Prosecutor says all men in car with Lloyd are in custody


With Ernest Wallace wanted as an accessory after the fact in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, it appeared that he wasn’t one of the other two men allegedly in a car with Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd in the moments before Lloyd’s death.  If, after all, Wallace were in the car and in turn with Hernandez when Lloyd was killed, Wallace also would be an accessory before the fact.

But Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter said Friday that he believes all three men in the car with Lloyd are now in custody.  The three men known to be in custody are Wallace, Hernandez, and Carlos Ortiz (pictured).

There’s still something odd happening.  When prosecutor Bill McCauley explained the facts at Wednesday’s arraignment, he listed things Hernandez allegedly said to Lloyd in the car, which helped show Hernandez’s motive to kill Lloyd.  With Hernandez not talking and Lloyd not available, this strongly suggested someone else in the car already was cooperating.

But Wallace was at large and Ortiz was arrested on Wednesday in Bristol, Connecticut.  It’s possible that Ortiz was arrested and interrogated before Hernandez’s arraignment and shared that information with police.  But that’s a lot to coordinate between North Attleboro, Massachusetts and Bristol.

There’s still a chance, then, that the fourth person in the car was arrested or turned himself in before Wednesday (and is, to make Sutter’s comment truthful, “in custody”), and that police are hoping to gloss over that fact in order to dissuade the media from realizing that there’s still one more person who has not been accounted for, and in turn trying to figure out who the guy is.

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  1. “O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” – from Marmion, by Sir Walter Scott

  2. Probably for the best the media doesn’t know/get a whiff of who it is. It’ll only leak more to the public and eliminate a “fair and speedy” trial. That won’t happen anyways though.

  3. Here’s an idea, Hernandez is not an angel, By no means, But not all cops are straight up, especially in massachusetts, A big fish makes you move up, Regardless of whether its true or not. Tattoos don’t make you evil or a gangbanger….that means you herald, globe, Borges and shank.

  4. Or, Lloyd happened to have a recording device on him at the time of his murder implicating all three as well as tying Hernandez to the double homicide in July of 2012.

  5. As dumb has Hernandez as been, let’s don’t rule out the possibility that he filmed it on his cell phone to enjoy later. This sociopath is clearly not a master criminal.

  6. Apparently a great job of law enforcement working together. Some small consolation, hopefully, for the family of the victim.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lloyd set his phone to record what was going on. They were dumb enough to let him text. It’s not a stretch to think they wouldn’t notice him turning on a voice recorder. Most if not all smart phones have them.

  8. 81 N done sum will never change they money can change u but sum people let that money get to them..never will b bigger then the law..soon or later they WILL find you good luck 81 not THIS time..just choose the wrong image…no nody is bigger Than LAW…..

  9. After last night’s NBA draft, the Celtics could use help. They should pick up the rights to Aaron Hernandez. He’d be a natural fit at shooting guard.

  10. There had to be some heavy duty drug traffic involved to make it worth offing these guys. That is very intriguing to me, and probably the cops as well. Maybe a pipeline from Florida to the East Coast that Hernandez tapped into when he was playing for the Gators.

  11. No one in the mainstream media has mentioned the possibility that the victim, who was afraid of what was coming, recorded audio on his cellphone. If he started an audio or a video recorder app, he would have captured what was in earshot. A video recording with the phone in his pocket should have picked up some sound.

  12. In custody the football player from the Pats and the others who will soon be known as the Rats.

  13. Hernandez is tried for murder. Ortiz admits to the murders during trial. Investigators later find out Hernandez actually commited the murders but after being exonerated cannot be tried again. Everybody walks on murder charges… Seen this same case on NCIS last night

  14. Maybe loyd used his phone for than just texting and maybe he called his own voicemail or someone else was on the line to record or listen to the events of the evening.

  15. Lets not forget the fact that the police knew Hernandez was mad at Lloyd for something and that it seems as if it may have been the double murder. My guess is one of the guys at the club is singing because of that murder or hernandezs girl is flipping because let’s be honest most gangbangers aren’t notorious for treating their ladies with the utmost respect

  16. When is Wes Welker’s wife gonna run her mouth about Aaron Hernandez like she did about Ray Lewis?

  17. Here is how I see it:

    Wallace was not in the car, he came up later to help them cover it up.

    Hernandez, Ortiz, and another guy who already has a plea deal were in the car. Police are trying to protect this other guy and not release his name

  18. Criminals can be both dumb and talkative, but since Hernandez decided to leave clues to his guilt everywhere, I suppose clueless would be the paradox that fits him best.

  19. Another reason could be that they are charging them for whatever they have the most evidence on them for. For example maybe Wallace is only caught on camera helping them clean up even though they are aware he was there the whole time. Maybe their strongest evidence against him is after the fact. Ortiz could be the one talking, that is why he is only getting a gun charge

  20. People who dont try and get away with murder, have less evidence then Hernandez and Co.

    What were these idiots thinking?

    How did the dead guy get the keys to the rental?

  21. It never appeared that way. It appeared that they had the goods on him for acts after the murder so that formed the basis for the warrant. I stand by my early observation that none of these fellas are cooperating, yet.

  22. “When prosecutor Bill McCauley explained the facts at Wednesday’s arraignment, he listed things Hernandez allegedly said to Lloyd in the car, which helped show Hernandez’s motive to kill Lloyd”

    I don’t remember this. I recall him saying that Odin was nervous. That statement may be an inference based on the texts to his sister. The connection to the double murder may have come from (1) the people in the bar that Odin told, (2) Odin’s sister if she knew, or (3) someone else that knew but didn’t speak up until AH was in cuffs.

