Broncos won over Rodgers-Cromartie by showing him where he stinks


The upgrades made in the offseason by a Broncos team that likely will be picked by many to make it to the Super Bowl include cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a first-rounder who was traded from the Cardinals to the Eagles and who never completely lived up to the potential that got him selected so high.

It was Denver’s willingness to point out the problems with Rodgers-Cromartie’s game that helped win him over.

“They told me about my flaws.  Nobody had done that, and it impressed me,” Rodgers-Cromartie told the Bradenton Herald on Friday.  “They told me what I needed to work and how they would get me better instead of telling me about what I could do.”

One thing helping Rodgers-Cromartie get better is the presence of Peyton Manning.

“Practice is a lot of fun because every day you are going against the best and getting thrown at by someone of Manning’s caliber,” Rodgers-Cromartie said.  “He interacts with everybody and doesn’t think he is bigger or better than anybody.  But he is the hardest working man on the field.”

The defensive back, who currently is expected to be the other starter at corner across from Champ Bailey, says he has held his own against one of the all-time greats.

“I got him a few times, and he got me,” Rodgers-Cromartie said.  “But we are all getting better because of him.”

Rodgers-Cromartie spent three days this week helping make kids better — at basketball.  Yep, at a time when plenty of players are hosting youth football camps, Rodgers-Cromartie returned to his hometown to help local boys and girls hone their skills on the hardwood.

Come September, we’ll see if he can display a higher level of skills at a fairly high altitude.  The real question is whether he’ll be able to help shore up a secondary that failed the Broncos at the worst possible time last season.

33 responses to “Broncos won over Rodgers-Cromartie by showing him where he stinks

  1. Thats why the Broncos are the BEST organization in football. The dynasty begins this season

  2. He showed plenty of flashes last year and was one of the better defenders the eagles had. He’ll make a good addition to their secondary.

  3. I’m sure he was never told about his flaws last year when he stunk the place up! Yeah right.

  4. DRC hasn’t been too good so far in his career, but as an Eagle’s fan I feel that we gave up on him too early and he could develop into something special.

  5. I think the Broncos are one of few times that fit perfectly for DRC. DRC is a ball hawk and when you got a team that can put pressure on the QB like Denver can, he’s gonna make plays for you. When teams like Baltimore comes around, they have someone who can actually keep up with those speedy receivers this time…

  6. “[Manning] interacts with everybody and doesn’t think he is bigger or better than anybody.”

    That just might be a very subtle jab at his former QB Michael Vick and the Philadelphia locker room dysfunction.

    Being in Denver must be like a breath of fresh air for D R-C. He should have a great season this year.

  7. This is actually the basis of my chief complaints about the Lions Defense all of these years. We don’t know how to break down the film and show them where their flaws are and how to gain the upper hand in various scenarios. They just don’t foster a high football IQ atmosphere and they thus don’t ever capitalize on getting the most out of their players. Especially for the positions where positional and instinctual logic is so key such as in the Secondary.

  8. Denver is going for it all in the next couple of years because in 3 years they will be in complete rebuilding mode. I live in Denver and hold the Broncos as my 2nd team but I am not sure I agree with the signing of all these FAs. They better win it all because they are leaving nothing for the future.

  9. This approach wouldn’t work with the vikes. The stench of 52 years of losing in the figurative sense and the literal stench of MN due to it being the land of 10,000 trailer park cesspools are both so powerful that they have miraculously crossed realms (much like the Matrix). Consequently it has become impossible to distinguish between what stinks literally or figuratively. It’s all stinks all of the time 24/7.

  10. DRC has elite skills. We’ll see whether ‘3rd team’s the charm’ for finally using them – for more than the occasional flash.

  11. Hey chiefs fans, are you reading this? Showing a player his flaws, also known as coaching, is something Andy Reid’s coaching staff never bothered to do.

    Go ahead, keep being smug while the national media keeps throwing bouquets to your new, mediocre coach.

  12. buckybadger says:
    Jun 29, 2013 6:28 PM
    Denver is going for it all in the next couple of years because in 3 years they will be in complete rebuilding mode. I live in Denver and hold the Broncos as my 2nd team but I am not sure I agree with the signing of all these FAs. They better win it all because they are leaving nothing for the future.

    How can you say the broncos will be set back in the future, elway since he joined the organization has signed good talented players in FA and drafted well. They’re not gonna lose all their players at once and I say they will still be competitors. The broncos are doing the same thing that the other 31 clubs are doing, they just didnt spend big bucks for them. You look at teams like the bucs, phins, bills and eagles, they’ve spent a lot of money on big name guys an it didn’t or won’t make them no better than they were or are before. If anything, the broncos are one of the few teams that sit nicely in the future, we have a promising QB to take over after manning, two young RBs that’ll be around, may have to let one WR go but they’re still stacked at the position, the o line is in tact especially when they sign clady long term, and Von miller will be the focal point to a very young up and coming defense

  13. He’s an idiot and a waste of talent. Oh what, he needed the Broncos to tell him he sucks at tackling?

    The dude has been in the league 6 years now and certainly doesn’t lack any physical talent, but he’s unfocused and doesn’t give full effort. Good riddance

  14. DRC was great as a rookie for the Cards, and quickly became a fan favorite. His game dropped off drastically in Year 2, especially his tackling. He makes Deion Sanders’ “tackling” look like the 2nd coming of Dick Butkus. And he needs to get more serious about football, he had too many off-field interests in his 2nd year, and it showed.

  15. This is the kind of thing that sets the Denver organization apart from many others in the league. They have excellent coaches who know how to get everything from their talent and an executive who is putting his college degree he got for free to great use. Elway and Fox have drafted excellently and signed substantial free agents at smart salary cap numbers. This team is set for a 3 to 4 years run with elite talent at skill positions and quality players at others. Even when Manning, Champ, and others retire, Denver still has quality and versatile guys to take their places.

  16. i specifically recall 64,000 people telling you that you sucked for for 8 games a year in philly.

    I still feel it was the defensive philosophy or lack there of that took two of the best man coverage CB’s and made them play bump zone…

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