Ted Ginn wants to move on from “tough season”


The 49ers lost a Super Bowl to the Ravens in February that went down to the wire, which was an unfortunate way for the season to come to an end but hardly casts a pall over a season that was filled with success.

Not every member of the team left the year feeling good about those accomplishments, however. Wide receiver /kick returner Ted Ginn is hoping to put last year behind him as quickly as possible.

“I want to get back on track,” Ginn said, via the Associated Press. “Last year was a tough season. We went to the Super Bowl. But individually, I didn’t feel like I got the proper reps I was supposed to.”

Ginn has made no secret of his desire to see more time on offense, something that didn’t happen in San Francisco despite season-ending injuries to both Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams. He feels he’s been “bashed” over the years as a player that’s nothing but a specialist and is looking forward to getting a chance to prove that assessment wrong in the coming season.

He’s been talked up by both coach Ron Rivera and quarterback Cam Newton as a deep threat who can make an impact on the offense, another familiar refrain from Ginn’s career and one that has never really been confirmed on the field. Without terribly imposing competition for snaps behind Steve Smith and Brandon LeFell, this is as good a shot as Ginn will have to become an offensive contributor. It’s also likely his last one, which makes it all the more pressing for Ginn to break through in 2013.

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  1. Ginn is fast but could not catch a cold. Looking at that pic, it seems he is at least trying to change. (He is usually looking for an escape route to avoid contact instead of looking at the ball all the way through the catch) The “reps” comment is dumb but if this guy can catch and overcome his fear of getting hit, he could be a decent addition to the Panthers WRs

  2. Ginn isn’t a bad player at all and Im glad to have him but I don’t think we’ll be hearing his name that often this season. He’s behind Smith, Lafell and in our offense the TE and Backs are an option before the 3rd receiver alot of the time, but hey we will see..ill be happy if he returns a few kicks

  3. Can’t catch. Avoids contact like the plague. Ted got all the reps he deserved last season. Embrace your roll as a return man. It’s the only way you’re going to contribute to a team’s success.

  4. He’s a one-trick pony who will only get slower with age. The fact that he hasn’t learned to catch in several NFL seasons indicates that he will never learn to catch.

  5. Ted Ginn is delusional.

    He apparently now thinks TWO teams were wrong about him and that he was cut unfairly.

    What season was he ever ‘on track’? For him to get ‘proper reps’, who did he think he should be playing in front of?

    Take away the 4 or 5 games in which he had some big plays on special teams over a SIX-YEAR career and his stat sheet looks like a player more closely related to ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ status instead of the 9th overall pick in his draft class.

  6. I would feel better about his chances if he was blaming his disappointing season on his lack of effort instead of his lack of reps.

    Blaming others for past failures is rarely a sign of future improvement.

  7. “tough season” … and its someone else’s fault because “I didn’t feel like I got the proper reps I was supposed to” ??

    Teddy is a Bustaroo AND a Mess … and earns tons more than the rest of us.

    Ain’t the NFL wonderful??

  8. I still laugh at the Dolphins picking this guy in the first round. I still remember that Dolphin GM going outside and doing some kind of press conference and the whole time trying to defend his pick.

  9. Ah, Ted Ginn… Afraid of contact and a ball dropper… That’s why the Dolphins gave up on him and he couldn’t get a starting role on the 49ers.

  10. I think the film of Ted playing WR in Miami would limit him anywhere. Ted would rather run out of bounds one yd shy of a first down then putting his head down and getting that extra yd. The man is gutless.

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