Police impound SUV from Aaron Hernandez’s uncle’s garage


After searching the home of Aaron Hernandez’s uncle, police have obtained at least one piece of potential evidence against the former Patriots tight end turned murder defendant: An SUV that was taken from Andres Valderrama’s garage and impounded.

A silver SUV was towed from Valderrama’s garage on Friday night and is in police custody, USA Today reports.

It is not immediately clear whether police believe the SUV is tied to the death of Odin Lloyd, whom Hernandez is accused of murdering, or whether it is connected to a double homicide in Boston in July of 2012 that police are also investigating as possibly connected to Hernandez.

Boston police commissioner Ed Davis said there “is a lot of information that’s come in over the past week or so. We’re actively pursuing leads right now.”

In the 2012 case, three people were shot on a Boston street corner, and two of them died. No suspects had been publicly identified until this week, when investigators reportedly began to suspect that Hernandez may have been involved in that shooting, and that he killed Lloyd because Lloyd had information about his involvement.

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  1. It be a real shame if the uncle goes down too. It’s not all that difficult to understand how seductive the whole relationship to an NFL star could be, considering that the uncle was probably basking in the glory and financial riches himself. He probably just got sucked in past the point of no return. He might have been a decent person without Aaron’s involvement.

  2. A brush stroke away from Tom Brady….you had the world in your hands, catching touchdowns from Brady, Rollin Dice in the endzone…….now? Wow all down the tubes…

  3. OK, I’m just going to guess the meaning of his expression in the picture for this article…

    “I wish I was back in Gainesville…all this would have just been swept under the carpet so I could play next week. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I play for the Patriots.”

  4. The 3rd victim that survived the drive by. Shouldn’t he know (barring brain damage) if AH was the most likely perp in that incident?

  5. Maybe that sun dried little turd who scrubbed Hernandez’ from the record books might want to return the donation Aaron made to his charity. Might be ill gotten gains.

  6. This guy is never getting out. A reality that will not set in for awhile.
    He didn’t get out on bail, and unless one of his homeboys want to take the whole rap??? Not likely he might as well save his $ and take a plea which with all the evidence is unlikely to be made.
    He will be broke bc if lawsuits and lawyer fees.
    As he stated his dads phrase: if it was meant to be, I will make it be!
    Prison sucks!

  7. He may have more blood on his hands then the cases we know of already. He seems to have lived the gang life style when not putting on a good act for sports. Having any known gang affiliation should be a reason for colleges and the nfl the start getting rid of these types. They don;t deserve the benefits of being a sports star, and are a bad example to all.

  8. Ok, so it looks like we might have a motive for the Odin Lloyd killing.

    If that pans out, then it seems the next big piece of news would be what the motive was for the double murder last year.

  9. CNN is reporting a Colts player was arrested early this morning on gun charges

    Wtf wasn’t he paying attention this week?

  10. Lawyer: Aaron how many people did you killed?
    Aaron: Maybe we should start off with how many people I didn’t kill

  11. So let me get this straight. This guy is a suspect in a double murder right around the time he signed his big contract extension (and when he said he was going to start making better choices), shot another guy (intentionally or unintentionally) and left him for dead, then murdered Odin Lloyd. Sounds like a psychopath to me. Does he think he can do whatever he wants in his little insulated world and let his fame get him out of everything or did he really think he could continue to make such poor choices and not have it catch up to him. Not to mention that now he’s dragged his uncle into this, who could probably be charged with aiding and abetting an escaped felon. It’s fine if he screws up his own life but when he gets other family members involved, that’s pretty low-down. Doesn’t seem as if he cares though. He only cares about one thing–himself.

  12. It’s hilarious how so many idiots like Hernandez think it’s like the movies where law enforcement is comprised of a bunch of idiots. Detectives for the most part are excellent at their jobs, and if Hernandez thought for a second he would be getting away with this, then the guy is even dumber than he looks in his mirror photos flashing his gun like he is a gangsta.

  13. I find it odd that you guys delete many of my posts, but leave vulgarity in like gabbert up above.

    I guess if it matches up with your opinions, it’s ok.

    I’m cool with that, I agree that business owners should be able to do whatever they want with their own business.

  14. This explains the rent a cars.

    Since he only had one uncle, who had a single car garage. He could only hide one get-away car.

    So the rest of his escapades required a rent a car.

  15. Here’s what’s going to happen: The guy who he left for dead, the missing eye guy, is also gonna know about the drive by. That’s why he shot him. And one of the three guys, the two arrested or the missing eye guy, will spill everything to cops. Which it seems they already have. AH is going away for a long time.

  16. Hearing all the details coming out about Hernandez the last week was captivating…but now it feels old and stale… already. This guy really does not deserve to even be brought up anymore than is necessary. He will live in infamy forever…pp

  17. Am I the only one who assumes Hernandez killed the 2 guys last year, because they knew about ANOTHER murder that we haven’t even found out about yet?

  18. I blame all this on the failings of his education at the University of Florida.

    Had he gone to Miami he at least would have learned the fundamentals of crime like “don’t murder someone in your backyard” and “don’t rent a murder car in your own name” and “don’t leave a ton of evidence at the scene of a murder.”

    I mean, breaking a cell phone? Come on, that is remedial “Destroying Evidence 101” stuff.

