Antrel Rolle wants to play safety, but he’ll do what Giants need

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Injuries and ineffectiveness have force the Giants to improvise in the secondary the last couple of years, something that’s led to Antrel Rolle playing a lot of cornerback when the Giants feature a nickel look in the secondary.

Rolle admits that it isn’t his ideal spot on the field and that he would have been frustrated with such an arrangement earlier in his career because he feels it deflates his individual stats, but said that’s no longer a big concern for him. His goals now are to make opposing coaches worry about him and for his team to be happy with his contributions.

“Safety is easier than other positions I’ve been required to play,” Rolle said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “Yeah, the level of expectation for myself is going to be through the roof. I understand that once I’m asked to play certain roles maybe my interceptions won’t be as high. Honestly, at this point in time it really doesn’t matter to me. As long as I get the credit from myself, as long as I get the credit from my team, as long as the credit from my coaches, that’s all that really matters to me. I really don’t care what outsiders say.”

Rolle will be the highest-paid player on the Giants defense in 2013 and is set to make $7 million in 2014 as well, salaries that will keep expectations high for him to lead a rebound for the Giants defense in 2013. Focusing on team needs over individual goals is a step in the right direction, but finding enough cornerbacks to keep Rolle where he’s best would be an even bigger one.

10 responses to “Antrel Rolle wants to play safety, but he’ll do what Giants need

  1. Rolle always says the right thing. Talk is real cheap. As a huge Giants fan, I can only hope the defensive (hoping significantly improved) performance speaks for itself

  2. There is absolutely no way Rolls gets that $7 million next year. He’s certainly not deserving of it. My guess is that this is his last year with the Giants. The Giants have quite a few other players being overpaid that will be gone too.

  3. Let the dude play safety. I’d rather see him excel at what he does best than be average at playing nickel corner. Let him be dynamic.

  4. His aggressiveness can be a liability, but this guy has been the definition of playmaker. I really wish the cards would’ve kept him. PP and Rolle together would’ve been scary.

  5. Mediocre safety for a low class, second rate team. The closest the Giants get to the Super Bowl is hosting it this year, when they get to watch another Redskins championship.

  6. Antrel is a nice safety with good in the box skills – and above average in coverage but not excellent. He usually finds himself around the ball and has a done a valiant job playing the nickel.

    That all said he was signed off a season where cc brown and company had made it look as if the giants weren’t playing with safeties. Like all big FA names they overpaid to get him (as you must). He sured up the back end (somewhat) but I doubt he see’s the big money next year if Hill and Taylor develop. Personally I think Hill is the sleeper here.

    Hosley most likely develops outside when webster goes but for now it would be best if he could man the nickel over Rolle – but hosley looked better on the outside last year. Hill saw limited snaps in nickel too and may get another shot this year. Rolle is best trolling center field.

  7. This move was made because the team has been weak at corner, mostly due to injuries. With young guys like Prince and Jayron proving that they can hang on the field, as well as the return of Aaron Ross, there’s no reason to be playing Rolle at the nickel, he’ll be back where he belongs… ball hawking and stepping up to make plays behind the line of scrimmage.

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