Steve Spagnuolo raves about Ravens’ defense

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Steve Spagnuolo is now the senior defensive assistant for the Ravens, but he has previously been head coach of the Rams, defensive coordinator of the Giants and Saints, and a defensive assistant on the Eagles. He’s seen a lot of NFL defenses.

But he thinks this Ravens team has as good a defense as he’s ever seen, anywhere.

Spagnuolo says he loves the defense he’s now coaching in Baltimore, and he says the way they’ll be able to get after the quarterback compares favorably to the excellent Super Bowl-winning Giants defensive line of 2007, when the Giants led the league in sacks and won the Super Bowl.

Defensively, wow,” Spagnuolo told the team’s website. “I had little visions of the Giants’ front that I happened to be privileged to be working with. This is as good a looking football team that I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about physically and stout.”

Spagnuolo said a team with pass rushers including Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil, Haloti Ngata, Arthur Jones, Chris Canty and Pernell McPhee also happens to have some pretty good coaches.

“A lot of times you look on another team’s roster and you say, ‘They have great players. That’s why they are good,’” Spagnuolo said. “It’s not just great players here. It’s great players and great coaches. This defensive coaching staff is as fine as I’ve ever been around.”

And Spagnuolo has been around a long time.

72 responses to “Steve Spagnuolo raves about Ravens’ defense

  1. He took a lot of blame last year for what was really just an incredibly untalented defense in NOLA.

    I have a hard time imagining Ryan not being a step down. The Saints defense is going to be crazy awful this year.

  2. Can’t wait til the season to kick off, then let all the talking heads from We Hate Baltimore (read ESPN) and then tell me about how much we lost, and why we wont get back to the playoffs!!!

  3. Wow even better then the Giants defense that basically beat the 18-0 Patriots? I didn’t realize all they needed to do was replace Lewis and Reed with a couple of clowns….

  4. Not only have Ravens lost multiple veteran starters on both sides of the ball from their Super Bowl team, they are, out of necessity, being forced to convert from a defensive to an offensive team this offseason. I wouldn’t bet on them making the playoffs this year.

  5. If this team comes together to play as a unit, it has the potential to be the top defense in the NFL this year.

  6. He is overstating it big time, but for the current NFL they are easily a top 5 defense. Arthur jones is largely underrated. Ngata is one of the great all time nose tackles, and then you have both dumervil and suggs off the edge. problem is most of the big guns are injury risks

  7. I feel bad for Spagnuolo. It’s not his fault that you guys keep posting essentially newsless articles about him, yet every time I see one, I feel compelled to point out that he hasn’t done anything worth writing about since he left a very talented Giants defense.

  8. There will be no malaise in B-more. All the so-called naysayers and pundits will be very frustrated come January. This team will be poised to lay waste to the AFC. Defensively, the team will wreck havoc on opposing teams and with Flacco’s new found confidence a repeat is not out of the question.

  9. What was he to say, men they suck?? Ooops that was the Saints defense, i am sure mid-way through that season he was wishing, he was back with the Rams.

  10. Don’t count us out yet everybody!! We might need a receiver to step up, but we have plenty of weapons on our team!!!

  11. Steve Spags isn’t known for having a big mouth, thus there is a lot to get excited about if you are a Ravens fan.

    Bring on the hate and bow to the next NFL dynasty coming to a football field near you!



    PS-Vonta will be back soon…

  12. They’ve done a good job in replacing, but Spags has to say this. Wants to keep Raven fans calm in the midst of losing two future Hall of Famers.

  13. I like Spags but how good of a coach can you be if you can’t adjust your style to the talent or lack there of. I’m saints fan and I knew it was gonna be tough when he came because saints didn’t have what he needed for his coaching style. Ultimately it backfired defense sucked and players didn’t respond o him. Ravens line is very good compared to Saints. So it goes without saying

  14. Given his record as HC of the Rams for three years (10-38) we could conclude that he’s not cut out to be a HC.

    Given his record as DC for the Saints (worst in yards allowed in NFL history) we could conclude that he is not cut out to be a DC.

