Bryce Brown: Dog breeder being unfairly targeted


Eagles running back Bryce Brown landed in the news this weekend because dogs belonging to him were seized in May as part of an investigation into dogfighting charges brought against a Wisconsin dog breeder called Northland Pits.

The dogs — a female pit bull named Eilis and her seven puppies — were returned to Brown last week without any charges being brought against Brown. Joseph Sudbrink, owner of Northland Pits, has been arrested and charged with mistreating animals and operating as a dog breeder without a license as part of what the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram calls a continuing investigation into his company’s activities. Brown took to Twitter Sunday to offer his support for Sudbrink, who he believes is being unfairly targeted because of the reputation of pit bulls.

“My dog was returned to me quickly because it was obvious that she is not and never has been involved with dog fighting,” Brown wrote. “Northland Pits is a respectable breeder which has unfortunately been the target of anti-breeding groups and “animal rights,” activists who know nothing about what he is doing there, and assume it is related to dog fighting due to the breed of the dogs. He is a victim in this case, just as I am. He takes great care of his dogs and Eilis wouldn’t have been breeding there otherwise.”

The authorities in Wisconsin disagree with Brown’s take at the moment, which isn’t really a matter of great importance for the Eagles. Brown’s lack of involvement of illegal activities involving dogs is and it means that we probably won’t be hearing much else on this front.

17 responses to “Bryce Brown: Dog breeder being unfairly targeted

  1. Are we supposed to believe that Bryce Brown decided to open a side business of dog breeding? And that breed just happened to be pit bulls? I look forward to seeing him at the Westminster.

  2. Pitbulls aren’t bred solely for dogfighting.

    They are also bred because they are much cheaper than getting penile enlargement surgery.

  3. Mr. Brown, set a decent example and adopt a dog. Thats 8 dogs getting put down because you had to have a puppy and breed it.

  4. Most reputable dog breeders require that you sign a contract stating that you will spay or neuter the dog you purchased when it reaches the appropriate age. Unless of course, you are a dog breeder yourself.

  5. It’s obvious that Brown’s dog is not a fighting dog and he is not breeding for fighting, just from the temperament of the dog.

    As far as whether he should breed his dog or not, that’s really not any of our business.

  6. Best dog I ever had was a pit bull. This dog was my best friend and baby sitter as a child. Its not crazy to think that Brown’s dog was a member of the family and that maybe he or friends/family wanted one of her puppies. They are great family dogs show them love and they will love you. Countless pitbulls get rescued from dog fighting rings and turn out to be the most loving dogs to thier saviors.

    @barkleyblows….If you think pitbulls are useless you have never been around a chow. Those dogs just plain suck.

  7. There is no reason to buy a pitbull from a breeder. Pitbulls are the most euthanized dog in the country due to over breeding and uneducated people like barkleyblows. Please adopt a pit from your local shelter.

  8. Not a fan of pit bulls at all. One attacked my cousin years ago, and, had it not been for her mutt dog that got between her and the pit (the pit destroyed Buster and allowed my cousin to escape into the house while he gave his life for her) she, now 4’11” 105 would have been no match for the pit bull back then at 15.

    They are dangerous and I don’t trust them and would never have one around my family. The sad thing is so many people care more about the mistreatment of dogs than they do that of human beings.

  9. Unfortunately these dogs have been overbred by any hillbilly with a Craigslist account.

    And it’s also unfortunate that you hear almost everyday about a Pit getting loose in a neighborhood and killing someone’s pet or injuring someone.

    They are just very aggressive dogs that after years of poor breeding practices by a bunch of ignorant people that think that by having them it makes them look tough.

    Now they are just dangerous to own and it’s not the dog’s fault…….

  10. The reason some people care more about dogs than people, is because we have actually MET some of the human filth that wanders this planet; you better believe my dog means more to me than everyone I’ve come across outside of my family and friends.

  11. Upon giving the dogs back to Bryce, he fumbled them all… one had a slight scratch on his nose another one had a foot/leg issue after being dropped!

    Fix the fumbling Bryce and you COULD be good!

  12. The pit hatred is ridiculous. The same idiot who get on here and say Vick should be thrown to the dogs come on here and say that pits are useless. As usual, you make yourself sound petty and ignorant.
    Bad dogs are raised by bad dog owners. OK, don’t guy a pit with a fighting background, that’s easy. As far as them being umpredictable, read a damn book on dogs and you will find them to be much smarter and easier to deal with than you would think if you just sit around with your lab and watch animal planet and see cruel people doing awful things to animals. If the pit attacks, you probably unknowingly challenged the animal, due to your lack of knowelege on animal body language.
    If the owner raised the dog right and it attacks you, it’s probably your fault, not the breed.

  13. BTW, pits (who were originally raised to be “nanny dogs” and play with and protect the children) are not even close to the dog that attacks the most. Dachshund, chihuahua, and shih-tzu all bite WAY more but nobody worries about those little turds. Dalmations, chows, and Akitas are all far meaner and more likely to injure someone than a pit.
    Pits are very smart, very loyal, and very strong/athletic.. which is a good combo for an idiot who wants to train a fighter. But it’s also a fantastic combo for someone who wants to put in a little effort and get the best friend out of it someone can have!
    Educate yourself about these animals (dogs, not just pits) and maybe you will get over your fears and be able to open your closed minds a little bit.

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