Sam Garnes: Quentin Jammer “learning what we do”


The Broncos list eight cornerbacks and six safeties on their roster. However, Quentin Jammer isn’t listed among either group.

Is it an oversight? No, not all.

Look closely, and Jammer is the lone player to be designated as a defensive back on the Broncos’ roster. It makes perfect sense. Jammer, 33, has 10 seasons of full-time starting experience at cornerback, but the Broncos are interested to see what he can do at safety.

In a Q&A with the Broncos’ website, assistant secondary coach Sam Garnes indicated that Jammer was working to pick up the Denver defense.

“He understands football,” Garnes told in an interview conducted earlier in June but posted Saturday. “He understands the routes you get, combinations and he’s just learning what we do. That’s the only thing holding him back right now.”

In June, Jammer told USA Today’s Lindsay H. Jones that learning safety was “more of a mental challenge. Physically I can do it, but mentally, there’s a lot going on.”

At the moment, Jammer’s best shot at playing would seem to be at safety. The Broncos are deep and talented at cornerback. If Jammer proves a quick study at his new position, the Broncos will have materially strengthened their roster, for they will have added someone who can play both secondary spots — and not just because circumstance forced him onto the field.

14 responses to “Sam Garnes: Quentin Jammer “learning what we do”

  1. Broncos are too old.
    The AFC West will be retaken this year by the rightful owners……the KC Chiefs.
    Mr. Andy Reid has assembled a dynasty team

  2. The best team in football will easily fit their new players in and dominate the weak AFC West teams on their way to the Super Bowl.


  3. Denver fans should take KC lightly.. I think the only thing holding them back was terrible QB play.. Alex Smith is no Manning, but hes a HUGE upgrade over Cassel

  4. Denver fans don’t take kc lightly. However, you still have Alex smith. While he’s a vast improvement over cassel, he’s not exactly tom Brady 2.0. The division still runs through Denver, and will for as long as Peyton manning is playing at a high level.

  5. Hey KC fans,

    Quadruple your wins from last year and you still won’t have a winning record. Nobody outside of KC is drinking your koolaid. You haven’t win a playoff game since 1993 – hard to take franchise like that seriously.


    Reality Check Central

  6. Why do Chief fans think their going to win the division? Andy Reid had a much better team with the Eagles and couldn’t do anything still. He also prefers a “pass first” philosophy, which in my mind isn’t a strong suggestion for Alex Smith, he’s nothing more then just a game manager. Fisher is of course a nice draft pick as well…

    Other then those 3 additions, they didn’t really add anyone. Dunta Robinson plays to aggressive to where he loses people, Sean Smith allowed more first downs and touchdowns then anyone else. Avery and Devito were the only decent additions other then A. Smith.

    I’m not saying their going to suck, it’s just that the Broncos are much better this year because they upgraded at their weak points (Ball, Welker, Vasquez, Williams, Knighton, Phillips, DRC) and the chemistry is there where it left off…

  7. The AFC West is consistently the most competitive division. You can toss a coin to see who will win each of their matchups.

  8. I like the mix of young players and veterans in the def secondary. Woodyard proved to be a very capable linebacker last year and should only get better. Add Shaun Phillips and QJ to an already impressive defense (2nd in 2012) and there is plenty of reasons as to why Broncos fans have a lot to look forward to. Did I even mention the offense?

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