Former, possibly future, teammates show up for Leach’s camp


Fullback Vonta Leach, formerly of the Ravens, eventually will pick a new team.  On Saturday, former teammates (and possibly a future one) showed up for Leach’s annual football camp in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Guests included Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who understands the realities of pro football.

“You hate to lose a good teammate and good guy like Vonta but that’s the NFL,” Flacco said, via the Lumberton Robesonian. “I wouldn’t say it was a shock [when he was released] because as professional football players we kind of get used to guys coming and going.  Things will certainly feel different without him in our backfield.”

With the Dolphins in the running for Leach, linebacker Dannell Ellerbe (who jumped from Baltimore to Miami as a free agent) said he’s not trying to lure Leach to South Florida.

“Everybody thinks I’m out here recruiting man,” Ellerbe said.  “I’m just supporting my local boy for a good cause.  It’s going to be up to him where he chooses to play.  I don’t cut the checks.”

More than 500 kids participated in the camp, which included Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones throwing firecrackers behind Flacco’s feet.

The Ravens dumped Leach in a salary-cap move.  His delay in signing with a new team suggests that the offers aren’t great.  That could, in theory, result in Leach returning to Baltimore for a lot less than what he was supposed to make — but roughly the same that he could get elsewhere.

12 responses to “Former, possibly future, teammates show up for Leach’s camp

  1. Go block for Peterson! Who cares if you don’t like the Vikes… Everyone loves to see that guy with the ball! Leach blocking for him would be that much more fun to watch!

  2. Well like I was saying earlier, it’s not a matter of the offers not being great, it’s a matter of there being a premium available when one team panic signs him later on. 1-2 teams will have a FB injury at some point, or they will have a lackluster blocking offense in preseason, or both.

    The GMs that right now are not able to identify that they are the ones who end up fitting this profile after their optimism starts to wade will then come up with the realization needed to trigger the actionable contract offer to Leach.

  3. This is what JH is having his megabucks QB do – visit a second rate camp to recruit a back-up fullback. I guess it’s in line with their strategy of bolstering the run game.

  4. The Dolphins Coach Philbin and GM Ireland are both out of the country. That’s why the deal hasn’t happened. Once they return, Leach will sign with Miami.

  5. After having lost Reggie Bush and not having a proven RB, if we can get Leach and have him pave the way for the Dolphins’ RBs as he did for Rice, we’re more than set on the offense…

  6. Rice is going on the decline and of pierce continues the way he played last he will soon take over. As a steeler fan I dreaded rice, but he is getting old for a running back. 5 years in the NFL, 1500 touches take a toll. Will be glad when he is gone from a rival standpoint.

  7. Ravens will have no running game at all this season. The midget Ray Rice will be injuried most of the season without a great FB blocking. The contract given to Joe Overpaid Flacco will curse this pathetic franchise for years. Cheers Baltamorons!

  8. Evidently olddirtyman has never watched a Ravens game. Leach was not on the field that much. Love and will miss him, but cant pay 4 mil salary cap hit for a part time player.

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