  23. It all looks pretty bad, but don’t underestimate what the police and prosecutor will do for a conviction in Mass. That is, and always has been, one huge Good Ole Boy network. Having said that, I wonder if they got the comments from the cell phone company. We know the government is listening in on the phone calls for “terrorist clues.” Could it be that the calls are recorded and kept for a period of time, however short, and someone had a cell call going when these comments were made in the car? It sounds unlikely but we’re learning more and more about how far the government has gone to use the Homeland Security Act against it’s own citizens. I always knew that kind of authority would be too much for the government employees to resist using against its own citizens. It’s not really that far fetched.

  24. Has anyone gotten a statement from the Bo Fish? I would love to hear what he has to say about these events.

  25. The media would just love to find out and report who is leaking information.

    That way the leaker could be killed by other gang members thus providing another story during the slow news days. Gotta get those page hits.

  26. Tats in general don’t make you a gang banger but when you have a tat on your right hand that reads,”BLOODS” then you probably are!!!! Hernandez is a Bristol Blood!!! Look it up!!!!

  27. Lloyd sends texts (im with nfl)puts rental car keys in his pants(car rented by AH), and records conversations, all linked to AH. Dead man talking and getting revenge.

    Dead man tells no lies… Enjoy your 6 x 9 for life, sincerely, Lloyd

  28. Carlos Ortiz looks like an Ivy League grad. Doubt he’d be the one leaving a trail of evidence.

  29. Did Odin make a recording inside the car with his cell phone? He was after all texting his sister who he was with “just so you know.” Sounds like he knew what was going to happen and wanted to reveal the identity of his imminent killer somehow to someone.

  30. I’ve never seen local cops in ma work so cohesively. And my brother is one of them. There has to be a fourth person who squealed at the first site of the cops.

  31. Or Ernest Wallace sang like a canary and the police charged him with a lesser crime. If that’s the case Wallace’s deal better have given him protection.

  32. Most smartphones have a recording app. If Lloyd was smart he may have activated it. Probably one more guy who is the snitch but the cellphone angle is possible.

  33. Ortiz did tell law enforcement he had a gun and was in North Attelboro, I bet the cops will tell all
    these guys, hey we got your buddy (insert name)
    and he is talking. Law Enforcement is doing this thing so methodically and accurately to make
    sure this thing sticks, I don’t see anybody getting away, remember that drive by shooting has been open for almost a year and they had nothing.
    A-Hernandez figures Lloyd is talking and the cops don’t know and I have a feeling that he was afraid the gang members could come looking for him.

  34. Hey wigham, here’s an idea:
    I once went a concert and saw a hells angel. I know he was a hells angel because he had a jacket that said so and no one would risk their life to wear that jacket if he wasn’t a hells angel.
    I turned on a video yesterday and saw footage of Aaron Hernandez with “blood” tattooed on his hand. It’s obvious to me that he is in that gang for the reasons mentioned above.

  35. Whigham25,

    AH has gang tattoos all over his body. He joined the Bristol Bloods while in high school. How ignorant can you be dude? He is clearly a gangster.

  36. Rumors have long circulated in the Boston area that Hernandez was looking to be the top Blood in the area. Though where he is from is Latin Kings turf. Regardless, he’ll spend he rest of his life in jail. I firmly believe they have someone in protective custody spilling the beans for immunity.

  37. This whole thing is so disgraceful and disgusting that I want it to go away but it won’t.

    And I thought the Pats had a better club organization than this. Goes to show how little I knew.

  38. Duh.

    Wallace is an accessory after the fact.

    He wasn’t in the car.

    They have Ortiz and Hernandez.

    Who does that leave?

    The Third Man, who has been singing to the cops since the beginning. His identity will be protected for as long as possible, and then he’ll go into witness protection when it’s all over (and after he serves his time under a pseudonym.

  39. If Ortiz admitted to police he had a gun that night, it’s almost a certainty that he ended his sentence with “but I didn’t use it to shoot Lloyd”. Someone in that vehicle shot Lloyd, they all had guns, but which one was carrying the matching caliber that Lloyd was shot with?

    Looking at the photos of these two, Ortiz and Wallace, and realizing these characters are Hernandez’s homies, suggests that AH is every bit the gangbanger his tattoos suggest he is.

  40. If all three are in custody and two have been named, chances are the third person’s name is being withheld because he’s cooperating with the cops…I think the only way Hernandez gets convicted of the murder charge is if one of the two rolls over on him and says he’s the one that pulled the trigger or if they find the weapon with his prints on it

  41. “Bo Fish” is in custody, he turned himself in in Miramar, Fla. (go google it, there’s several articles about it), another twist is he was said to be driving a Chrysler 300….get this….that was also rented by Hernandez the day after Lloyd was killed.

  42. I honestly have to say that the Aaron Hernandez case brings back all the fun and excitement of OJ’s trial. The only thing missing is Johnnie Cochran saying “if the glock doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” I can hardly wait to see the ending of this fiasco. It really is quite entertaining!

  43. If the current theories on this case come together and play out as what really happened, then this is going to be wicked ironic…

    AH couldn’t trust Lloyd to keep quiet about the 2012 murders, so AH calls in his trusted homies and they murder Lloyd. Then one of the trusted homies flips and fingers AH.

    AH, who you gonna trust now?

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