Days before attempted murder charge, Walcott mentored teens

Ausar Walcott was cut by the Browns last week after he was charged with attempted murder. Days earlier, he had been mentoring teens at Hackensack High, the New Jersey school he attended, and telling them to avoid the kind of trouble that can take away an athletic career.

Gordon Whiting, a coach at the school, told the Bergen Record that Walcott had been working out at the school and telling teenage football players about a previous incident in which he was suspended from the football team at Virginia after he was charged with assault and battery. Whiting said one 14-year-old who had been getting into trouble seemed to be particularly taken by Walcott and convinced that he needed to stay far away from situations when violence might break out.

He saved the kid’s life,” Whiting said.

Despite giving that message, Walcott was allegedly in a street fight outside a strip club last weekend, and a man he’s accused of punching in the head has been in a coma since.

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  1. I hope the guy he hit pulls through. I would hate to see something like this cause someone to be jailed. We don’t know how or why the fight started. This is very unfortunate, and for a guy on the bubble he couldn’t afford any bad news and he got it. This story shows that this isn’t a bad kid and hopefully the charges are lessened so that he may pursue his dream. Hard to believe a punch putting a guy in a coma.

  2. He was merely trying to be an example and prove his point by demonstrating the kind of trouble that can take away an athletic career. I’d say he took the mentoring part a bit too far for his own good.

  3. That seems to be unfortunate timing, I’m sure his intentions were to knock the person out and not end up how it did end up, probably should’ve walked away in the first place though

  4. All we know is he hit the guy. We’ve all hit someone and never know the outcome could be this extreme.

  5. The place/situation he should have walked away from is the strip club!! So frequently, the background is a strip club of some sort. How many times do things like this need to happen before NFL players recognize the recurring pattern of these places virtually guaranteeing the attraction of trouble that can ruin their lives as well as the lives of others? Just how thick-headed are they anyhow?!

  6. Definitely isn’t attempted murder. It’s obvious the guy prob fell and hit his head or something, the punch itself didn’t do it. Police always over-charge a suspect in every incident, if the guy lives it will end up aggravated assault (simple assault if he has a good lawyer)… At most manslaughter if the guy kicks the bucket. Intent is what the judge looks at. Hopefully the guy doesn’t die and this guy can rebound with another NFL team

  7. It really isn’t smart to pick a fight with a dude who spends his life preparing his body and mind for physical contact and aggression. We don’t know how the fight got started or who threw the 1st punch but everyone, no matter their status, has a right to defend themselves. This sounds like an unfortunate case of a dude being that much more physically superior to the other and it showed in the end. None the less, self defense is self defense. Hope his life doesn’t end up in the crapper because he defended himself a little too well. And I hope the dude in the coma pulls through with all his marbles and a full recollection of the events that put him there. Perhaps the memory will serve him well in the future. As for the Browns, this isn’t up there with the Hernandez situation, so no need to cut and bail on the kid like that. How will they look were it to come out the dude that is in a coma had a knife (or some other weapon)or was just truly the aggressor? Knee jerk reaction by the Browns IMO.

  8. I cannot understand why he would hang in a bar and get in trouble instead of preparing for that one shot which most players only dream about, alcohol ruins too many lives.

  9. I was born the year this happened, so all I know is that it happened and none of the legal ramifications of it, but was Kermit Washington arrested for attempted murder when he laid out Rudy Tomjanovich and almost killed him?

  10. For all anyone knows the kid was defending himself. Quit judging him until you read an article that explains the facts.

  11. It is amazing to me that people who read a few lines in the newspaper or see a 3 minute TV report think they know something about what really happened. Can a punch send a guy into a coma? Yes. It happens all the time. Are drunks stupid enough to get into fights with professional athletes? Yes, it happens all the time.

    If you look back at how many of these guys get into it at strip clubs, you have to be astonished that guys will risk their lives and careers to frequent them, particularly very late at night. I suppose that he couldn’t help himself because he was taking prescribed Adderall. I wonder if he was rising a motorcycle?

  12. none of us know the full circumstances and he deserves his day in court. we have a system for a reason.

    on the flip side, nothing, and I mean NOTHING good happens late at night at the strip club. life is about making decisions. none of us are perfect, but we are supposed to learn from mistakes. some of these guys don’t seem to learn.

    keep yourself out of situations where this can happen.

  13. I almost got into a figh at a bar in DC last weekend…this guy touched my date twice, he was apparently a lil drunk, I approached security twice about it, trying to handle it like a civilized human being, turns out he was friends with security. A part of me died having to walk away from that guy but in hindsight it may have saved his life or my life, just not worth it. Young men, you guys have to sacrifice that pride in the face of ignorance, learn to walk away even if it makes you feel like a loser.

  14. These guys really like to hang out at their strip clubs. Seems like you could get in a wee bit of trouble hangin’ in these joints.

  15. Thank god there are at least a few people here with some sense. “Attempted murder” is an extreme exaggeration of a punch thrown during a fist fight at a bar. If Walcott had tied the dude up, and beat him to a pulp, that’s one thing, but a hard punch that had a devastating effect greater than intended is a tragic thing, but it’s not attempted murder.

    As far as the Browns cutting him and whether it was a knee-jerk reaction, the kid was an undrafted free agent at a position of depth for the team. It’s unlikely he would’ve made the team anyway, and any chance he had of making the team was ruined (or at least greatly decreased) by the prospect of a legal case cutting into his participation in preseason programs. Add the distraction element and PR problems involved, and the decision to cut him becomes pretty much the only thing to do.

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