    Now, as a Defensive Senior Assistant (whatever that is) we could conclude that he’s not running things so the heat is off. There’s someone else to call the shots so it’s not his butt that’s on the line. He may turn out to be a better behind the scenes guy than being the guy who is in charge.

    In this position he can afford to be magnanimous with his comments.

    Besides, with his record these past few years, he probably feels very relieved to have gotten a coaching job at all much less with the current world champs (it’s who you know, ya’ know?)

    I’d gush about my new team, too, if I were in his shoes.

  15. The Browns rave about their team every preseason, too. And we know how that turns out every year. :/

  16. Coming from a Ram’s fan you Raven’s fans better pray he doesn’t adopt the 4 “pillars”

  17. Spags is so fake I didn’t realize he was the one who ran the team down for another 3 years until he was fired.

  18. wait a minute I thought this CLOWN was hired as a consultant now he’s a coach??. anyways what has he done lately? besides suck as a hc,and be a dc for other teams that did not do much as well. A sign of a good coach is one that can hang around for years and developed talent on one team. Looks like the Cleveland ravens have a winner. LOL LOL LOL and LMAO!!!!! enjoy looking up in your division all year long with FLUCCO as your leader.LOL LOL LOL

  19. They have no #1 quality receiver, an inconsistent QB, RB tandem should be top 3. No leadership(as much as I hate to say it)nearly as good as Lewis, lost what 3 out if the 4 secondary starters. Looking to be 2nd, altho a finish behind Cincy and Pittsburgh is not out of the question, wildcard team at best, lucky to win during wildcard weekend. I know all you raven fans keep saying best front office, ravens have been around Sind 96 and have 9 playoff appearances with 2 AFC and SB wins, but don’t forget that the owner who brought the ravens to life brought the players and assembled the front office owned the the team from the mid-60’s and only managed a handful of playoff appearances. Yes I know the browns history stayed in Cleveland but you can not discount the owners blunders for 40 years just because he was able to wipe the slate clean. Now if the ravens can win 3 titles in 4 years like the pats or 4 in 6 years like the steelers then maybe you can claim best front office in the league. Until then enjoy the recent success and take in stride that your team is doomed to fail/under perform in the near future. Finally as far as dominating the AFC North, since it came about, steelers 2 ring, 3 AFC titles, 5 or 6 North titles to your 1 ring, 1 for 3 in AFC title games(one loss to steelers), 4 division titles, and I think 3 total playoff losses to Pittsburgh. 3 more division titles if you go back to 96 for the steelers. So no matter how you want to look at it, steelers are the team in the North, they will be back stronger then ever sooner then you think.

  20. If this guy thinks the Ravens have a “Wow” defense, wait until he gets a load of the most feared, dominating, physical collection of warriors that he’ll ever have the unfortunate pleasure of loosing to. Led of course by the future DPOY Troy and DROY Jarvis.

    And by the way, if there aren’t other”Defensive Assistants” on the team, then JH naming him “Senior Defensive Asstnt” is like George naming CoCo the VP of Acquisitions.

  21. Spags…yeah, these players suck and the coaches are the worst…that’s why they brought me in, to fix this mess.

  22. I think Spags is a good guy but watched every snap while he was in STL have no idea why Ozzie decided to hire him. It was a mess. And it got worse in NO.

  23. Ozzie is modeling his team after the giants too. If winning the sb puts you in salary cap hell, pay your MVP qb, some stellar dlinemen and figure it out from there

  24. @t8tertot
    Why doesn’t sizzle “count” as a leader? He’s the longest tenured Raven on this D, has a ring to back it up and a DPOY. Every stint Ray has had on the DL the past 3 years Sizzle has been the rally point and vocal leader in the preface huddle and on the field. So why is it that he doesn’t count? Because you can’t accept the fact that the Ravens DO have a leader on D and would rather bash them? Probably so.

  25. I just hope this defense can go after Roethlisbooger, which is asking a lot because, by week 8, he always manages to weasel out of playing by either getting injured or suspended for degenerate behavior.