  19. The University of Florida must be so proud as another Gator make the news.
    Way to go Jeremy, Florida A.D.
    A win is a win

  20. the hernandez family is inter-generational bristol CT drug dealers. he used an elite nfl talent salary to fund a drug operation that included NE and south FL. the former stemmed from bristol CT and the latter from gainesville.

    this isn’t rocket science. hernandez is bad people but in other ways the guy is a bona fide bad ass. star nfl FT. drug operation that spans the east coast. and apparently he did his own hits, which may be stupid in terms of excessive risk but also quite ballsy.

  21. One good piece of physical evidence and this guy will never,never, never see the outside again.
    And it seems the State is well on their way to finding it.

  22. Still waiting for Wes Welker’s wife to tell us to read the Wikipedia page of Aaron Hernandez.

  23. I think they’re just breaking the crust on the life of a psycho, serial killer.
    Hernandez may have been shooting people since he was a teenager. He definitely has been in gangsta mode for a long time.
    He seems to have been spending even more money than he legally earned, which was a lot. Maybe he had street income.
    Aaron Hernandez flaws were purposely overlooked by the Pats. They just rolled the dice and it has cost them.
    Hernandez is a gangbanger.
    He just happened to play football.

  24. The Wizard has spoken! Deleting is business decision, and plus there are children who read these posts.

  25. Isn’t it a bit odd that no drug accusations/charges have happened yet? How often does a situation like this not involve some sort of fairly large drug ring/transaction?

  26. Everybody is going to roll over on this guy. Trust me, they’re all loyal, until its time to cut a deal. Then they all trip over themselves trying to talk first. His co-conspirators will take 20 years, but ol Aaron will be lucky with 40 to life by the time this all unravels in about a year.

  27. So is the whole family intellectually challenged or what? Didn’t the uncle know they were looking for a silver SUV possibly with RI plates. Why is a toyota still in his possession and not in a chop shop? If it is the car, the uncle may be in hot water or he simply didn’t know. This is the worse soap ever.

  28. The answer to Brady’s wife’s question is “yes.” Looks like Tom will have to throw and catch his own passes this year…lol! Welker’s gone, Lloyd’s a free agent, Gronk will start year on PUP, Hernandez jailed and if the wind blows hard on Ammendola he ends up on IR for the year!

  29. Did Hernandez have any friends on the Patriots? Does anyone on that team claim to know him? No character witnesses of any kind from that team or management? It seems like that team’s reputation is going to take a huge hit (no pun intended).

  30. New evidence suggests Tom Brady was the getaway driver.

    Okay, totally not true…but a Dolphin fan can dream…

  31. As I recollect, the Patriots were bragging that they got Hernandez because Belichick had such a great relationship with Urban Meyer and got significant hot tips on who to draft. Hey Bill, how are those tips working out for you?

  32. Do any of the online gaming sites have an over/under number for how many people Hernandez has murdered?

  33. I thought he had potential to be in hof someday. Truly sad to throw away all that potential. My generation is so effed up its ridiculous.

  34. Patriots brass gets wind of the “eye shot” incident in Florida. Patriots sign his old angelical college QB hoping to get him to hang out with AH and be a good influence and get him to change his ways. Now this happens. Now what to do?

  35. The Patriots HAD to suspect he wasn’t what he appeared to be given all the ex-cops and detectives they have on there payroll. They knew, but the Pats went ahead and signed him to a fat contract anyway and it appears he may have already killed while catching passes from Mr Uggs. Now Pats are trying to cover their tracks with all this PR nonsense.

    Wake up Boston frauds..I mean fans…..you cheered for a savage killer and continue to insist he’s innocent. That phony squeaky clean image is taking a major hit ain’t it?

    A cheater and a killer….what an organization

  36. lol, nothing yet. I’m sure they’ll have odds on the verdict once the trial begins though. In the meantime, at least the Superbowl odds on the Pats are getting better.

  37. It is time that colleges start vetting prospective recruits. The NCAA needs to impliment a plan for this and disqualify any HS players from playing college football if they have gang affiliation. Also, the NFL needs to support the NCAA in this move and disqualify for life any prosepctive draft picks from playing NFL Football if they have affiliation with gangs or have compiled an arrest record that meets a certain criteria.

    Hernandez should never have played a down in the NFL, let alone been picked up by a team. This kids past leads him to right where he is. Got away with everything because he could play football. His whole life he has had people tell him it is alright to do stupid stuff and he has never been punished for any of it. Hernandez is not the only player like that either. Look at how many guys in the NFL are in trouble because they have never faced consequences for their actions.

  38. Honestly at this point it already doesn’t matter what happens in this case! The dude’s life is ruined weather he’s found guilty or not! ( And he will be found guilty ) Just saying if he somehow can pull an OJ and get off!

  39. And on a side note, I am already getting sick and tired of seeing this dudes face every where! It’s like I am stuck in a nightmare and keep seeing Hernandez and Tebow and the Jets! lol Man what a crappy dream that would be! Please NFL just start so we have plenty of other things to talk about!

  40. Wow found the silver suv with rhode island plates in his uncles garage not the uncle is gonna involed for hideing the getway suv and his mon said his is gonna b free and clear best hope the uncle dosent say nothing…good luck…i wonder who is holding all his money to start paying people off….

  41. Until they find a murder weapon with his prints on it I still say he has a fair chance of acquittal. They absolutely have to prove that he did it….not that he was there or maybe did it but that he definitively did it. I don’t support the guy but that’s just how I understand the law.

  42. I just hope he get a fair trial with no idiots on the jury. If found guilty, Cedar Junction will be his new home for the rest of his life.

  43. I’m really looking forward to the 30 for 30 on AH in a few years, should be riveting tv. Sorry for all the victims that died. Sounds like there is still lots we don’t know yet!

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