Cowboys’ center will be Hulk Hogan’s son-in-law


What kind of father-in-law would Hulk Hogan make? Would he turn every family dinner into a chance to tell everyone about the time he body-slammed Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III? Would he insist that his grandkids train, say their prayers and eat their vitamins? Would he tell you that if you don’t take good care of his daughter, the 24-inch pythons will run wild on you?

Cowboys center Phil Costa is about to find out. Costa got engaged to Brooke Hogan, daughter of the Hulkster, this weekend.

“Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I woulnt choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful,” Brooke Hogan wrote on Instagram.

Costa became the starter in Dallas in 2011, but last year injuries limited him to just three games. This year he could lose his job to first-round draft pick Travis Frederick, so it’s good that he’s marrying a reality TV star who can be the family’s bread winner.

Most fathers walk their daughters down the aile to the tune of “Here Comes the Bride,” but as a 1980s wrestling fan who was there at the Pontiac Silverdome on the day when the Hulkster’s popularity reached its pinnacle, I’m hoping Hulk walks Brooke down the aile to the tune of “I Am a Real American.”