Will Weatherford says it’s “wrong” for the Dolphins to target politicians


Earlier this year, Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford stirred up a hive.  Now, he’s running from the bees.

According to the Miami Herald, Weatherford objects to the decision of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to launch a Political Action Committee that has targeted those who opposed efforts to partially fund upgrades to Sun Life Stadium with taxpayer money.

“No matter where you were on that bill, for it or against, it, it doesn’t matter to me,” Weatherford said at the Miami-Dade Republican Party’s Lincoln Day fundraiser.  “But the fact that there are people who are attacking members of your community, your representatives, because they stood on principle, is wrong.  And I’ve got their back, and you should have their back, too.”

Ross currently has focused on a trio of representatives from Miami:  Michael Bileca, Jose Felix Diaz, and Carlos Trujillo.  Weatherford presumably will be targeted, too, even though he comes from a different area of the state.

His comments miss the mark.  Politicians routinely are attacked for standing on principle, if they stand on a principle with which others disagree.  In this case, anyone who opposed the Dolphins knew or should have known that efforts could be taken to knock them out of office.

Weatherford is likely the man Ross will be the most motivated to topple, given the belief that Weatherford reneged on a promise to put the funding bill to the full House of Representatives for a vote — and in light of the obvious statewide aspirations that Ross believes Weatherford tried to boost by opposing the stadium renovation effort.

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  1. In CA, after Prop 8 (against same sex marriage) passed, those for same-sex marriage, publicized, picketed and harassed financial backers of the proposition. Several backers had to quit their jobs/posts. A little worse than campaigning someone out of office, I would say

  2. Weatherford is one of those politicians that need to go regardless of what party they’re in. The only principle his decision was based on was how he could personally benefit. Whether for or against the proposal is irrelevant. He alone prevented a vote of the people’s representatives that may or may not have allowed the people involved to decide.

    Those out for personal gain and those that add unrelated pet projects to certain bills should be voted out of office. They are a main factor in what is wrong in this country.

  3. Weatherford is toast, no one has more money than Ross and he will use millions to get Weatherford and others that opposed the stadium deal voted out of office. He will also contribute millions to those who supported the deal. He is one guy that has the money to stack the Florida legislature in his favor. He will get his way in the end and step on anyone that gets in his way. If only he could figure out how to put together a winning football team.

  4. Weatherford is a politician, not a judge. I’m not a fan of PACs in general, but still have no pity for Weatherford — he’s fair game.

  5. “But the fact that there are people who are attacking members of your community, your representatives, because they stood on principle, is wrong.”

    This guy is almost as sleazy as Rick Perry.

  6. “But the fact that there are people who are attacking members of your community, your representatives, because they stood on principle, is wrong.”

    Never once considering that his “principles” may not be others’ principles. Typical politician who thinks he knows best, even though “best” only means what’s best for him.

  7. Ross 21, Weatherford 0. Thats in billions of dollars. All Weatherford had go do was let the bill be voted on by the house of representatives not just his say so. Weatherford reminds me of Harry Reid, US Senate. First they have a practice vote, if theres not enought to pass a democratic friendly bill then the bill is pulled by his majesty Reid till the climate is favorable. The voters be damned these people have to understand that they are not God Almighty, they are the hired help and like hired help, can be fired. Go ask Obama he’s sitting on impeachment,,,its coming.

  8. “This guy is almost as sleazy as Rick Perry”
    I believe you meant Anthony Weiner , sir.

  9. This rookie politician stole my right to vote, so he violated one of the Constitution rights, what the hell is still doing taken decision on our future in Florida.
    Remove him, he don’t deserve to be a leader.

  10. Nothing more amusing than a conservative politician complaining about getting bit in the a** by the conservative activist judges sitting on the Supreme Court who gave us “money is speech”. The irony is just delicious.

  11. It is a CRIME that Stephen Ross won’t have the chance to be subsidized by FL taxpayers. Billionaire or not, Ross NEEDS the money for his popular and successful NFL franchise. Why won’t these fools let him have what he WANTS?

  12. The picture is an actual photo image of Republican Will Weatherford and not a still shot of an SNL comedy skit? I hope to god the picture was meant to be humorous and not a photo-realistic display Weatherford’s own image of himself.

  13. Weatherford is singlehandedly keeping one million working Floridians from getting health insurance. Not lazy unemployed moochers. A million WORKING people who don’t have health insurance. I will gladly contribute to any cause devoted to getting him out of office.

  14. @mackie66
    Research who Rep. Weatherford’s father in law is. Those of us in Florida know who he is. His connections to the good ol’ boys gives Weatherford financial backers (these are billionaire individuals as well as multi billion dollar corporations) who collectively make Ross’ bankroll look like chump change. Weatherford will be in politics as long as he wants in the state of Florida thanks to former speaker of the House Bense and his financial and political connections. Just for starters, look up Pearson and how much power and money they have in our country (not to mention our state) and how Weatherford was one of the main men (Gov. Bush and his family as well) responsible for getting them connected in Florida and get back to me. Pearson loves Weatherford. Weatherford is connected and powerful in Florida. Ross is rich, but an outsider in the good ol’ boy world of Florida. Reality trumps Ross and any illogical thoughts to the contrary are just that.

  15. Let the billionaire boys club also known as the National Football League pay for their own stadiums. New stadiums provide only temporary construction jobs that only morph into temporary, minimum wage jobs with no benefits. Public funds can be better spent educating our children and investing into industries that will provide good jobs well into the 21st century. Say what you want about providing food to the poor, this crowd of billionaires are the real “welfare queens”.

  16. Boo hoo, the wealthy owner of the crappy do-nothing armpit of the state Dolphins don’t get to soak the taxpayers so the owner can make even more money. Good for Will Westherford!

  17. Maybe it’s time we refocus our priorities in FL and the country as a whole.

    Taxpayer funded stadium for the Dolphins?

    How are the schools doing in S. FL? Roads? Illegal immigration? Maybe we need to deal with REAL issues rather than satisfying a billionaire owner.

  18. I remember when it used to be that you trusted your elected officials to make decisions that were in the best interest of the community they represented. Although no one ever got everything they wanted, there was usually a negotiated compromise and something resembling an amicable solution.

    These days, I feel like everything should just be put to a popular vote of the people. I know it’s anti-constitutional, but so are today’s politicians. I don’t necessarily enjoy having to go to the poll, but would gladly do it if it meant that my (and your) voice would truly be heard. Win, lose or draw, let the people decide. If I want something, and the majority doesn’t, I can live with that…that’s pure democracy. But it’s so ridiculous what’s going on w/ today’s elected officials.

    Sadly, no one but ourselves to blame, as we vote these guys in – local, state or federal.

  19. Took millions from the Fins owner to let the people vote. Denied the people to vote and kept the money.

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