Cowboys’ center will be Hulk Hogan’s son-in-law


What kind of father-in-law would Hulk Hogan make? Would he turn every family dinner into a chance to tell everyone about the time he body-slammed Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III? Would he insist that his grandkids train, say their prayers and eat their vitamins? Would he tell you that if you don’t take good care of his daughter, the 24-inch pythons will run wild on you?

Cowboys center Phil Costa is about to find out. Costa got engaged to Brooke Hogan, daughter of the Hulkster, this weekend.

“Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I woulnt choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful,” Brooke Hogan wrote on Instagram.

Costa became the starter in Dallas in 2011, but last year injuries limited him to just three games. This year he could lose his job to first-round draft pick Travis Frederick, so it’s good that he’s marrying a reality TV star who can be the family’s bread winner.

Most fathers walk their daughters down the aile to the tune of “Here Comes the Bride,” but as a 1980s wrestling fan who was there at the Pontiac Silverdome on the day when the Hulkster’s popularity reached its pinnacle, I’m hoping Hulk walks Brooke down the aile to the tune of “I Am a Real American.”

38 responses to “Cowboys’ center will be Hulk Hogan’s son-in-law

  1. This Is the one time I WANT to see logicalvoice post… but as his original alias…. BROTHER

  2. If the injuries pile up like last year Costa might be lined up next to his father in law!

  3. Those were the days! 8-12 years old, watching the Hulk, Roddy Piper, the Ultimate Warrior, Jake the Snake, George the Animal Steele and Andre the Giant. Even with the knowledge that it was all fake, I still sat there in awe watching Hulk Hogan after a win, looking all beat up, hearing the song(I am a real American) and feeling proud to be one. What a great time to be growing up, the 80’s rocked! Anyway, good story!

  4. I saw a pic yesterday of Costa/Brooke. She has on flat shoes and is literally 2 inches shorter than him. That is a sturdy woman.

    But Congrats, hopefully they stay in love.

  5. This dude is fat & she’s super hot she could have at least picked somebody who
    Is gonna last in the NFL. I’m sure she could have found a starter or two that would have said yes lol

  6. And Brooke’s storyline wrestling husband “Bully Ray” in TNA wrestling (formerly Bubba Ray Dudley) would be an upgrade over Doug Free.

  7. Over/under is 5:” Number of years before these two have their own reality show. I’ll take the…….under.

  8. “so it’s good that he’s marrying a reality TV star who can be the family’s bread winner.”

    Cute little shot there, i’m sure you’d say the same thing in person…

  9. Just think, if this guy beats her sense less, hulk hogan will be looking to make some money of it and a reality show. He’s a real sweet heart.

  10. When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside. Oh wait, that’s been the way every Cowboys’ season has ended for the last 15 years.

  11. I’d like to see the Hulk rip off his tux after walking his daughter down the aisle and cup his hands to his ears.

  12. With her body structure, she’ll balloon to about 250lbs after the first kid. At least he married into money.

  13. There once was a time long ago where the hottest models and starlets were all fawning over Dallas cowboys. These days, well, they have husky chicks of ex wrestlers.

  14. This article is just more evidence to prove that the cowboys don’t have a quality product to put on the field in at the end of the season they will come in last place in the NFC East. So this is the best they got.

  15. All you guys on here hating on Brooke Hogan only need look for some pictures of her throughout the internet. She is incredibly beautiful, somewhat wealthy and probably quite talented with those “assets” that she has.

    I suspect that there is some jealousy going on that a less than desirable (and soon to be demoted) male won the lottery for that definitely built young lady who I would personally go a few rounds with dear old dad to make that love connection. Besides, nothing would give me more pleasure than pulling up a stool with my 5′ 7″ height to get me some of that 5′ 11″ candy.

  16. I went to HighSchool with Phil..

    dude was cool and did whatever he could to help people. out. Nothing but best wishes for this cat.

    + i’m pumped i just gained my 6 degrees of seperation to anyone that has been in the WWE..

    not only that, but now, i can tie to hogan and rocky
    i wish people still played that game.

  17. Yes, wrestling is fake, but a million times better than watching the Cowgirls. Maybe Jerry The Idiot should sell the team to the Hulkster, then they might actually be better. Or at least, entertaining. And watchable.

  18. I can remember when Brooke was being pushed as the next Britney Spears. At least America appears to have avoided that disaster.

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