Colts’ Joe Lefeged arrested on gun charges


Colts safety Joe Lefeged was arrested overnight in Washington and taken to D.C. jail.

The Indianapolis Star reports that an employee of the jail confirmed that Lefeged was arrested, but no other information about what led to the arrest or what charges he is facing are currently available.

Lefeged grew up in the D.C. suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland and played his college football at Rutgers. He has played in all 32 games since joining the Colts as an undrafted free agent in 2011.

A Colts spokesman said the team had no information about Lefeged’s arrest.

UPDATE 2:30 p.m. ET: D.C. Police say Lefeged faces charges including carrying a pistol without a license and possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition. He was a passenger in a car that fled from police after a traffic stop, and when police eventually stopped the car, they found a gun they believe belongs to Lefeged.

37 responses to “Colts’ Joe Lefeged arrested on gun charges

  1. Lets delete all his nfl stats, release him, cancel his pay, exchange his jerseys, eliminate any trace that he existed…right? Right? That’s what we do now.

  2. u guys are just reaching now. hell nobody even knows who this guy is? that’s like saying Jo blow was arrested last night. this guy doesn’t make much money anyway. who cares?

  3. “Im 31 years old and have never been arrested and I dont even stand to lose millions of dollars if I did. Its seriously not that hard.”

    Are you saying you’ve never done anything illegal or you’ve just never been arrested?

  4. Absolutely ridiculous. Get a freaking clue Guys leave your ghetto mindset at the door and start earning the opportunity you’ve been giving. You literally have to try and be arrested. People don’t just ” get arrested” you really have to try. Trust me I arrest people everyday at work.. C’mon man! (Keyshawn voice)

  5. I think Las Vegas needs to start accepting over/under bets on the number of arrests in the NFL between the Super Bowl and training camp.

    These chuckleheads are bored with all that money and can’t help getting into trouble. Sure, I got into no good when I was in high school but I grew out of that…unlike these pinheads.

  6. In an age where there are players out there begging for a chance these owners need to just start cutting these players. Too many quality young men out there that would keep their nose clean. Cut him lose Jimmy! He’s not worth the trouble!!! Maybe these guys will start understanding that it is not only a job but somewhat of a privilege to play in the NFL.

  7. What do you expect from a league that lets Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson “teach” the rookies how to stay out of trouble? Until the Michael Irvins and Pacmans stop getting rewarded with post NFL jobs, this is going to continue.

    Goodell needs to get tougher. An arrest should equal an automatic 8 game suspension and then it should increase depending on the severity of the crime. Tough penalties get results. Slaps on the wrist get what we have.

    ANY involvement in a murder should be a lifetime ban.

  8. “As much as everyone hates Limbaugh, he makes some very valid points_ala this off season.”

    meh…he just likes playing the race card between visits to the online pharmacy.

  9. Another gun possession charge and unregistered. UNFLIPPING real after the events that took place this week. BONEHEAD doesn’t begin to describe this foolishness. As a season ticket holder who takes my grandsons to games I hope our owner does the right thing. Laws are laws for a reason and he knew he was breaking it by not properly registering his fire arm.

  10. The Colts are a loser club that tanked a season for the number 1 pick, drunk owner who acts like a school girl on twitter with loser fans who think their team is the best team in all of the nfl, now with another loser player hahahahahahaha.

  11. As long as The NFL has these kinds of players populating the pool of draftees from which they select, The Arrest Blotter on this site will continue its box office business. Until colleges, universities and The NCAA cease allowing hoods and gang wannabees to matriculate when they have no business doing so, the available pool from which these brutes are selected will be more akin to a CESSPOOL. I would rather see a slightly lower quality of player talent throughout the NFL and more solid off-field behavior than the kind of dangerous, reckless conduct that continues unabated year after year. This same old, same old is farcical!

  12. Are you saying that the NCAA and NFL are causing the criminal activity or that you only care about criminal activity committed by athletes? In other words, if these “hood and gang wannabees” were not allowed access to NCAA and NFL football, how would there behavior be any different?

  13. @alpha4skins
    I hope this incident gives you a glimmer of happiness. Then when reality sets in and you realize that the pathetic, racist owner of the team you cheer for has made your team even more of a laughing stock then thought possible. Good luck playing on the dirt field painted green to make bozo’s like you forget why RG3 will have a hard time playing a full schedule and staying healthy.

  14. Any player that gets arrested with a unlicensed handgun after the Aaron Hernandez debacle should just get released on the spot for pure stupidity. You go to your local police department and get a gun licence. If they won’t give you one, well then there is probably some reason why you shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.

  15. What is the longest period of time the NFL has gone since they started putting up the “Days without and Arrest?” I seem to remember 14 days being the longest.

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