Marcus Lattimore expects to practice by mid-season


Marcus Lattimore, the 49ers rookie running back who suffered a severe knee injury during the 2012 season at South Carolina, says he thinks he’ll be well enough to start practicing by the middle of the regular season.

Lattimore said on NFL Network that he feels good about what he was able to do during the 49ers’ Organized Team Activities, but he expects to be sidelined during training camp and start the regular season on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

“I did a lot this offseason,” Lattimore said. “I’ve been running sprints, got a chance to get in there with the guys a little bit — that felt good. I probably won’t do training camp. And I’m on course with the trainer and the doctor to get a chance to practice mid-season and see what happens.”

If Lattimore can return at mid-season, that would put his recovery time at around one year: He suffered the knee injury at South Carolina on October 27. Considering how serious his injury was, that actually sounds awfully optimistic, and it’s still entirely possible that Lattimore won’t play at all as a rookie. If Lattimore can play at all in 2013, that would be an unexpected bonus for the 49ers’ fourth-round pick.

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  1. I think the 49ers drafted him to rehab him on the PUP list for 2013. Then in 2014 he’s got a solid shot at the starting role.

  2. This is an impressive man. Watched him play at UF. SF took a chance, and I believe it will pay off. I imagine he will be a leader in the locker room when he gets back.

  3. Still wish the Steelers would have taken a chance on this kid. Even though he plays for the 49ers, I hope Lattimore is a dominant running back for years in the NFL.

  4. I love the ‘no quit” attitude this guy has! Blows out his knee in 2011, shows up next year, blows it out again in 2012, and now he is pushing his comeback date as early as he can.

    This guy has a lot of heart. Jimmy McGinty from the Washington Sentinels would have loved this guy…

  5. “…sounds awfully optimistic”

    Or perhaps “wonderfully” optimistic…….being awfully optimistic is like being too rich….doesn’t really make sense.

  6. I’m neither a South Carolina fan or a 49’er fan, but as one who loves SEC football, this kid got on my radar fast and soon became my favorite college player. I so wanted the Titans to draft him. Congrats ‘9ers … a serious steal.

  7. No hurry, with all the new advancements in medicine, I expect a full recovery. That said, best he sits a year and continues his rehab until he’s 100%.

  8. Yeah, he’s not playing this year. If he’s healthy enough to practice by the end of the season, that will a great success story, but the team is not going to rush him back. I’ve been rooting for this kid’s recovery since that day he got injured and my team drafting him doesn’t change that. I don’t care how long I have to wait to see him in the lineup, as long as he gets healthy.

  9. @lionsdraftguy….. awwwwww. Don’t be mad. You see other teams have guys that miss games due to injury and NOT drug-related suspensions. Either switch teams or spark one up with one of your beloved Lions. I don’t think Mikel Leshoure is doing much…probably just chillin! Catch ya on the flip side! Lol

    Now that that’s outta the way…… I was super excited when SF drafted this kid. I just don’t want him hurrying back. Rehab that knee 100%.

  10. This guy is a great role model for the kids.. He is a hard worker! I’m glad my team took the chance.. I think he will be successful in the NFL, but he really can’t rush it.. It’s good to see other people that don’t like the NINERS want to see him succeed. I would feel the same even if he wasn’t playing ft my team

  11. Lions fans are still mad.. Cuz their coach got punked and their team underachieves big time! Yea be mad if it wasn’t for Calvin that team would still be garbage write on other news feeds clown.. We are talking about a respectable young man that is making tremendous progress in his rehab.. Have respect

  12. Unless there is an injury to another RB, the 49ers are just too stacked at the position to give Lattimore a roster spot. It won’t happen. Between Gore, Dixon, Hunter, and James there just isn’t space. Lattimore can take his time and let his body heal a year like Michael Bush did his rookie year.

  13. We have Gore, Hunter, LaMichael James and a little known QB named Kaepernick who might have some running skills….

    Pretty sure they should ease him into the group and make sure he’s 100% before taking any chances.

  14. Take your time with the rehab because we will need you next year in the mix cuz idk how much more gore has left in his tank. just be a sponge in the playbook and wait till your # is called because when your healthy its all u and lamicheal James time to shine

  15. Slooowww down there young man. You need to take the time the 49ers are giving you. He has the rare luxury of time from the NFL to heal. Please do so. Thank you.

  16. Great to see all the respect and well wishes for Latti. The dude has heart and is a natural born leader. Been watching him since he was at Byrnes. Can’t wait to see him at the highest level!

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