  26. This guy probably said the same thing about his defense with the Saints, one which required the Offense to score 40 points before the could win.

  27. Hahahaha people saying things like they lost too much on both sides of the ball and key players were replaced with clowns…you all just can’t stand the fact this team won the Superbowl and then just got better while your old talentless teams sit in cap hell…only weakness here may be a possession receiver other then that the offense is the same and the defense well the defense is going to be awesome. Move on from here but I guess all the hate just shows the jealousy you have for this great franchise…

  28. Remember folks Pees is the DC it’s his defense, not Spags. So you can stop telling Ravens fans how bad they’ll be with Spags. Love the changes to the defense. It had to change, last years wasn’t that strong. Can’t see how anyone, right now, can say the d line plus pass rush with Suggs and Doom isn’t scary. About spit out my coffee this morning when someone commented this defense oriented team is being forced to become an offense team. Must not have watched a single second of the Ravens season.

  29. The Ravens Super Bowl hangover will be legendary, and will last a decade.
    Their hopes now rest squarely on the shoulders of Joe Flacco.
    Good luck with that…

  30. Once considered an up-and-coming Head Coach, No coach has has had less success over the last 4 years than Spagnuolo.

    Dislike it all you want, but that’s a fact.

  31. It’s so surprising that people who aren’t Raven fans, which means they don’t watch their games, are quick to say we suck or lost so many players. If you watched last season, our defense was bad with Lewis and Reed early on. Got better with Ray out! Pollard and Reed were liabilities. Haters, stop it! We have speed and strength up the middle and Spag stated what most people believe. We have depth up the middle.

  32. Ravens fan here. But I have to agree with nofoolnodrool. What else is he going to say?

    Alright, so maybe he engaged in a bit of hyperbole, or maybe he’s really impressed with the defensive unit. But until they take that first snap in September, it’s all pretty meaningless, isn’t it? Personally, I think the defense is improved. But considering they’re shelling out $24.5M in cap space for Suggs and Ngata, and both of them have been plagued by injuries and less than stellar performances the past couple of years, especially Ngata, I want to see them perform on the field at a level that’s commensurate with what they’re being paid.

    And I’ve yet to see a legitimate replacement for Boldin. So let’s keep the repeat mantra in abeyance until we see what they do on the field when it counts, okay?

  33. @scoobidoo. I see your chiming in a your team from Cleveland ravens. Hey scoobiedoo 3 is better than 2. If your smart enough to figure that out.

  34. What Defense? 17Th In pass and 13Th in rush. Now their interception Machine Is gone. They got a miget to replace him. Haha Some D

  35. I love how spags was a brilliant coordinator just a few years ago and now is a moron. What that shows you is that it is less about the coach and more about the quality of the player. A very good coach with very good players makes for the right mix.

    For all you looking for the ravens to take a couple giant steps back, you are in for a big surprise. Ozzie has revamped the “D” over the last 2-3 years and our oldest player is now Suggs at 30. Compare that to the Steelers. He has rebuilt the DL with quality vets and brought in Elvis dumervil to complement Suggs. No matter how you slice it dumervil is a big upgrade over Paul Kruger. Courtney Upshaw has one more year of experience and look for pernell McPhee to have at least 8 sacs with all of the attention being paid to duggs and dumervil.

    The biggest ? Is who will replace “Q’s” productivity. If they can’t answer that then they will not repeat. If one of the young guys like doss, streeter or the others steps into that #2 slot then I would consider the ravens a fair chance at repeating. Bottom line is that ot always comes down to who gets hot and healthy st seasons end. And no prognosticator can give you that answer.

  36. As far as Spags is concerned,he is just another example of the Peter Principle. He is a capable assistant. He is not a head coach. Dean Pees proved himself with he did to piece together the D last year with all of the major injuries and liabilities. Reed, Lewis, Smith, Pollard ,the injured Gnata,were all liabilities that Pees managed to cover over the course of a whole season. He made all of the right moves. Chuck Pagano did it before him. The Ravens have a plethora of solid coaches. Have no fear, Doom is here ! We have replacements that make for a much deeper well rested unit.

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