Cam Newton’s offseason of self-awareness

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Cam Newton understands now that all eyes are on him, always.

Whether he’s sitting on the bench during a Panthers game with a towel on his head, or high-fiving high school players at his football camp, he knows that people are watching.

And that self-awareness has caused him to work on things this offseason, as it pertains to football and leadership.

I think this offseason has been key in my growth, going back and looking at things that I’ve done on the field and off the field,” Newton said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “Whether I’m watching film or just watching things that I can become a better person at, I’m trying to polish things up to make me a better person and better player.”

That includes his own body language, as those around him have pointed out. Head coach Ron Rivera referred to him as “Mr. Mopeyhead” last year after a loss, and Newton understands why.

“Body language is everything,” he said. “I could be having a conversation with you guys and have my face down and not make eye contact and everything’s OK. But the way it looks may come off a different way. And I understand that.

“That’s one thing I’ve tried to focus on, but at the same time it’s a work in progress.”

Newton also said “there’s a lot of youth that has to be flushed out” of his game, but so far he’s been as criticized for his demeanor as anything he’s done on the field.

“It’s all something I want to hone in on and become better at,” Newton said. “It’s something I’ve observed and said, ‘Hey, I’m not the best at that, let me work on that.’ ”

Realizing that on his own, and working to change it, might be one of the best signs for the Panthers’ chances this season.

37 responses to “Cam Newton’s offseason of self-awareness

  1. Cam is the man. All that body language stuff was blown out of proportion. The guy hates to lose, not once has he pointed a finger at a teammate. So glad he’s our QB.

  2. ‘Realizing on his own’? Coaches, players, media have been telling him this for the last 2 years. Something he hardly came up with on his own.

  3. If that’s the most of his worries, the Panther fans are in good shape. As a Giant fan, we love Mr. Mopeyface. 2 Lombardis…so far.

  4. I hope he doesn’t reach his potential. He will be a stone cold assassin in the NFC South. Home of the best football in the NFL.

  5. Talk, talk, talk… that’s what we get from Cam.

    I’ll believe all this new-found maturity and growth malarkey when he puts a winning season on the boards.

    The Cam lovers will be in their usual denial, but the facts are plain… with Newton’s entitlement personality and ME attitude over TEAM attitude, as well as the Cat’s weak secondary and Jerry Richardson’s pump brain decisions, I sure don’t see a winning season with a trip to the play-offs this coming year.

    Now, all you Cam lovers, jump in and reveal that hope does spring eternal in Charlotte. Just remember that hope is a fleeting thing…

  6. It’s unbelievable how people’s hatred for this guy clouds their judgement. He’s making an attempt to mature, he’s working his butt off on the field, stop being such a hater and just give him credit for what he’s doing.

  7. I poked fun at Cam’s td celebration but in all fairness it’s not as dumb as Kaepernicking. Have you ever wondered what Kaepermick’s td celebration would be if it was a Prince Albert the writer had criticized him about?

  8. cam is CLOWN PUNK and will NEVER amount to nothing of importance. cam will always be playing in WHAT WAS AND STILL IS REDSKINS COUNTRY.!!!!! see people want and root for WINNERS. NOT CLOWN PUNKS like cam. RGIII first year and he took it by storm. There will be many many more years like that to come. RGIII RGIII RGIII.!!!!!!!!!

  9. Like many fans I’ll believe it (maturity) when I see it. That’s probably as much my issue as his because I have paranoia from the Vince Young debacle. Truth is, not every kid can come out of college as mature as Robert Griffin III.

    -Titans Fan

  10. He has potential to be an OK quarterback. That is not a knock. Relax people. He is not going to be a superstar QB. And, by the way, if you have to tell me that you are mature——you are probably not.

  11. Great story, don’t know how true it is after watching his interactions during the IMG 7 on 7 that he “hosted”. I left more than unimpressed after witnessing a poor speech to start the camp (especially if you know any background on his mistakes), rejected requests for photos/autographs, and interesting interaction with high school athletes (saw him antagonize 16 year old kids after they made fun of his shorts).

  12. All part of growing up. Of course actions are louder than words, but sounds like he’s on the right track.

  13. 20 Second Time Out, Here.

    Are some of you guys serious right now?

    If acknowledging your flaws and saying ‘Hey, I’m not the best at that, let me work on that.’ ” isn’t the definition of Manhood, then I don’t know what is.

    So let off him. He’s trying to make needed changes to be a better leader.

  14. Let’s see, won 6 games in 2011, 7 games, 2012, ohhhh…maybe 8 games this season. Look, whatever the Panthers do this season will probably be irrelevant to the league regarding post season. Cam can yada, yada all he wants, their teams sucks and always will. 3rd or 4th place in the NFC South, AGAIN!

  15. tarunksathish says: Jun 29, 2013 10:00 AM

    It’s unbelievable how people’s hatred for this guy clouds their judgement. He’s making an attempt to mature, he’s working his butt off on the field, stop being such a hater and just give him credit for what he’s doing.

    He is SAYING things, but actions speak louder than words. He hasn’t done anything, but say what people want to hear so far. SHOW ME that you have matured. Stop your superman dance when losing by large margins, that would be step one.
    Hold your praise till the actions match the words.

  16. As a Bucs fan, I thought he was going to be scary, but, what I realize now is that the only good he has done is in the first half of his first season (I even drafted him 1st round in both my fantasy leagues last year). Ever since then he’s been a big baby. Our defense SUCKED last year and they put up 10 points and 20 points against us. Our secondary was ALL TIME terrible. I honestly don’t know who I’d rather have, Cam or Freeman, and with the sh!t show Freeman has had in the coaching/talent carousel in his tenure here, I think I lean toward the pure pocket passer who is also very durable.

  17. I think it’s from reading all of those insightful tips out of the ol’ suggestion box. In all seriousness I wish him well and hope he makes it happen for himself. A lot of lip service thus far and he does need some receiver help as Steve Smith is getting long in the tooth. The LB corp is very promising though from a rival fan’s point of view. IMO Cam Newton is built to last a lot longer than RGIII in this league. Whether or not that happens is anyone’s guess.

  18. Gee, I wonder if you folks will be as focused on Luck as u are on Cam. Something tells me not.

    There is a name for the BS that you folks in the media are doing to this kid.

  19. The haters still can’t believe this “kid” and “mopeyhead” put up the best numbers for any QB in the history of the nfl for his first two seasons. So they go on and on about his scam this and scam that. The only thing that really bothers me, is when they have no clue what they are talking about when referring to him as selfish. This is the guy that not once has placed blame on any individual when he could’ve been screamin “chud stop with the run option every down”. Every time he talks its we, us. Stop thinking he’s a me first just because he sits by himself (smitty does it), or that he has a superman celebration…football is supposed to be fun remember? Win or lose, you have fun.

  20. Cam Newton has not matured. As a matter of fact, Belk’s should pull him as their spokesperson because of his off the field altitude—dating Shakia Proctor stage name Hazel). Flaunting around town with a stripper/prostitute shows how immature Cam is. Having fun does not have to be with this type of woman who has no morals. The pictures and videos of Shakia are disgusting and sinful. Cam representing Belk’s sends a bad message about women, children and men. I will not shop at Belk’s because of their bad choice to show boat stupid Cam Newton as Belk’s spokesperson outreaching to professional middle class women to shop at Belk’s.

    Any dummy that runs around town with Shakia Proctor the stripper/prostitute needs counseling! There are better women out there! Cam and other sport figures should clean up their act and stop hanging out with the lowest of women and men. This is not a good example for our children or America! Playing sports should not be a trashy but a family game!

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