, over Carter, and many more. A WR’s job isn’t just to catch passes and TDS. He needs to block, sell plays to draw defenders away, and be a good team player. Hines did all of that very good. All that being said I don’t think he makes the Steelers list here. Plenty of guys to choose from.

  6. Hines may not of been the top, but he was solid for years. I believe he is top on most receiving stats for Pittsburgh. He blocked like a champ, he always had a smile, broke some guys jaw on a block, and 2 rings. Plenty of reason for the mt Rushmore and even the HoF.
    Bradshaw, Noll, Rooney, and there’s at least 15 people that could go in the 4th slot.

  7. Im a Steelers fan and I think this is one of the toughest.

    Id probably leave coaches out of it to make it easier and go with

    Mean Joe Greene
    Terry Bradshaw
    Ron Woodson
    Hines Ward

  8. Too many to just pick four…
    Bradshaw, Greene, Blount, Webster, Lambert, Harris, Ham, Wagner, Webster, White, Greenwood, Bleier, Woodley, Russell, Faneca, Swann, Stallworth, Harrison, Woodson, Ward, Polamalu, Bettis…

  9. Ward was a perfect Steeler, and great cog in the dominant days. However…… he doesn’t belong. He was a role player, and the SB mvp shouldn’t be weighted too much, as Willie or El couldn’t have taken home that hardware.

    Heck, my vote for that SB MVP is Porter for intimidating Stevens into submission.

  10. Florio, how about a Mt. Rushmore of NFL Players gone Bad: Pick 4 for this impressive lineup
    Rae Carruth
    Mark Chmura
    Ray Lewis
    Aaron Hernandez
    Leonard Little
    Donte Stallworth
    Pacman Jones
    Michael Vick
    Ben Rothlesberger
    Ryan Leaf
    Travis Henry

  11. Please tell me Shawn King is not actually paid to say the things he says…
    His assertion that Roethlisberger belongs on the Steelers’ Mt. Rushmore had me on the floor. Nearly two hours after he said it, I’m still laughing.
    Funny stuff.

  12. I still say its not the top four Steelers ever we are looking for here, its the top four Steelers who would look best carved into the side of a mountain. A much easier list.

    1 The Chief, for his cigar
    2 Lambert for those vampire teeth
    3 Polamalu for the hair
    4 Ward for his smile

    Hines Ward smiled nearly every second he played.
    1000 catches for the best blocking wr in NFL history.

  13. Alright I guess I can be talked into Bradshaw for my #4 for the same reason I used for Polamalu – like Polamalu, his hair would also look great carved into the side of a mountain lol

  14. If you’re making a Mt. Rushmore of the dirtiest players in NFL history, then Hines Ward HAS to be on it. They could engrave him blocking someone in the back while a patsy ref pretends he didn’t see it. Either that or running a 4.9 forty yard dash.

  15. Heinz Ward may have been a good (NO, not great) receiver, but he was one of the dirtiest players ever, and never seemed to have the B@**S to block someone while they were looking.

  16. Rushmore = Individuals critical to the history and success of the Steelers, today.

    Art Rooney – may have had countless failures on the field prior to 1969, but without the Chief – there are no Steelers.

    Chuck Noll- The Emperor. Without Coach Noll, there is no Dynasty, there is no greatest team, there is no… pretty much everything we as fans hang our hats on, today.

    Joe Greene- Joe Greene was absolutely instrumental to changing the course of the team. Without Joe’s determination to change the culture of losing, and without his immense abilities- the team of the 70s and today- doesn’t exist.

    Franco Harris- Before Terry, Swanny, and Stallworth became the offensive machine- Franco WAS the offense. That 70s team, and Terry Bradshaw as a player- don’t go on to the success they had- if Franco doesn’t carry that offense for 2-3 seasons.

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