Anwar Richardson signs off in style

I’ve known Anwar Richardson for several years now.  I like him a lot, and I greatly respect his work.

I respect him even more today, because he has shared with his readers the details of a difficult decision to give up his job covering the Detroit Lions.

In 2011, Anwar left the Tampa Tribune for  It wouldn’t be easy to fill the large shoes of the late Tom Kowalski, but Anwar was willing to give it a try.

He tried, and he succeeded.

Anwar also succeeded on Sunday, with an entertaining final post that starts by listing the top five reasons he’s going.  The best two:  (1) “I became frustrated with the Lions website breaking news through ‘sources,’ which is the equivalent of me ‘learning through sources’ what my wife is cooking for dinner”; and (2) “I think Titus Young knows where I live.”

We’ll defer to Anwar for the balance of his goodbye, which sets forth the real reason for his departure.  Hopefully, he won’t be leaving the business for long.

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12 responses to “Anwar Richardson signs off in style

  1. Good for Anwar following his heart back to Tampa, but with all due respect—let’s not get it twisted—he didn’t even come close to filling Killer’s shoes.

    He shouldn’t feel bad about it, because no one else will either.

  2. he left cuz he wrote a crap piece last week about how Calvin Johnsons talent is being wasted as a member of the lions. and Lions fans let him know it. He can spin it anyway he chooses…

  3. Hmm I guess I won’t get the job to replace him since I was probably commenting several times agreeing about how the Lions are wasting Calvin Johnson.

    That’s on my mind today, and it will be on my mind tomorrow, and the Lions deserve to get blasted for it every single day until they stop wasting Calvin Johnson.

    Ehh I’m still going to apply for the job. 😉

  4. Just read Anwar’s article and I’ve got to say, “Now that is sports writing.” Writing with a great deal of personality as well as substance. I wish him nothing but the best for him as well as him family. I have to say, can he try and reconsider and take Tony Grossi’s spot writing for the Browns, or better yet, Mary Kay Cabot…please (God she’s horrible).

    We hardly knew ye. Well, I hardly knew ye. He wrote for Detroit and Tampa and I live in Cleveland. All the best Anwar if you are reading this.

  5. Ha, the lions are wasting Calvin Johnson’s talent, when that guy wrote the story about the cow who jumped over the moon, who he really saw was #81 he just had to much moonshine and grass. In all seriousness if Calvin was on the Pats, Giants, 49ers, GB, Chi, Den, Pit, Balt, for as long as he’s been on the lions, they would have won like 3-4 SB’s and every other team would have gone to the playoffs more than once, and no other team with him on it would ever go 0-16 only the Lions can do a thing like that.

    Have a good day!

  6. Strategy expert…..I’m probably the biggest lions fan in the world, good luck getting it over me. No one can out do me when it comes to lions info.

  7. lionsdraftguy:

    Yeah I have seen your name all over the Internet over the years, but honestly can’t say that I can piece together all of your particular info. Sure would like to know more about what you think about the state of the Lions. Do you have a blog somewhere or what’s your take on the team? What kind of info do you specialize in?

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